Male fondler: Intruder targets UVA men

Women may be the most common targets of sexual predators, but a series of recent break-ins should serve as a wake-up call for men. According to Charlottesville police, at least five male UVA students have been victimized by a home invader who sneaks into their darkened bedrooms late at night and fondles their genitals until they awaken.

"In all the cases, he entered through an unlocked door," says Charlottesville police spokesperson Lt. Ronnie Roberts, who says the intruder, described as a thin black male in his 20s or 30s, flees upon his victim awakening.

The first incident occurred September 29 in a University Circle apartment. The intruder struck again on October 15 and 22 on 17th Street NW and on October 21 on Virginia Avenue. The last reported incident took place November 13 on Wertland Street.

"It's not the norm for a man to become a victim to something of that sort," says Roberts, who fears that men may be less likely to report such assaults out of embarrassment or simply because they're less aware than women of the need to report a sexual assault.

"There may be more," says Roberts, who hopes that by putting out a public alert, other victims may come forward with information that could lead to an arrest.

While male-on-male sexual assault is less common than male-on-female assault, it's not the first time that male UVA students have been targeted. In separate incidents in 2004 and 2005, a local hairstylist was convicted of peeping on men in the UVA area and also of breaking into a male-occupied dwelling in 2005, a charge for which he'd serve four months in jail and undergo a sex offender evaluation.

In the recent cases, Charlottesville police say, the investigation has been stymied by a delay in reporting by the victims. Roberts hopes any future victims will call police immediately.

"If it happens, don't wait hours, days, weeks, or months to report it," says Roberts. "The longer the timeline between the incident and the report," he says, "the more likely they're going to forget some of the factors that are important to the case for us."

Anyone who has experienced a similar incident should contact Charlottesville Police Detective William Newberry at 434-970-3280 or call Crime Stoppers 434-977-4000.  


I do hope that theUVa police are questioning the validity of these claims.........

HarryD - What? I think the Charlottesville Police are involved - UVA Police are not worth the time for this - they should only patrol the hospital, grounds and the stadiums - and they do a poor job at that.

Who is to say these are not valid? HarryD go to prison and lets see how long it lasts before you are "fondled" or worse...

I believe, perhaps, Harry D was thinking about how many times the validity of a woman's complaint of fondling (or even rape) are questioned . . .

Until proven otherwise, no one should question the validity of a complaint such as this - even being sarcastic about it. Think if this was your son/daughter etc. - quite a different tune would be sung.

Actually, I am thinking about how many complaints from women have not been treated seriously at UVA. The men in this case are lucky it is in the jurisdiction of the local police. Quite frankly, there was no "proving otherwise" in some cases. There was no trial, no day in court. Nothing. Treatment of this sort can make you quite sarcastic.

Who goes to bed with an unlocked door? Then again, I didnt grow up in a gated community.

I want him to come to my house.

Wow- thank you.......

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He needs to come by to see me. The door is always open, and the lights on in the hall. And I don't call 9-1-1 either.

This is why it's nice to have a Rottweiler, Dobie or GSD along with a 1911 in your nightstand as a backup. As they say, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

realist- an A1 or straight 1911?

You people are sick! There is something seriously wrong with you!

@Cheryl Tweedy: You obviously don't understand the pain and frustration that go with carrying a concealed weapon and not having opportunity to use it. With deadly force. My whole life has lead me to that one, hoped-for, dreamed about and much imagined event. Because I am too old to join the military (and I would have 30 years ago, but we didn't have wars then so: what was the point?) I can only hope I stumble accross some not-too-dangerous criminal in the act and can show my stuff. I'm ready.


I was talking about Rear Admiral and Percy.

Cheryl: YOU can come by to see me too, as long as you're height/weight proportionate and FEMALE.

The Hook deletes comments that are far less offensive than some of these. If these jokes were made about the fondling of women they would be gone in a split second. Quit being hypocrites Hook staff.

If they are UVa men, I am sure they don't mind a dude fondling them....

I often wonder if law enforcement opens an investigation when people sit around claiming they are itching to shoot and kill someone. An open investigation would allow them to subpoena records and identify a person. While it may not be relevant to any "crime" right now, it could be in the future. I can't imagine that they don't. Because premeditation, the desire of actually getting to shoot and kill somebody, could change the view as to whether a person was really defending themselves legally or not.

Plus the fact that sitting around claiming to want to shoot and kill somebody makes all responsible gun owners look just as bad as the person who sits around and makes these silly claims. But........... maybe Mr/Mrs/Miss log is actually an anti-gun type person trying to discredit responsible gun owners, it could be log's covert agenda.

Thanks Cheryl and to an extent Downtown. Not sure if The Hook should do anything, just let people see who thinks this a joke.

Gasbag, your are so right in the whole post, so right. Does diminish the "less gun control argument". I believe in the right to have arms, just not sure these quacks are helping. And the premeditation is spot on Gas!

Nice scare tactics too! I bet you miss wearin a badge...

I'm not trying to scare you. As a gun toting individual who sees violent crime in this area on a sharp rise, and while not wishing death upon any person, I would actually like to see a local "self defense" test case. It will be interesting to see how the Charlottesville or Albemarle commonwealth's attorney may react and how they will deal with it. I think they will be inclined to place criminal charges and let a jury sort it out. If they choose this route, it's going to cost the shooter $100,000 to defend himself in a court of law.

And no, I do not miss wearing a badge. Just this past summer I once again turned down a supervisory job in a sheriff's office 40 miles from where I live. The sheriff even offered me a take home car with travel time to and from work on the clock. I consider myself to be semi-retired and have thoroughly enjoyed my present "retirement" job for the last 15 years. As long as I do my job I come and go as I please, work my own hours, have a new company car and a company credit card for all the gas I can drink.

Well, once again, we have made yet another topic of discussion here about ME. Good work!

ps - Mr/Mrs/Miss log, I'm not so sure a judge might not revoke your concealed weapons permit if the police were to identify you and show your remarks here to the judge. He/she would almost be a fool not to revoke it. Again, not trying to scare you, just hoping you might think things through before engaging fingers to keyboard and making silly remarks in public forums again in the future.

@GB: I didn't say I was scared. I accused you of using "scare tactics". I see your points, but I did think my comment through. you are correct in that I was responding to comments here and on other sites where people claim to want to meet up with whatever "perp" is being discussed because the commentor is armed and would be "ready". It is disturbing and if you think my comments are silly, it might be because you perceive me as "anti-gun". People using threatening rhetoric online all the time. I'm afraid some of them are actually armed and actually mean it.

I'm surprise Blink hasn't tried to pin this male on male crime to Sketch. Hey, it makes more sense than the slave graveyard/ancestry claims...

This could be part of President Sullivan's campaign for us to "be nice to each other." Pretty odd that--under the first broad president of the college--males are being accosted.

UVA is has been busy covering up the death of another one of their students since last Thursday. Local media has been told not to cover it. They won't. Apparently, they still think they have a reputation to protect.

I'm guessing his last Sanford, since he seems to love grabbin' that JUNK!

last "name"

The boyz at the darden school leave their doors open for just such an occasion. But they ask that you take note of the posted fees on the door. Please bring correct change if you expect a lil' half-n-half.


To answer your question, technically a clone of the 1911A1. Full size Government model. I suppose there are ways of getting a former government-property 1911 or 1911A1 as military surplus, but it would probably have a lot of wear and tear on it. I doubt a would be fondler would care....he'd still have a .45 ACP round in (or more likely through) him. That's assuming the dog didn't get him first.

@ all anti-gun types: How do you determine if the guy breaking into your house is a would-be fondler or an armed intruder, like the monsters up in CT who wiped out most of a family? Would you rather be carried by 6 or judged by 12? Personally, I hope I never have to use a gun in self-defense against someone breaking into my house. However, I recognize that the reason someone breaks into a home isn't to fondle or leave a calling card complementing the homeowner on how tastefully furnished their abode is. Also, they are almost always armed.