Postbellum makeover in Forest Lakes



Anderson Hord III, Trustee, to Nicholas & Wendy Seay, 3800 Dick Woods Road, $1,450,000

Jon & Jennifer Weaver to Privatebank, 4543 Louisa Road, $995,000 (foreclosure)

Paul & Deborah Ehrhardt to Harris & Heather Haynie, 4005 Gilbert Station Road, $450,000

Bret & Jacalee Sakoff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 215 Grass Dale Lane, $338,371 (foreclosure)

Southern Property LLC to George Bartel, 402 Penny Well Lane, $326,335

Ricardo Preve, Trustee, to Matthew & Laurel Wood, 415 Cranberry Lane, $320,000

Theresa Smith to Minnie Kay, 1460 Willow Lake Drive, $205,000

Donald & Barbara King to Nicholas, Armando & Sharon Bolmey, 1530 Birnam Drive, $179,000

Harry Brooks to Federal National Mortgage Association, 8227 Summer Rest Lane, $99,571 (foreclosure)


Virginia Ripp to Bernard Jansen, 1001 East Market Street, Unit 7, $298,000



Virginia C-Store Investors LLC to 3 N Rolkin Properties LLC, 240 Rolkin Road, $9,750,000

William & Cynthia Finley to Christopher & Katherine Dowdy, 641 Montei Drive, $292,000

Reoco Inc to Frank & Sara Albrecht, 7489 Eastwood Lane, $188,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Sukhwinder & Ranjit Kailey, 2338 Abington Drive, $187,000

Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Thirukumaran Appadurai & Thirukumaran Vijayalakshmi, 1820 Candlewood Court, Unit 201, $177,500

Jose Osoto Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Trustee, 520 Jester Lane, $132,000 (foreclosure)



Old Trail B-4 LLC to Peak Builders LLC, 276 Claremont Lane, $91,000

Thaddeus & Carolyn Kelly to Brian & Jeanine Werner, 108 Whetstone Place, $572,000

Linda Webb to Martha Moore, 1860 Bentivar Drive, $550,000

Victor & Gayle Millner to Jacob & Katherine Debord, 2205 Ridgeway Lane, $410,000

Phyllis Childress to John & Karen Wolcott, 2199 Shepherds Ridge Road, $390,000

Charles & Myrtle Boulden to Vitaly & Emma Baron, 8923 Old Green Mountain Road, $235,000

Bethany Dannelly & Sarah Otey to Long & Wei Zou Di, 506 Pebble Hill Court, $230,000

NVR Inc. to Robert Foster, 312 Patriot Way, $222,670

Federal National Mortgage Association to Kellie Hoover, 4643 Rolling Road, $167,900

Federal National Mortgage Association to Leander & Patsy McCormick-Goodhart, 1325 Branchlands Drive, Unit K, $165,000



Southern Property LLC to Erik Kunze & Jeanette Mattingly, 820 Cole Street, $360,210

Michael & Janet Williams to Dejan Milatovic & Snjezana Zaja-Milatovic, 2455 Abington Drive, $230,000

Kuen & Jennie Wu to MIchael Fox, 2702 Idlewood Drive, $227,000

Anthony & Jill Wood to Amanda Roy, 536 Whitcover Circle, $154,000

Hauser Homes Inc. to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., 519 Tyree Lane, $135,000

Branch Banking & Trust Company to Arndalt LLC, 1906 Inglewood Drive, Unit A, $65,000



Kurt & Jennifer Slangerup to Ross & Deborah Grossman, 4524 Stony Point Road, $750,000

Frank Cava to Ricardo & Mallika Rodriguez, 1846 Keiser Ridge Road, $474,900

Debra Dotson to Terrance & Edna Mullins, 3940 Gilmers Mill Lane, $346,000

Southern Property LLC to Joshua Gennari & Erika Abell, 1427 Butler Street, $339,080

NVR Inc. to Erin Stanley, 316 Patriot Way, $240,765

Lamont Breckenridge to Robert & Maxine Hey, 271 Simmons Gap Road, $155,000

Belvedere Station Land Trust to Lisa Weaver, 880 Belvedere Boulevard, $304,982


Ashley Carter & Heather Savage to Alan Howard, 1215 Wertland Street, Unit C-11, $118,500

Fife LLC to Amy Teachey, 703 Shamrock Road, $235,000



Endless Summer Aviation LLC to Clear Properties LLC, 620 Cami Lane, $1,150,000

Bobby & Raquel Shelton to Jason Lewis, 1724 Monet Hill, $520,000

Eric Kunze to Mark & Kelly Bowie, 1029 Towne Lane, $198,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Samuel Spillman, 99 Georgetown Green, $153,500


Correction posted 3/16/2012: The 2205 Ridgeway Lane transaction listed above was initially described as a foreclosure due to inaccurate information in the Albemarle County assessor's office. However, the transaction was not a foreclosure.

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Amazing to still see so many foreclosures in our area and prices that were unheard of a decade ago.

My thoughts exactly ND. What a crash! The home as an ATM is over for awhile.

Why we waited and bought this past spring. Foreclosures will be happening for quite a while - when you buy a McMansion (as many around here were) and don't have the income, that is the result. I knew of too many people who were holding two loans on one house - idiots!

I remember in 1979 when I was buying my first home in Charlottesville, I asked an older friend, in her 80's, why she was renting. Her answer shocked me, saying real estate isn't always a good investment. She and her husband had bought a house when they were young in Washington that lost half it's value and they never bought again.

I wonder if those who are in the soup now will feel the same, and the American dream of home ownership, as a way to save, will evaporate in favor of renting ?

22 million in foreclosure ? And this was in 2006, 6 years ago and they are still building them around here, but not nearly at the clip they were back then.

" Arthur C. Nelson, director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech, has looked carefully at trends in American demographics, construction, house prices, and consumer preferences. In 2006, using recent consumer research, housing supply data, and population growth rates, he modeled future demand for various types of housing. The results were bracing: Nelson forecasts a likely surplus of 22 million large-lot homes (houses built on a sixth of an acre or more) by 2025—that’s roughly 40 percent of the large-lot homes in existence today. "