Hazards of alleged B&E?

A homeowner in the Raintree subdivision was awakened by a noise in the night and discovered someone attempting to steal a television. According to a release, the property owner was able to subdue the intruder until police arrived at the 1400 block of Shadow Oaks Place at 3:38am January 13.

Jamel Tucker, 19, was taken to the hospital, treated and released. He's been charged with breaking and entering into a residence in the night time and attempted grand larceny, both of which are felonies, and was held at the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail.

The homeowner was not injured, according to Albemarle police Sergeant Darrell Byers.

The Newsplex has an exclusive interview with the feisty homeowner, Michael Brown, who tells reporter Rachel Ryan, "It was either him or me; it wasn't going to be any of my family members."

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Next time he should try breaking in his his hands instead of his face.

Risky to take on an intruder- glad he didn't have a gun. I did the same once and was lucky as well, but was told by the police, next time give him your purse.

If it had been my house, this creep would have had a .45 ACP round in or through his head. Usually (maybe in this case...wasn't mentioned) intruders are armed. I'd rather be judged by 12 (assuming it came to that) than carried by 6.

You got knocked the "F" out!!!

He looks like a pretty good-sized feller. Maybe if some of you gun worshipers would get in shape, learn to defend yourselves and families without having to resort to deadly force (with a handgun), this would be a nicer place to live...Put on your "Man Pants", they don't require a gun belt to hold them up...

@Hook Reader..."get in shape and learn to defend yourselves and your family"? My wife who has multiple sclerosis would not stand a chance against him in a fight. She can, however, dial 911 and if necessary, pull a trigger. I would love to live in a world where we can respect each other as fellow human beings and never have to deal with violence, but guess what, that is not reality. Until that utopian ideal happens, I would rather my law abiding family have the ability to protect themselves against the detritus of society.

So: If you can afford to live in a "targeted for crime" area, protect your house better, spend money (if you have extra as some do) and help educate young people with parents who don't have the skills you do to learn to act right. Locking up and/or shooting the youth we badly educate and hate is not improving this country. It is going badly and if you just want to bury your head and blame Liberals: YOU are part of the problem. Sorry about your wife. Help work to make a country that actually works together instead of waiting in bed with a gun under the pillow. Sounds more like a real America to me.

I agree that education is key. Prevention is much more effective than intervention. My wife IS a teacher and we both volunteer with mentoring organizations here in town. We are very engaged in local civics and consider it a duty to help in whatever capacity we can. We understand greatly the socioeconomic woes that our community and nation have. That is a seperate issue.

You seem to be missing my point though. I am not arguing that our country handles racial and social issues well, I am stating that when you are confronted with someone breaking into your home, you are not in a position to change the world, but to protect yourself and your family. Your statement to "...protect your house better..."...come on, you talk about our world being a nicer place without handguns, yet you expect us to fortify our homes? I shouldn't even have to have locks on my doors!

The self-righteous on either side of political ideology only serve to assign blame to the other and ultimately skirt responsibility without affecting change. Anyways, I digress...

For the record, I am an independent.

I will stick with one of several reliable guns for home defense. If some mouth-breather breaks in while my family is at home, he most certainly will not receive the benefit of a wrestling match. I will be entirely within the law to shoot him and call 911 for police and rescue squad response. And I am just one of millions of Democrats who would respond thusly.

By "good sized feller" you mean a fat slob that prolly cannot run 20 yards because his pants are falling off? I do not have a gun but understand those who might choose to ensure they have as much protection as they can against some narcissistic person who feels they deserve a TV someone else has worked hard to earn. Annnnddddd of course it is the fault of the working person for not "educating" the women who use Baby Mommahood as an income strategy. As to education, I am guessing the guy in the high end neighborhood contributes quite a bit in Property Taxes which go to pay for schools.

But leave it to the whining liberal to somehow blame the guy in the nice house for it being broken into....

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If you read the Newsplex story you'll find that the homeowner decided to defend his family rather than worry about the effects that would have on the criminal. That's what a father/husband does: he puts the safety of his family above his own, or that of someone trying to do them harm. Wise up people! When someone walks up to you on the street and puts a gun in the face of your wife are you going to ask him if he had a bad childhood? We should be calling this homeowner a hero. He is a great example to all men about how to be a good father and husband!

Hook Reader can't be for real. He must live in the land of unicorns and free lunches. No doubt one of the liberal types who believe that the kid who comes from a good family, studies hard, graduates from college, gets a good job and goes on to marry and raise his own good, law abiding kids has somehow won life's lottery. As opposed to the offspring of a crack whore who is raised by a grandmother, gets addicted to drugs, hangs out with gang bangers and commits various violent crimes until caught, tried and incarcerated. That worthless piece of you-know-what has somehow lost life's lottery through no fault of his own. In a lib's eyes, that POS is a victim of a racist society, i.e. Republicans. Hook Reader feels that if that SOB breaks into my house, I'm supposed to get myself physically fit enough to do battle with him and hope I win. That's assuming he doesn't have a gun and chooses instead to wipe out my entire family like those Connecticut home invasion monsters.
No Hook Reader, I choose instead to fill that POS with enough lead from my Beretta (assuming my dog doesn't tear him to shreds first) so that he is no longer a physical threat.

So you can continue to live in your fantasy world and I'll just live in the real world.

One more thing...he looks a bit like Biz Markie.
R.I.P.: Clarence Campbell

I am a liberal and a democrat and I have defended myself and friends at different times and places with my fists. If you choose to legally own a gun to keep in your home for protection, that is your business. The people posting on here with fantasies about "shooting the animal to death" (Quote from "Liberalace) and wanting to kill a 19 yr old RATHER than subdue and have him arrested seem like a bunch of d1(kless wimps to me. And, "Jimi Hendrix"? What a bunch of neo-con crap. This "Whining Liberal" is NOT blaming either the homeowner who, without needing a gun to protect his home or the commentor who I responded to earlier.

Dem, I agree with least amount of force necessary. A b&e (in the dark) with occupants in their home is a bold, invasive crime forced upon victims who are at multiple disadvantages already by the nature of this crime and who have nowhere to retreat. A tad different from helping your friends with your fists. They should be so lucky to have you keeping vigil in their homes at night night while they sleep.

Here's an idea Hook Reader and Dem would approve of. Obama/Pelosi/Reid can set up a new $900 billion bureaucracy called the Department of Martial Arts Training for Defense Against Underprivileged Victims of Racism. It would have 300,000 white collar employees with an average grade of GS-13. They would establish guidelines for when homeowners are justified in shooting an armed intruder. This option is, of course, not available for residents of major cities controlled by libs, who have no knowledge of the existence of a Second Amendment, and therefore ban gun ownership by their citizens.
Homeowners with guns would be required to successfully complete the new Federal martial arts program, conducted by Black Panthers, at a cost to them of $5,000. Those who don’t own guns could elect to take these courses at taxpayer expense. Those who complete the course would be expected to pull off a Jack Bauer scenario and disarm/incapacitate an armed intruder. The armed intruder could then, if he/she was designated an underprivileged minority who is a victim of white racism, utilize the services of an ACLU lawyer (at taxpayer expense) and sue the bejeezus out of the homeowner who ruined their life. The racism victim could then live out the rest of their life in comfort at the expense of the homeowner whose life is now destroyed. This plan would have the benefit of providing employment for the 300,000 new Federal bureaucrats as well as hundreds of millions of dollars to approved minority contractors working with the new Department, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in fees to ACLU lawyers. Democratic politicians could then manufacture statistics showing the great success of this new program and thus garner more votes from the clueless sheeple who normally make up the bulk of their supporters.

As far as guns go, the question is where do you draw the line in the dark?. Do you assume he is unarmed? Do you assume that he will NOT use physical violence to get his way? Do you assume that if he is not brandashing a gun that he doesn't have one, or a knife?. Do you fire a warning shot to show you are armed and hope that he sees it as a chance to run as opposed to a reason to shoot you and your family? should you assume it is his first time and not his tenth? Should you assume he wants the TV and not your wife or daughter?

To me the answer is simple. If someone comes into my house ansd I can see that they are clearly running away the moment they are discovered I let them go because they have more to lose than I and will probably shoot if they need to. If they do not turn and run but freeze they have 1 second to get on the floor spread eagle, after that they will be shot.

I think that is as reasonable as one should be. Beyond that means that you are putting the cretins life ahead of your own family and as much as gun haters may dislike it I don't see them putting signs up on their front doors saying "gun free zone"

I would rather live knowing I killed a kid like this, than knowing he raped my daugter while I was tired up at gunpoint and watched.

Wow, if only more homeowners had the abilities of "Dem". Home invasions would no longer be a problem. Homeowners could fend off armed intruders and come off looking like the Neo character played by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Dodging bullets in mid-air and pounding the crap out of armed assassins. I'll bet even that woman and her two daughters murdered in that Connecticut home invasion would be alive and well today if they had Dems talents. Perhaps Dem could give self-defense courses nationwide. Graduates would get a sticker for their front doors which state "Graduate of Dem Self Defense Academy". That alone would have potential armed intruders quaking in their Nike Air Jordans, no matter how many Saturday Night Specials they were packing. They wouldn't dare enter the premises of a Dem Academy grad.

Kudos to the homeowner for being a real man and protecting his family. Not allowing yourself to become a victim. Wake up. Take charge. Reach down there and grab 'em if ya got em. I would love for someone to try and take my luxourious home theatre (talkin 7.2 with 72" screen son) then I could act out scenes from some of my favorite movies. Like introducing the intruder to my lil friend. That kid is lucky to be alive.

Unfortunately, VA has some weak Castle Laws but our Stand Your Ground Laws are pretty strong. Which means at anytime and anywhere if we are threatened the victim of such threat (as long as the victim didn't provoke it) can use deadly force - with weapon or without. I'm fortunate to have a former Marine as a husband and double dog dare an intruder to come in our home. After all, they are trained to kill within three seconds of hand to hand. As for guns - don't ever tell a Marine how to use a gun.

I think it is commendable what this homeowner did. Unfortunately, most home robbers are cowardly and ususally invade when no one is at home. I just hope this idiot doesn't sue for injuries sustained.

Hook Reader, if some armed thug breaks into your abode to steal your "luxourious home theatre" and you're unarmed, you can "Reach down there and grab 'em if ya got em" all you want, but you'll be D-E-A-D dead. You can do all the fancy martial arms moves you want, but the rounds flying at you won't give a rat's you-know-what. Bye-bye "luxourious home theatre", hello funeral home.

Eggplant raises interesting questions. You never know the motives, intentions, or callousness of people willing to enter your house while you and your family are home.