The week in review

Best street theater: The 17 Occupy Charlottesville protesters arrested December 1 for trespassing in Lee Park are found guilty in court January 27. Veronica Fitzhugh, who was charged with indecent exposure when she took off her clothes, shows up at General District Court wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs, and black-face makeup to protest the high number of African Americans in prison. She's found not guilty of indecent exposure. 

Best sign housing prices haven't recovered: Charlottesville reports a 3.08 percent decline in residential assessments and an 0.84 percent drop in existing commercial values.

Biggest blow to zoning: The Virginia Supreme Court rules January 13 that planning commissions don't have the authority to grant waivers in a case brought by Albemarle resident Kent Sinclair, who sued Cingular and the county over a waiver granted for a 103-foot cell tower adjacent to his property, Charlottesville Tomorrow reports.

Biggest investment: gets a $3.1 million capital influx from Battery Ventures, an investment firm out of Massacusetts. Bryan McKenzie has the story in the Progress.

Biggest UVA critic: The Price is Right host Bob Barker writes UVA president Teresa Sullivan asking the university to stop using cats to train med students to insert breathing tubes in infants, Ted Strong reports in the Daily Progress. Barker donated $1 million to UVA in 2009 for an animal law program. 

Most infectious pediatric ICU: UVA Children's Hospital is ranked one of the worst in the country for sick kids getting infections, according to Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center, which looked at 92 pediatric intensive care units in 2010, NBC29 reports. The university reports its infection rates have dramatically improved.

Worst exit strategy: A 26-year-old man suspected of walking out of the Waynesboro Walmart with an unpaid-for humidifier January 25 flees on foot across Rosser Avenue and is hit by a northbound 1997 Saab, according to the News Leader. He's taken to UVA Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Worst murder-suicide: Richmond man Robert D. King, 40, who was going through a custody battle, connects tubing to the exhaust on a van, runs it into his house, and slices the throats of his three-year-old twins, Caroline and Madison, as well as his own throat, the Newsplex reports.


Worst free ride: A UVA student reports that she was abducted January 29 after 20-year-old Sterling man Jamil Alam gave her a ride from northern Virginia to her on-Grounds residence, wouldn't let her out of the car, and drove her to Ruckersville, where she was released without incident, according to a release. Alam was arrested January 30 for abduction, and is being held in jail in Loudoun County.

Worst way to get ready for the Super Bowl: James Perkins, 25, is arrested for B&E and grand larceny January 27 when a West Street resident arrives home and allegedly finds Perkins putting a flat-screen TV into his car, the Newsplex reports. Perkins is arrested later with the TV in his backseat.


First 5th District challenger: Peyton R. Williams Jr. of Charlottesville wants the Democratic nomination to take on Congressman Robert Hurt in November.

Most daunting job description: Charlottesville hires Amanda Poncy as a part-time bike and pedestrian coordinator charged with improving infrastructure and reducing the number of solo drivers, according to Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Best press release: "... Deputy attacked by Rooster" comes courtesy Albemarle Sheriff Chip Harding, who reports that Deputy Tom Wood, while attempting to serve a capias January 30, is beaked below the belt by a rooster, which Wood shoots with mace. The rooster appears unharmed and continues walking around the yard eating. Harding can't resist a final quip that suspect Sara Bishop Gibson, 34, of Mountain View Drive "has gone a 'fowl' of the law."

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I am with Bob Barker. If President, I would stop all medical animal experimentation particularly on mammals. I suggest a more productive teaching tool is to have the medical students at UVA clean those cats rear ends then wash their hands and culture them to see if they did an adequate job which would translate to less hospital infections.
The hiring of Poncy for that job description wreaks of nepotism.