Prelim waived: Halfaday fraud charges go to grand jury

Making his third appearance to answer election fraud charges Thursday, former City Council candidate James Halfaday waived a preliminary hearing, so the four felony charges will go to the grand jury. The 32-year-old appeared in Charlottesville General District Court January 26 with his attorney, Scott Goodman.

After coming in seventh out of seven candidates in last August's Democratic firehouse primary, odd allegations started popping up about the man who, until that point, had been best known as both the city's first gay and Native American candidate.

A lawyer contacted the Hook to say that Halfaday was not the owner of Snap Fitness gym as he'd claimed during his campaign. And residents at the Sunset Road address Halfaday used when he filed to run for Council had never heard of him. And several people listed as having contributed $499 to his campaign adamantly denied doing so. (There was even an assertion by Halfaday that he'd been injured in the summertime earthquake.)

On October 19, Halfaday was arrested for making false statements on voter registration forms, a Class 5 felony that carries up to 10 years in prison and up to a $2,500 fine. Also appearing in court Thursday: Registrar Sheri Iachetta, presumably to testify about the allegedly false statements filed with her office.

Halfaday declined to comment as he left court, and unlike his December 15 appearance there were no angry gestures from associates. The case goes to the grand jury February 21.

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It appears that the stress is causing him to put the pounds back on.

He kind of resembles "Sling Blade" Carl.

I think he is rather radiant.

Actually, if Councilwoman Galvin's plan for reversion goes 180-degrees the other way--and Chville becomes its own country with its own currency--James's image could be on the $3 bill.
R.I.P.: Chuck Hughes

Deleted by moderator.

Carrying a bit more weight, eh? Lucky for him that he owns a gym.

Some crazy prosecuting attorney can't see the obvious fact the poor Halfaday isn't playing with a full deck and is suffering from some kind of delusional psychological condition. A brilliant waste of tax dollars.

He's crazy and makes false claims. Sounds like a perfect candidate for city council to me.

@ hook reader

I'm no fan of Halfaday (or Council!) but come on. That tired old joke has been played to death. Not only for James Halfaday but for anybody we see in the media who gets busted for something.

"He's crazy and dishonest and doesn't know his butt from his head. He'd make a perfect candidate for City Council!"

"So she steals money and lies like a sociopath? Oh, she'd fit right in with Congress!"

"A war hungry idiot Republican? Yeah, they should run for President!"

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. Played out.


but they are true, right?