Housekeeping: Court readies for Huguely trial

Pretrial publicity remains a concern for the defense in the upcoming murder trial of former UVA lacrosse player George Huguely for the death of his former girlfriend Yeardley Love.

In a hearing Thursday, January 26, Judge Edward Hogshire ruled that the jury will not be sequestered during the anticipated two-week trial, and he went over a plan of how 12 jurors and three alternatives will be chosen from the 160 people ordered to appear in court February 6 and 7.

"This is not a run-of-the-mill case," saysdefense attorney Rhonda Quagliana. "The number of people who know nothing of this case is very small." She wants to ask potential jurors not only what they've heard about the case, but whether they have pre-formed opinions about it.

The judge also ruled on the media plan for handling the 155 reporters who have requested credentials for the trial, ordering that exhibits will not be available until after the trial.

He also ruled that Love's medical records are admissible as evidence except for one particular record that had been argued in his chambers, and says that he'll rule on that during the trial.

Hogshire granted the defense's motion to have its own stenographer. Where video equipment would go was another matter taken up. "Please don't bring anything the jury can't see or hear," says Hogshire, referring to a problem recording played the previous week at the second-degree murder trial of Barry Bowles, who was convicted of stabbing his wife.

"No cellphones will be allowed in the courtroom under any circumstances," says Hogshire. Nor will they be allowed in an auxiliary media room where proceedings will be transmitted on closed circuit for fear reporters would broadcast the trial. On that ban, both the the prosecution and defense agreed.

And just in case any other pre-trial issues need to be addressed, Hogshire set another hearing for February 3.


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Seems like George doesn't think that he should be punished for murdering his girlfriend
Family thinks can buy a manslaughter rap
Poor yeardley
No justice in life
Seems she won't get justice in death.....

He will kill another girl before he is done ..never punished for his brutality

Here is twist, the defendant knew exactly what she was taking. They cannot use the da, I didn't know that blows could hurt her.

He is very well versed on that drug and many more.

Makes him more a murder than someone with a second degree charge.
One thing about Virginia, they are not Florida and these prosecutors are not going to take public outcry for granted.

I have not seen the jury, I will and will know better.
But, I think he will be put away for a much longer time than what some predict.

Give him the best defense, a impartial jury and a good judge. So when they read the verdict, his appeal will not not be credible.

The Hook staff will report like they did recently, it was fantastic reporting.

Without seeing the jury. A college athlete is almost like saying his hands are lethal weapons. I say with the other charges as it stands now. Consecutive terms 30 years!

Speculate specul8 But ole Fran has been trying to get traction on a defense strategy for some time now. I think he is finally ready to more forward with something. The man is the best lawyer in town he ain't comin out half cocked. Should be interesting. But I doubt true justice will ever be done here.

Be kind to the Huguely's.

Will be a blockbuster event for this lonely little town. Glad the hordes are climaxing over the trial; small town/small people.
As for the outcome, who knows? However, I would be surprised if he was nailed with thirty year term(s) for this. But just don't know.
R.I.P.: Robert Hegyes--one of the premier thespians of our era.

...and the former judge just slipped out the door a few weeks ago, slinking over to Allen4 for the easy money whenever truckers lose their brakes.

Lisa and The Hook, I know I can count on you! YOU won't shun me. You know that George has supporters and that we deserve to be heard!

Oh my god, thank you for the news about Robert Hegyes.
He was wonderful.
My family's also from Metuchen, N.J., and I met him once on the bus.
Funny story...I was at a stop in Plainfield, heading to Metuchen. The doors open and I step in to ask the driver, "Metuchen bus?" And Robert, seated in the front seat, doesn't miss a beat with, " NO , You CAN'T touch the bus!"

A "Love--American Style-" theme. We're coming up on Valentine's Day.

There was a girl who lived nearby,
There's was a girl and she was beautiful,
She went to college and she found her peace,
picked up a lacrosse stick and she found her peace,
she said, "Let's get together and make a better world, my little part is still small and undefined; go up in the mountains and write down all our thoughts, celebrate each day like a miracle undefined"
(chorus) Oh, I don't wanna write no chorus, oh, just scream against the universe, Oh, I ain't gonna sing no chorus, 'cause that means we'd have to rehearse this life....this love...
Maybe she was meant to start a restaurant; maybe she was meant to be on TV, Fly a plane to the edge of the world, and write a book about the edge of the world...( to chorus)
There was a girl who lived nearby; Once there was a girl and she was beautiful

Alice W.--I only exist to serve this wonderful, tolerant, world-class community.
Captain Sonnet--you are to report to the commander's barracks to be court-martialed.
Jon Simpson--RIP Barry Cowsill (there's a link there!)
Tony Barbieri--your name does not sound Amish to me.
All of you--In five to ten years, I wouldn't be surprised if I could buy some lumber from young George in DC
R.I.P.: Herve Villechaize

You can never predict a trial in this town. A few years back a guy got 8 months for sticking his hand up a girl's skirt as she left a bar. She called it "rape" and people went to bat for her in the CA's office. Then 2 women come forward and report forcible rapes (your recent Hook cover story reported she had been raped 3 times) at UVA and the school and the current/past Commonwealth Attorneys called it "miscommunication" and that man was allowed to go on and rape other women while living in our town. Even got a law degree I hear from the prestigious University. There's posts right now in the Hook about Morgan Harrington's killer. Huguely would not be behind bars except for the fact that he killed her - no one was going to challenge his behavior at any level - not his parents, not his mentors at the University. There's more on trial here than Huguely - its the way we react to each and every crime in this town.

pam January 28th, 2012 | 10:37am

I agree, I am sure the defense team has time served as their goal.
The State has decades of time in their mind.

I just believe that if he gets an offer of 20 years, the State should say "No".

If a jury gets to the point of deliberations, it will not be like the recent trial in Florida. He my get life in prison.

Robert and Tony: absolutely supporters should be able to show their support. I just do not think "The Hook" will suppress your views.

If so, and it is fairly done, then all the better. But, it maybe much more than 30 years.

If the roll the dice, the results for George will not be nice!

Hey all, just remember there is nothing nice about what is happening here. Two lives are over, and probably one was over already, from the kind of behavioural problems. Like Columbine, we are far too tolerant of certain types of conduct, and don;t nip it on the bud. I have long been an advocate for getting back to the stocks, and public caning. A few thwacks and public humiliation when young can go a long way to correcting things. My bet is had that happened just once, we would have saved two lives.

@ Caesonia

That's great, but uh, that doesn't change anything that's already happened, and merely voicing this opinion on the Hook's comments section of all places isn't going to put this into effect society-wide.

Obama staff aid: "Take a look at this, President Obama. I see that a fine upstanding citizen who goes by the name of Caesonia on The Hook's comments section believes we should bring back the stockades, and publicly cane people. This will nip things in the bud, according to Caesonia."

Obama: "Do it!"

(Flash forward to a month from now, when every municipality in the U.S. is equipped with fully functional stockades, complete with tomatoes and rocks for throwing, and canes for whipping.)

please remember who the victim was here.............

After seeing another University student get off with a slap on the wrist for stabbing someone 20 times, I fear that money and slick defense lawyers will succeed in this case too.(That was the murder of Walker Sisk by Andrew Alston for newcomers to the community). The defense is going to try for manslaughter or no more than second degree.
Bursting into someone's home and murdering her in her bed- this guy doesn't just deserve to have the book thrown at him- they should throw the whole library!

I have to agree with HollowBoy. This guy is not going to be found guilty of killing this girl. He going to walk free like Andrew Alston.