Albemarle topped 100,000 population around 12/16/10

A new population report from UVA's Weldon Cooper Center, showing that local growth outpaced the state average, indicates that Albemarle hit the 100,000 mark somewhere around December 16, 2010. That's according to a four-a-day estimate from demographer Rebecca Tippett, who prepared the data.

Her figures show that Albemarle has been adding nearly four people per day between the last census, dated April 1, 2010, and the Center's new estimates, dated July 1, 2011, when Albemarle's population reached 100,780.

"We don't know what day the babies were born or when people move in or move out," says Tippett, "but we assume [the population gain] was evenly distributed."

With Albemarle growing 1.8 percent and Charlottesville 2.3 percent over the course of the 15-month period, both localities topped the state average of 1.2 percent, but neither could match state-leading Fredericksburg, which registered a 4.9 percent spike.

–Note: bad typing had the magic date wrong in an early online version of this story.

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100,000+, added to the city's 40,000+........

.......and yet we still can't manage to get a Home Depot.

That's pretty sad. I guess I will have to keep spending my money at the Home Depot in Augusta County/Waynesboro.

Keep bringing folks into the area, but never plan ahead as far as roads and transportation issues. I've been watching this happen over the last 20-25 years and the leaders in Charlottesville/Albemarle have to be some of the worst planners of any in the nation!

Well, don't castigate local planning. Most northeastern areas--that have seen emigration of city folk to the suburbs--have been way behind the curve in planning. Ask anyone around Philly suburbs or Boston suburbs.
Two things I noticed in the photograph: it was taken in Chville; a photo of a crowded Fashion Square Mall or Rt. 29 North might have been more suitable. After all, you are "photojournalists" now and not mere photographers.
Secondly, on what day was it taken? It is great to see the top level of the Market Street parking lot near empty. Does that mean our bicycling/pedestrian advocate is already making headway? Yeah...thank you Huja!
R.I.P.: Sal Bonpinsiero

The word is out...make room for more One Percenters.

More 1% is good for the local economy. Bigger houses, more taxes, more spending, less derelicts feeding at the trough.

"Albemarle topped 100,000 population around 12/16/10"

"Albemarle hit the 100,000 mark somewhere around December 10, 2010."



So which is it, 12/16/10 or 12/10/10?

@Suggest Shawn: D'oh! Gotta learn how to type. It's 12/16. Thanks for that!--hawes

@Suggest Sean: Are you writing a book about it, or are you just really bad at asking someone to fix a typo? Don't kick the cat

Home Depot? Is that a measure of quality of life or anything for that matter? You want Home Depot? Move to Richmond!