Should hunting be allowed on Sundays?



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What's the difference? The deer don't know what day it is....they keep destroying crops regardless of the day of the week.

I think the Gen. Ass. of Va. should declare it resolved: no Christian deer are to be shot on Sundays ... but Its okay to shoot athiest deer anytime.

We are a family of hunters, but I don't want hunting on Sundays. We live in the woods and I like having one day a week when I know I can walk my dogs without worrying about careless shooters mistaking me or the dogs for a deer.

Unless it is dog season.........

Instead of expanding the hunting season, why don't we control deer the way nature intended? I think we need to slowly reintroduce wolves into Virginia. Every animal in an ecosystem has a purpose, and wolves help keep the ecosystem in balance by keeping deer populations on the move as well as reducing the overpopulation.

How about cats? Can we lobby to hunt those? They are aloof, snotty, unloving, selfish, judgmental animals who are so egomaniacal they demand to go toitey inside the house, demand fish to eat, and even have their own store on our precious downtown mall.
Actually, I think the adjectives above describe your average UVa student.
Why don't we have a Celebrity Death Match at the nTelos Pavilion between the owner of the cat store and the owner of the dog store on the downtown mall? I'd pay to see that.
Remember that kids' book that was out a few years back:
"All Dogs Go To Heaven...All Cats Go To Hell"
I lobbied to have Prestone add fish scent to its anti-freeze to help control the cat population, but they rejected the idea.
R.I.P.: Don Cornelius

Why not permit hunting from motor vehicles instead? It'd be a lot of fun, and the permits, sold for $500, would bring lots of revenue. And we'd manage the deer population more effectively since deer tend to eschew the woods and seek the lovely border grass on the roadside. It'd be easier to catch drunk hunters too since they'd be out on the roads where law enforcement has easier access to them.

Liberalace you made my laugh and then made me cry. Don Cornelius is gone? Oh man this is a sad day for anyone who grew up on Sooooooooooooooul Train.

Can I hunt and kill Billy Ray Cyrus on a day other than Sunday?

This has nothing to do with allowing people to hunt,It IS all about the money.the VGIF is about
as worthless as other goverment agencies,you cannot even go to a VGIF controlled lake and enjoy the scenery with out an access permit or fishing license even if you don't fish..
I have been a hunter and fisherman for 40 years but have had my fill with VGIF,so instead of buying a license if this passes i will just hunt on my own land where i do not need a license
until some politician says they will change that also.
If you think getting a game warden to show up now is hard enough now just wait until this passes.

Good point. The game wardens wouldn't be able to have the weekends off any longer.

So people are allowed to hunt on the Sabbath but not on Sunday?

"Why don't we have a Celebrity Death Match at the nTelos Pavilion between the owner of the cat store and the owner of the dog store on the downtown mall? I'd pay to see that." ~liberace

finally someone with some sense around here.

on a more serious note: Can anyone explain what gives the State the right to restrict what someone can and can't do on their own property on Sunday, that is legal any other day of the week? How is this issue anything but a leftover blue law, from a bygone era?

HUNTING SHOULD BE BANNED FOREVER - stop letting these irresponsible people in the woods with guns -how many accidents have to happen each year where adults or children are shot from hunters ????????? -- the deer don't have town homes or apartments to live in - the outside is there home stupid people - they don't destroy crops !!! if you lived outside and were starving you'd eat whatever you could to survive -- locusts destroy crops -- i've never seen a flock of deer destroy crops -- get a grip

@bill stickers

I guess the main reason is that wild life does not belong to you even tho on your property,
it belongs to the people of Virginia.

I think the VDGIF should release a few wolves in Paige's house. Maybe they can clean a few cats out!!

Paige makes an uber-point we'd all like to ignore: we got rid of wolves 300-400 years ago to make Virginia amenable to our sheep and cattle, et al. We also de-forested in a major way. We being the European imports with help from our temporarily owned other-European imports (indentured servants) and permanently owned African imports (slaves). We, the descendants, now yakkety-yak about Amazonian de-forestation...blah, blah, blah.

We really need to inherit some number of centuries-old bad policy rather than turn to the next guys with a feigned, "Bad, bad, Zoot!"

I'm a vegetarian child of a Pennsylvania gunsmith. We people, who by inheritance, got rid of the predators, morally need to take their place. I personally can't, but appropriately honor those who do some portion of my inherited work for me. Deer are hardwired to proliferate, because some large percentage of them will be eaten. No more wolves or big cats = too many deer. Someone has to kill & eat them: I only know that it isn't me.

All that said, with the realities of rural density and alternate uses of rural land, it is in no way inappropriate to designate one day out of seven, when a citizen can walk their own land without worry that a stray hunter's bullet will do some hideous, unforeseen damage. I really think we all deserve a day off: even the hunters who shoulder some portion of my inherited burden.

I will bet that more people die running into deers on the highway than get killed by stray bullets-