Baffling: nTelos Pavilion gets sound upgrade

Crews take down the old acoustic panels at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion in anticipation of a new set of panels to baffle sound away from adjacent neighborhoods and focus it into the popular concert structure. The Fridays After Five free concerts get their season opener on Friday, April 20.

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it still won't be enough for those idiot Belmont gentrifiers who whine about everything.

It's about time. I live almost exactly 1 1/4 miles away and I can hear the noise from the pavilion at times. It must be awful for anyone living within a 1/2 mile radius.

Put the Pavillion in Greenbrier and you will find out how many so called whiners there are there. Sorry, but that was not a good location, and folks have a right to put their kids to bed at a decent hour.