A time to sentence: Huguely fate to be finalized August 30

During a brief but at times testy 25-minute hearing in Charlottesville Circuit Court, convicted murderer George W. Huguely V, received a sentencing date of 1pm on August 30. Huguely, convicted in late-February for the 2010 beating death of former girlfriend Yeardley Love, was not present for the April 16 proceedings.

"I've got a three-week, multimillion-dollar civil case," exclaimed Judge Edward Hogshire, explaining why he was unavailable for most of July to hear arguments in motions to overturn the conviction. The motions, however, have not been filed, and led to further upset from the judge.

"Typically, these motions are filed the day after the trial," said Hogshire. "I haven't gotten a motion yet."

Defense counsel explained that part of the delay stemmed from the unavailability of a complete record of the February trial which stretched over parts of three weeks.

"Having a finished transcript," said co-counsel for the defense, Rhonda Quagliana, "is vital."

"You're very familiar with the case," the judge shot back. "You know what parts are vital."

The judge set dates in June and July to argue the to-be-filed defense motions. He also set a hearing for this Thursday the 19th of April to hear motions from Robert Yates, a lawyer representing several media organizations frustrated by the unusually high level of evidence never seen by spectators and the press.

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About the only thing he's getting out of this is less time in big boy prison and more time in the local lockup. Maybe that's the reason. His parents better start digging deeper into their pockets to pay the lawyers.

He got off light as it was. Judge Hogshire ought to increase the sentence for wasting the court's time with this nonsense...

That dude in the picture looks right crotchity. Would not want him deciding my fate.

trials on soaps don't last this long.

Hogshire was a bit miffed at the defense for being late in the first place...sounds like they are doing their client much good with this type of behavior....

opps..."aren't doing their client much good"....