'Mother' calling: Celebrity chef Alice Waters to visit Monticello

Okay, hard-core foodies, fasten your seat belts. Monticello just announced that Alice Waters, widely hailed as the "mother of American cooking" and the American pioneer in the local food movement, will be coming for a visit on Thursday, April 19. She'll be signing copies of three of her latest books at the Monticello Museum Shop from 3pm to 4pm.

Chef, author, and owner of Chez Panisse, the Berkeley, California restaurant she opened in 1971 that has been consistently recognized as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, Waters was dubbed the best chef in America by the James Beard Foundation in 1992, the first time a woman had ever received the honor.

According to a release, Waters' Chez Panisse crew will also be preparing a private dinner for the "Monticello Cabinet," a group of key donors to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, and it looks like our own Harrison Keevil of Brookville Restaurant will be helping out.

Waters' recent books include 40 Years of Chez Panisse: The Power of Gathering, In the Green KitchenThe Art of Simple Food, and Edible Schoolyard, each of which visitors can buy in the Museum Shop.

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Who called her "the mother of American cooking?"

Notice that it is her "crew" that will be preparing. She is annoying and self absorbed. And unrealistic. If we all had to eat food grown within 100 miles of us most could not afford to eat.

I ate at her restaurants few times and it is bullshit........Save your money and fly to Paris for much better food. Chez Pannisse is for tourist. She is really fake.

"Who called her "the mother of American cooking?"'

Is your google broken? Really, who writes such stupid questions while sitting at a computer? The answer takes 2 seconds to find.

Ah. http://www.eatmedaily.com/2008/12/marian-burros-without-attribution-labe...

Yeah. It's total crap. Thanks saywha? My point was that no one with any sort of authority labeled her as such. It was rhetorical.

5000 people in Cville could cook her under the table.

Wow! Such venom! Relax....take a breath, and enjoy having a celebrity visit our beautiful area! There are a lot of great restaurants (and goodies) here!

Alice Waters is an American culinary leader, and deserves the respect of her peers. She had vision, and stayed true to it. Her belief that we are all entitled access to healthy nourishment is simple, and so is her engagement in the politics, art and the culture of cuisine. She redefined the ideas of eating well in a restaurant setting. Moved us from "fine dining" to thinking about how we were dining. She began a movement in the '60s that every food professional in the business today benefits from. She has conducted her charitable work from day one, and helped hundreds of thousands throughout the years. I was proud to be a part of her recent fundraiser for DC Central Kitchen where we raised funds to help feed thousands of DC residents each day. We cannot break the chains of poverty, hunger and poor health without leaders like Alice who use their celebrity for good.

@Michael Hear, hear!