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With all the talk about replacing the Belmont Bridge, the Hook takes a closer look at why it might need replacing. A clue: If the Belmont Bridge were a child, and the City of Charlottesville were its parent, social services would definitely be getting involved.

Well over 2,000 people ran, leaped, and climbed obstacles, but a few faced a more menacing obstacle in the first ever Mud Warrior mud race, which organizer Joshua Bare calls a "big success."

Child's pain
Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Durdenne have directed another quiet masterpiece in The Kid with a Bike, an unflinching look at hope, abandonment, and the pain of being human.


Minority schminority
You hear certain politicians warning their constituents that it won't be long before whites are outnumbered in this country. Well, folks, if that warning scares you, you haven't been looking around. You already are the minority! Ron Bailey traces the history of race scaremongering and finds the statistics all depend on what you count as "white."

On the cover:
The surface of the Belmont Bridge as seen shortly before sunset on April 9. Photographed by Hawes Spencer
–inset photos by Lisa Provence and Charlottesville Police