Head rolls: Kiernan out as UVA faculty condemn Sullivan ouster

Just four days after University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan was ousted in what many are calling a coup by a small faction of the University's Board of Visitors and a cadre of Wall Street-oriented alumni, the state's flagship school has been thrown into chaos, and a key figure in what's become a national headline-grabbing fiasco has resigned his position as chair of the Darden School Foundation Board.

After days of backpedaling over an email in which he painted himself as a key architect of firing the president or at least leading the "strategic dynamism" effort, Peter Kiernan, a venture capitalist who had been scheduled to speak that night at a UVA alumni club in New York City, instead focused his attention on letting his resignation get announced Thursday afternoon the 14th of June at a hastily arranged town hall meeting in Charlottesville for Darden faculty and staff.

With the chairs of 34 academic departments demanding answers in a public letter and a Faculty Senate resolution condemning the firing, the Board of Visitors has called an emergency meeting for Monday afternoon. Meanwhile, Sullivan's two most prominent deputies seem to have quickly accepted the Board's "resolute and authoritative" decision to oust the woman who hired them.

"The BoV will take the next steps on Monday to put an interim President in place and will follow with the establishment of a deliberate, principled, and thoughtful search process for our next President," UVA C.O.O. Michael Strine and Provost John Simon write in an email to University faculty posted on the school's home page, urging the professors to "focus constructively forward in preparing the institution for its next stage of leadership and our shared commitment to quality and excellence in teaching, discovery, and patient care."

Not everyone welcomed such a soothing message.

"It sounds like a giant 'shut up and get back to work,'" says one UVA staffer, who requested anonymity.

Focusing on academic work and research might, however, prove difficult in the charged climate created by the unusual and highly secretive Board decision to oust Sullivan less than two years into her presidency, a decision that Hunter R. Rawlings, president of the Association of American Universities and former president of Cornell University blasted as "the most egregious case I have ever seen of mismanagement by a governing board.”

“It’s secretive, it’s misguided," Rawlings told the Washington Post, "and based on the public statements, there’s no clear rationale.”

Roanoke Times editorial, noting that Virginia law requires three-day advance notice for public meetings, has called it illegal. And the ensuing national media frenzy has raised more questions than answers, but a few details have begun to emerge.

People close to the Darden School indicate that there was a cabal involved, but that it's focused more around Darden School Foundation Chair Peter Kiernan than the school itself. Indeed, Kiernan– a resident of posh Greenwich, Connecticut who recently hobnobbed with Hollywood actors– put himself at the center of the firestorm after an email he wrote in the wake of the Sullivan announcement.

The email, addressed to "Fellow Directors," actually went wider than the 40 business titans who control the school. According to a knowledgeable source, it appeared as though Kiernan clumsily employed the "reply all" function with the email list affixed atop Darden School Dean Bob Bruner's regular monthly newsletters. That means Kiernan may have inadvertently shot his email to the desks of such University bigwigs as Michael Strine, John Simon, and, yes, even to Sullivan herself.

The email has Kiernan seeming to claim that Governor Bob McDonnell pre-approved the ouster, something that both a McDonnell spokesperson and Kiernan himself denied when confronted by a Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter. Although nowhere in the email did Kiernan mention his desire to join the Board of Visitors, he claimed to the reporter that that's what he was talking about when he wrote,"As many of you know no major decision of this kind can be made at Virginia without the support and assent of the Governor."

The same email thrice used the term "strategic dynamism" in discussing a quality sought in a future leader, even as Kiernan praises Sullivan as "a decent and thoroughly pleasurable partner" both to Darden and its Foundation. The desire of those who pressed the presidential ouster, he asserted, "stems from their concern that the governance of the University was not sufficiently tuned to the dramatic changes we all face: funding, internet, technology advances, the new economic model."

Anyone concerned with vagueness in that explanation could be assured, Kiernan wrote, that Rector Helen Dragas, a Tidewater area real estate developer, "has things well in hand." Dragas, as previously reported, has demanded that critics wait to see the new president before offering a verdict.

Such assurances have not sufficed for everyone. On Thursday, June 14, the UVA Faculty Senate issued a resolution in support of Sullivan and expressing a "lack of confidence" in the Board of Visitors. John Whitehead, founder of the human rights legal clinic known as the Rutherford Institute, expresses more than a lack of confidence in the Board.

"Nationwide, it makes them look like bumblers," says Whitehead, who has known Sullivan's husband, Constitutional scholar and UVA Law professor Doug Laycock for more than 15 years and has offered legal assistance to Sullivan should she decide to take any action.

"It's not the way you treat human beings," says Whitehead, "if you have any compassion."


Note: The next story on the Sullivan ouster: "Bad form? BOV ignored own president-replacing precedent"

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Good riddance. Now let the criminal investigation begin.

Sharpen that axe for Dragas next.

One word: Hubris.
Good riddance, and hope we don't see you reemerging like a whack-a-mole on the BOV

I hope the dragon lady and self appointed-king are next.

Kiernan's resignation is the best piece of news since Sunday. As I said earlier, the man and his wife have put in good efforts in volunteer work at the University; we can't take that away from them. And I stand corrected that there is a 4th child at the University - Peter Kiernan IV.

Kiernan's resignation is an attempt, however, to throw off those who are on the scent of one of the motivations for the debacle of the secret 'project' (see Kiernan's unfortunate and hubristic email to Darden Directors in which he said and I paraphrase, "I'm so important that 2 important alums asked me to help the Rector fire the President and I can't tell you all anything else because you are not as important and dynamic as I am."

Don't get off the trail folks: check out the on-line education ventures. The guy is heavily invested. We will Become Kiernan's Bitch if we just let him get away so easily.

For a town full of touchy feely loving liberals, there certainly is a lot of name calling and hatred being tossed around.

Let the dominoes fall where they may . . .

Goodbye Lady Drag A$$. You really stepped in it this time.

This is the most one sided piece of journalism I've seen in a long time.
I'm friends with Peter Kiernan's kids and I know he has dedicated much of his time and money to philanthropy and service.

Clearly people are angry with the way things turned out and are looking for a scape goat. It's massively more upsetting that Darden and others involved would lynch their own in an effort to make up for what was clearly a collaborative affair.

"Hobnobbed with Hollywood actors"... at a benefit honoring Mr. Kiernan for all the hard work he's done for the Christopher Reeve foundation.

This is a sad day for UVa

I would think Kiernan now has zero chance of a BoV appointment. I mean, Gov. McDonnell won't step in $hit twice, or will he?

For all practical purposes, Kiernan is finished as a would-be power broker at UVa. He is a disgrace and his name will forever be associated with the sort of obnoxious arrogance that UVa doesn't need and Darden will struggle for years to live down.

And I agree: track this huckster's investments wherever possible and link them back to online education. He's getting loose too easily.

@Dennis Tracz

Question: At this afternoon's Darden faculty townhall called by Dean Bruner where he and John Simon disavowed any knowledge or involvement in the fiasco, did Michael Strine, the U's XVP & COO, attend and also disavow any knowledge or involvement? Despite it being a faculty meeting and under these circumstances where unity is required, your previous comment on the Hook's Cabal article didn't mention him and if absent, I find that very odd coming on the heels of Simon's and Strine's co-authored love letter to the University community earlier today.

hawes June 14th, 2012 | 5:50pm
Sorry, people, but we're turning off the commenting here and moving the discussion over to our latest story on this controversial situation: http://readthehook.com/104241/hell-breaks-loose-uva-faculty-condemn-...

Um,Hawes, you may want to check the above. It reads "Hell Breaks Loose..." as opposed to the title of this article "Heads Roll..."

Hmmm, is this an example of strategic dynamism?

No, BleedOrangeandBlue. I think it's more a case of, um, "Strategery"--a term coined some years ago by another illustrious (Harvard) MBA.

That's really code for: Let's Distance Ourselves As Far As Possible From Kiernan, And Likewise Kiernan From UVA.

How did it end for Lady Macbeth?

"Peter D. Kiernan, a successful businessman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, corporate and government adviser, and (now former) chair of the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, maintains that:

"History reminds us that forward propulsion by the few to the exclusion of all others promotes cynicism with one predictable outcome: Failure."

Rinse and repeat.

Former first lady of Virginia Roxane Gilmore, who is a University alum, has released a letter on the Sullivan firing:

> Dear Fellow University of Virginia Alumni/ae, students and members of the
> faculty,
> I am writing because of concerns I have about the recent events that have
> taken place at the University in the ouster of President Teresa Sullivan.
> The dismissal was handled in a hidden manner and statements that have been
> made by some who were involved raise questions about the actions of the
> Board of Visitors, specifically the Rector and Vice Rector. The Rector
> maintains that because they were dealing with a personnel issue the Board
> does not have to reveal its discussions. A letter from Ms. Dragas to the
> faculty makes this assertion. However, a letter from Peter Kiernan,
> Chairman of the Darden School Foundation reveals that several weeks ago he
> was contacted by "two important Virginia alums" about working with Helen
> Dragas on this project and was then sworn to keep the process secret. I
> believe this raises big questions. If the personnel matters were to be
> kept confidential, who were these "important Virginia alums" and are they
> Board members? Even if they are Board members, Mr. Kiernan is not a Board
> member. If Ms. Dragas' assertion that this is a personnel matter is
> correct, was it appropriate for them to be conducting this process with Mr.
> Kiernan's participation? If Ms. Dragas and two important alums can discuss
> Board matters with a non-Board member, does this eliminate any further
> right to confidentiality? Why was Mr. Kiernan being included in the
> discussions at all? Is he an advisor to the Board on this matter? These
> are all questions that need to be addressed.
> Attached are two letters of interest that everyone should read and a June
> 14 article from the Richmond Times Dispatch. The first is Ms. Dragas'
> letter to the faculty stating the right of the Board to privacy in
> personnel matters. The second is a letter published in the Charlottesville
> Daily Progress where Peter Kiernan reports to the Darden School Foundation
> Board his interaction with important alums . He assures the members of the
> Foundation that Ms. Dragas has everything under control. What does that
> mean? What is she controlling? Are the other 15 members of the Board of
> Visitors involved in these discussions?
> Everyone should know that an emergency closed meeting of the Board of
> Visitors has been called for next Monday. After reading these letters if
> you feel as strongly as I do that the Board of Visitors, a public board,
> should address the many questions that have been raised and open their
> discussions, contact the Governor (who does not have to reappoint Dragas to
> a second term when her term expires on July 1), your legislators, members
> of the Board of Visitors and all alumni/ae that you can and call for an
> open process in evaluating these recent events. Finally, join my new
> facebook page and help me spread the word about our desire for an open
> process. At this point, discussions about the future plans of the
> University should be opened to the public. The University is more than just
> the Darden School, and the Board of Visitors should not be dominated by the
> interests and plans of one section of the University. The faculty, 16,000
> plus students and all of the alumni/ae of the College deserve a voice as
> well.
> The truth is we still don't know what precipitated the ouster of President
> Sullivan. There are as many hypotheses as there are conversations.
> However, it is that very uncertainty that illustrates the real concern
> here. Perhaps there were true problems with Sullivan's strategic plan, or
> her vision for the University's future. But if there were, shouldn't there
> have been some public discussion of that at the last Board meeting?
> Shouldn't the Board have asked for and made public in the record their
> desire for her to rethink her strategy and give a deadline for compliance?
> Those seem to be governance issues, not personnel. The point is, we don't
> know. But while the Board has oversight, they should not have unchecked
> powers, anymore than the President of the University. And in the end the
> full Board should put into the public record their acceptance or not of
> President Sullivan's resignation.
> It may be extremely difficult now to find a sterling candidate to come and
> take the leadership role at the University. As Alumni/ae who treasure our
> years there, we need to do what we can to insure that the Academical
> Village survives. The reputation of open discourse that has been the
> hallmark of the University since its foundation has been weakened, and we
> should step up and help restore it.
> Sincerely,
> Roxane Gatling Gilmore BA '72, MA '76

Big State School's heroes are developers and financial engineers.
F----d over values.

From a Times-Dispatch update on the "Town Hall" meeting today at Darden:

"I think Peter Kiernan is a noble man and he made a mistake," Darden dean Robert Bruner said after he read Kiernan's letter at a town hall meeting attended by about 200 faculty and staff of the business school.

Really, Bob? Only one mistake? Which one? Having his email leaked? Being an arrogant jackass? Acting self-important while obscuring another agenda, financial perhaps? All of the above?

And how shall we treat a man who has undermined the trust, faith and respect that many thousands of University of Virginia alumni hold in their hearts for their alma mater?

Who knows how deep this hole goes? Or how shallow the people who dug it.

Oh, Peter made a mistake. Hmmm... Bernie Madoff made a mistake. Ivan Boesky (and his protege in that big, ugly green building off the downtown mall) made mistakes. The boys at Salomon Brothers made mistakes. And the Darden School Board of Trustees made a mistake when they annointed Kiernan to a position of authority and trust.

Oh, Lady Dragas. may you soon face an equally swift and ignominous fall.

Hell, McDonnell if he had any yarbles would fire the whole damn BoV and start with a clean slate to show the world some old-fashioned Virginia integrity, which seems to have been lost on blow-dried $hitheels from Greenwich, CT.

These people are below contempt.

@HooDatFiringTS? I wasn't present for the town hall meeting so not sure who was there.

Readers are encouraged to pay close attention to the following:

1. The Rector maintains that, because they are dealing with a confidential personnel issue, the BOV does not have to reveal its discussions or delliberations.

2. However: the email from Peter Kiernan, (now former) Chairman of the Darden School Foundation, reveals that several weeks ago he was contacted by "two important Virginia alums" about working with the Rector on this project (to oust Sullivan) and was sworn to secrecy.

3. If personnel matters are to be kept confidential, who were these "important Virginia alums", and why were they privvy to this confidential personnel matter?

4. Even if these "two important Virginia alums" are BOV members, Mr. Kiernan is NOT--repeat, NOT--a BOV member; ergo, he should not be privvy to confidential personnel matters.

5. If these "two important Virginia alums" are NOT BOV members, then that makes the count three--count 'em, three--individuals outside of the BOV who were given access to an otherwise confidential, highly-sensitive personnel matter...a matter involving the forced resignation of the highest-ranking official at the premier public university in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

6. If Ms. Dragas and two important alums can discuss BOV matters with a non-BOV member, does this eliminate any further right to confidentiality?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Start over. There are many who would serve the citizens of Virginia with no vested interest .
Clean house.
The Board of Visitors needs to be trusted.

Tom Faulders, CEO of the Alumni Association at the University of Virginia, went on WINA today, speaking publicly for the first time, about the forced resignation of President Sullivan. http://bit.ly/MKBEkp

What is the name of Ms. Gilmore's Facebook Page? I want to join. Good for her for taking a stand!

For time out of mind, Virginia Govenors have had the power to appoint members of various boards. Naturally these appointments go to persons who give money to the Governors' campaign. In essence, the seats are for sale. Patricia Kluge is an example.

The fact that Helen Dragas made a fortune on the backs of illegal immigrants building houses in Tidewater does not qualify her to lead a great University.

Out of shame, if for no other reason, the entire Board of Visitors should resign, and permit some adults to try and salvage this situation.

Currently, the University of Virginia looks very, very bad to the entire nation.

I typically like the Hook's reporting, but this article and the "Cabal Hall" article are nothing more than pure sensationalist trash. There is no firm evidence of anything, purely speculation based on a few loose connections. Get real and have some respect for your profession.

And to the people who blindly trash Kiernan and all of Darden - learn to use your brain and think objectively for yourself. Did you actually read the email Kiernan sent - it wasn't that bad. And Darden itself had nothing at all to do with any of this. The lack of intelligence on this message board makes me sad.

I don't agree with the way things were handled with Sullivan, but (gasp), maybe she wasn't the right person for the job.

From Kiernan's letter of resignation today:

"The content of my e-mail sent to the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees on Sunday, June 10, was confusing at a critical moment for the University and unfairly associated the Darden School with a situation in which it was not involved. No one from Darden — not the dean, nor the faculty, nor the administration, nor the Foundation Board — was involved. The conversations about President Sullivan’s transition that I referred to in my e-mail were conducted through my own personal relationships and not in any official capacity."

Repeat: "The conversations about President Sullivan's transition that I referred to in my email were conducted through my own personal relationships..."

Those "conversations" were, according to Kiernan's original email, with "two important Virginia alums".

Tell me again what happened with that whole confidentiality-of-personnel-matters-thing?

It would be in the interest of all those who love the University of Virginia, whether they be current or former students, faculty, friends, donors or inhabitants of Charlottesville- for Helen Dragas, Mark Kington and Hunter Craig to do the honorable thing that Peter Kiernan has done and step down ASAP.

This tragedy for a wonderful university, and for the wonderful people who work there and study there has gone on long enough.

Please end this NOW if you have an ethical or compassionate bone in your bodies Helen Dragas, Mark Kington, and Hunter Craig

Donors should form a group and withold funds until their desires are addressed.

For someone who names himself after a loser in a Coen Bros. film, you possess little credibiltiy to begin with -- and you just dropped to zero with your post.

Kiernan got away -- so far -- with less than he deserves.

He has ruined his own chances for an appointment to the BoV and for that, I and many, many other alumni are grateful. Time for the rest of these disgraceful Dardenites -- Dragas, et.al., to get the hell off grounds and go play with their money, or themselves. But just go.

Anyway, Dude, thanks for the laffs.

Kudos to Dean Bruner and the Darden Board of Trustees for showing leadership. There were some very principled discussions that took place.

Perhaps members of the BoV and the Exec. VPs on Main Grounds can take a page from the thoughtful and decisive action taken by Darden to take responsibility. Don't think that Kiernan went so quickly on his own.

Soo much hatred and animosity in your lil academic village. What would TJ say? Shame on all of you. I believe that children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty we posses inside.

You are precious, knitting your Christmas sweaters in June. Your childlike simplicity is undoubtedly an inspiration...to someone.

Why do you suppose people like Kiernan and Dragas are able to live their whole lives exploiting wide-eyed souls for personal profit and fun? Look in the mirror for your answer.


Its just being critical citizens and pushing back on some unethical behavior. These people writing didn't start the brouhaha. Sometimes politics and democracy have conflict in them, especially when corporate types are playing hardball. See some movies like MIchael Clayton, Erin Brockovich, The Firm. That's what we are up against in the "New Global Economy".

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Strategic dimwittism.

Enough is enough. UVa's honorable name has been disgraced. I'm glad Kiernan is gone from his post but the remaining arrogance is still there and still appalling. It is high time to end this with some resignations. I am absolutely livid that our world class university, and the hard working people there, have been spat on by pomposity. Word on the street out of state from donors and UVa fundraisers: ready to pull the veritable rug out from under the BOV if they don't clean up their act asap. I bet those good people who suffered the pangs of hell at the Va. Quarterly Review could tell us now that they saw the writing on the wall; there was a stinking atmosphere at UVa and President Sullivan knew it.

I'm not convinced there was anything noble about Kiernan's resignation. He ran his arrogant mouth. My guess is, like many of the individuals involved in this attempted coup, they were a bit shortsighted about the reaction of the community. They thought this would be a slam dunk. Its likely Kiernan's resignation is a distraction, in an attempt to calm the waters. Not gonna happen dude!

The entire BOV should be asked to resign. I know, I run the risk of having the Governor appoint even more cronies to carry out his agenda. My trust in the University community hopefully won't allow this to happen. If there is one lesson we've learned it is this: there needs to be academic representation on the next BOV so that financial sustainability is only part of the mission at UVA. What make the University so great is character, scholarship and the free exchange of ideas. We owe this to those who come after us. Our responsibility is to move forward in these changing times, while, at the same time, preserving the richness of this institution.

Respectively Tom I disagree with you. The best thing for UVa is not for the Alumni to be silent, but for the 3 individuals that fired President Sullivan to step down, and for the rest of the board to reinstate her. The perpetrators of what is hurting UVa are Helen Dragas, Mark Kington, Hunter Craig and anyone who conspired to have President Sullivan fired. If you are truly concerned about the Alumi or the University you will do whatever you can to bring this about ASAP.
The longer this goes on the worse it will be.

Interview with CEO Tom Faulders of the UVa Alumni Association


I am thoroughly enjoying this show! UVA never disappoints with all the cover ups and secrecy. Keep digging Courteney -- you will uncover much dirt in this latest debacle.

The best idea of the day is to get rid of the BOV and start from scratch!

How does the Big State School recruit new faculty after this debacle?

What distinguished scholar wants to teach at a university where the president was fired by a real estate developer and financial engineer?

The rich and powerful and upset. Some will be fired, quit, or otherwise be out of a job. Do not be concerned about any of them. They will all be better off than the rest of us.

Don't you love it how the yes-men and bad guys always want to move forward and put the unpleasantness behind them? Yes-men hate confrontation. Bad guys don't want to be held accountable.

People who fall for that move forward BS are the reason paradigms are so hard to change.

Don't be a bunch on enablers. It's long past time to rid UVA of its arrogance and delusions of grandeur (AKA "reputation gap").

Show up on the Rotunda steps at 2 PM on Monday. Support Sullivan. Dis the BOV.

I would like to know if the entire BOV is of the same mind as Dragas, Kington and Craig. Their silence makes them seem complicit but I wonder ... Anyone know any of these members ?

Great universities are not the result of business culture. The business-oriented UVa BOV seems clueless about the actual skills a successful university president needs beyond fundraising. Universities are still places of character building for students and of new knowledge discovery and dissemination (cynics can please back off for a minute). Terry Sullivan was working extremely well building trust with UVa students, faculty, alumni and donors, and is highly respected nationally as an experienced university leader. Few in VA or in academic / medical circles nationally know who the UVa BOV are, and few would suppose they have the wisdom and experience to lead an institution whose standing has taken centuries to build. Their over-reaching and unilateral dismissal of Terry S., shows their lack of wisdom and it's now blowing back on them, as it should.

This is utterly embarrassing for UVA- the university is already a shadow of itself because of the brutal cuts in state support it has endured. The best faculty are getting poached left and right by other universities because their salaries are 40-50% below market due to a five year salary freeze. Now it truly beginning to look like any run of the mill, two bit state school in its administration too- derailed from its educational/research mission and exploited by a bunch of good ol' boys for their own purposes.

The BOV must be purged for the health of the institution.

Another citizen - has extreemly good points here - you can't hide behind "confidential personnel issue, the BOV does not have to reveal its discussions or delliberations" when Kiernan is not part of the BOV but managed to reply to all and send out info on these "confidential matters". It isn't confidential any more!

Talk about a black eye - this is beyond - they need to get rid of these ignorant pawns of the Governor.

I understand why our Governor has a stake in UVA or any State University or college but this is over stepping. Guess that his political career is over due to all the insanity he has allowed he decided to cast a black cloud over UVA too? I do not recall any other Governor we have had in the past to have this much pull with UVA. Perhaps we need to take politics out of education too?

Or perhaps that is it will we see Governor McDonnell as the President now?

@The Hook: Seriously? I realize that stirring the pot on a controversial issue like this is about as good as it gets for a bunch of hack reporters who can't do any better with their professional careers, but c'mon. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. At least make a head fake at professional journalism. All this Goldman/Darden/Conspiracy garbage is clouding the bigger issues that could meaningfully affect our community, students, and for some, livelihoods.

And to the rest of you upstanding folks - folks like Paul Max who see it morally fit to involve someone's children in this mess, and Eric Schmitz who is actually shallow enough to bring his OWN son into the fold (in an irrelevant anti Goldman rant that's slightly ironic given that Schmitz-the-younger is an investment banker himself) - GET A LIFE. Or a job, or a degree. Or work on being a better Dad, Eric. Whatever you do, stop b*tch, pissing, and moaning - casting blame on a bunch of MBAs who are probably laughing at you over a nice glass of wine from a comfortable home (probably in Greenwich... with movie stars, right Hook?). If you don't like the way things are, run for office. Heck, join the damn PTA, just do SOMEthing constructive. Or will the big bad MBAs prevent you from doing that too? Oh that's right, Goldman is probably organizing a leveraged buy out on the bake sale as we speak... idiots.

@Nancy Drew - here you go: http://www.virginia.edu/bov/visitorsandstaff.html


I can't imagine a scenario in which this outcome wasn't pre-approved by the Governor. The members of the BOV are to savvy, to well-connected, and have too much to gain or lose from the state of Virginia to collectively wander off the farm and blindside the Governor. He had to have been in the loop.

Um, I meant "...too savvy, too well-connected..." Ooops!

@ Dave Osterz and Observer 01

well said!

The Provost of my little college in England is a playwright, a Wordsworth scholar, and was a ranked tennis player.

Would never have made the cut at such an esteemed place as darden.

"A spokesman for Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R), who was not involved in the decision, said he was told it was unanimous."

So apparently the Rector lied to the Gov. and also involved Kiernan a non-BoV in a personnel process. Confidentiality is out the window. UVa is sustaining material and significant damage to it's reputation and will likely hurt fundraising by her decisions. The Rector's actions might easily be construed as a crime.


@PhilosphyMajor These comments here are from concerned members of the UVa community not the Hook. Your rant seems to be constructed/produced/spilled by a graduate of Regent U or Liberty maybe because it's really dumb. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and this platform is helping many of us deal with a tough time for the UVa community.

Ms. Dragas--What is left when honor is lost? Do the right thing and resign.

I don't believe for a second what McDonnell's spokesperson claims. Of COURSE he's going to say he was out of the loop and he was lied to. What's he going to say, "Well, yeah, he orchestrated the whole thing!"
They're all about lying to achieve their goals.

Jeff Shapiro's column form the Times-Dispatch:


At the very least, it sounds like Ms. Dragas told lies, which is an honor violation.

Both of Peter Kiernan's letters (the "this project" letter and his resignation letter) can now be found together via a little link near the top right of this page.--hawes spencer

What does Hunter Craig know about running a University ?
He was one of the three that fired her along with Dragas and Kington. Anyone have insight into his role in all of this ?
If I were Virginia National Bank I wouldn't want his name on the board. Big mistake not to vote him out at the last meeting.

The other day I questioned the BOV's motives relative to the financial plans for overhauling A&S. It's speculation but here is what Jeff Shapiro of the RTD says: "[...] Officially, it is a resignation, rooted in murky differences between Sullivan and the board of visitors. Unofficially, it is a coup d'etat, possibly forced by a slender majority of trustees with whom Sullivan, popular with students and faculty, clashed over an unpopular task: reconciling U.Va.'s financial needs with its academic integrity — potentially shrinking its undergraduate program to buttress pricey, high-profile ventures such as its teaching hospital [...]" I highly recommend Jeff's article. For the link see Will's post above. And thanks for posting it.

Dragas lied to the Governor, she lied to the Provost Simon, who else did she lie to ? Probably President Sullivan

Now what will the Governor do ?

Sources: At least 3 on Board of Visitors had no idea Sullivan's removal was coming

By: The Washington Post | Daily Progress
Published: June 14, 2012


With all due respect, a careful reading of the Post article reveals that while the three named members of the BoV were let in on the move to unseat Sullivan late, they nevertheless acquiesced in it.

The article is very loose with exact dates of when the three were informed there were sufficient votes on the board to remove President Sullivan, other than it was late last week. Accordingly, it is unreasonable to cite the WaPo article as evidence the Rector lied to the Governor, as the article never says she told McDonnell the decision was unanimous before informing these three, who did ultimately go along with the decision.

Moreover, since the entire article is based on anonymous sources, we don't know if any of it is true.

With all due respect, I'm quite sure the Rector didn't lie to the Governor. The Governor and/or his staff knew exactly what was going on long before the Friday night massacre.

^^ Do tell! Please share your sources for that declaratory statement.

There is an important piece in the Chronicle this morning which adds a missing piece of the puzzle: internal contention between the provost (Simon) and the CFO (Strine) over the new budget model which Sullivan had introduced. This effectively took financial authority away from Strine’s position, where it had been centralized under Leonard Sandridge, and gave it to the academic side – the provost’s domain. In the ensuing competition between Simon and Strine, Strine resorted to the BOV.

If this is right, it is no accident that the memo yesterday, signed by Strine and Simon, urging faculty and staff to “shut up and get back to work” (the actual phrase was “The Board of Visitors' action is resolute and authoritative.”) came from Strine's email account, not Simon's.

From the Chronicle:

“The source of the tension between the two men ‘is as complicated
as the story between Terry and the board,’ one of the administrators
said. Before Mr. Simon and Mr. Strine were hired, major resourceallocation
decisions were centralized in the person of Leonard W.
Sandridge, a Virginia veteran of four decades, who earned "Wizard
of Oz" status as executive vice president and chief operating officer,
the source said. Transitioning to a model where the provost
theoretically has far greater discretion over resource allocation has
not been easy, and both men Ms. Sullivan hired are advocating for
more power in those discussions, the sources said.
Both sources also cited conversations with other administrators who
reported that Mr. Strine took his complaints about the Sullivan
administration directly to members of the Board of Visitors. Neither
source, however, had direct knowledge of the conversations or the
details of the concerns Mr. Strine may have expressed.”

It is past time for the rector to resign. She should do so Sunday, June 17 during the BoV's closed-door meeting in the Rotunda. That will mark a week to the day of her announcement regarding Sullivan's forced removal.

Dragas is plainly dishonest, unscrupulous and -- in violating state and university laws regarding meetings -- she is also incompetent and can be charged with state crimes.

This is what happens when you hold a lighted firecracker close to your face, Helen.


You are getting precisely what you deserve: a lot of uncomfortable attention on your damn-fool decisionmaking. I pray all of it comes to light and you are finally exposed.

Take the consequences, step down and go back to Virginia Beach where you have plenty of money to console yourself, even if the illegal labor that built your business does not enjoy similar creature comforts.

Dragas. Kiernan. Such bright, shining stars in the pantheon of honor at the Darden School of Bidness.

Oh my goodness I'm being laughed at by angry Hoos. I am the reason your university is exploiting people how enlightening. Look in the mirror for your answer my goodness. You sound like a state employee. I would be angry if I were you too. So with that I digress.

@Observer not exact, but we do know the timing of when she told the Governor, which was Wednesday, and we do know the others are saying late last week. Wednesday is not late last week, but you're right the exact timing will soon be known.
I'm depending on the press to get that information.

If the Chronicle of Higher Education essay reveals an additional dimension, then Strine will have a lot to answer. Faculty from the 90s remember that the then provost raided the office of the then A & S dean for documents, because A & S was making an argument that while A & S brought in greater revenue greater shares had been distributed to other units of the university. This is one of the reasons A & S faculty has a bigger outcry!

Please take a moment to sign this petition:


and join this facebook group:


We are calling on the board to give detailed reasons for this decision to force President Sullivan to resign. We are 1,000+ members at this point and have already caught the attention of the Post and local media outlets. Today we are holding "Operation Email" geared at flooding the inboxes of state delegates with requests for the resignation of Dragas and details as to why President Sullivan was forced to resign.

Please join us!

Just speculating BUT......perhaps the Governor has made Dragas the scape goat. Perhaps she did not exactly tell him the BOV decision was unanimous. Perhaps he is contradicting her to make her look like a liar while he comes out clean claiming he knew nothing and was just an innocent bystander. Making her (a Democrat) the scape goat would be just his way of playing politics. I wouldn't trust his game for nothin' in the world. I'm not coming to her defense and also think she needs to resign for the sake of equanimity in this disaster.....just saying that current Richmond politics is a nasty business and I do not believe for one second that he did not know exactly what was going on.

@Suzy McCarthy - your like to http://www.change.org/petitions/rector-and-the-boa...doesn't work...change.org says it can't find the link....

@ Observer: I think you are absolutely correct.

Sorry Suzy, I so can't type...not your like but your link


Finally! Today's Chronicle of Higher Ed nailed it. Insubordination by Strine should call for him to be grouped into the dishonorable collective needing to resign with Dragas and Kington. The winds of discontent are exposing the root cause of UVa's global embarrassment brought on by a newcomer's ego. May our beloved UVa be purged of such cowardly leadership!

@AS : can you give us the link to the article in Chronicle of Higher Learning? I tried opening but it won't let me access the article.

Suzie the link you posted isn't working and I would like to sign. Thanks for all your efforts. This is the time for all who love UVa and believe in freedom and due process to stand up and be counted !


It's beginning to look as if Mr. Strine, hired by Sullivan, has managed to stick a knife into his sponsor. Rumor has it that he did so hoping he will be named interim (and then permanent) president. A capable administrator but a difficult and untrustworthy man--or so former colleagues say.

Drama Queens

Peter Kiernan is only one of many. It's eye-opening to scan the lists of board members throughout the university -- from the BoV to the Jeff Scholars Foundation, the College Foundation, UVIMCO, etc and see how often the same names turn up again and again. See how often the words "Darden" "Greenwich" "Darien" turn up in the bios. I'm not suggesting conspiracy -- these are the big donors to the university (see how often the same names turn up on the list of those who haven given $ 1million or more to Darden)-- and we all know we need the big donors, especially when we're trying to fund an ambitious level of endowment. Also, it's natural that donors want a stake in the institution they're supporting.
But, so many people from the same background serving on so many boards, often simultaneously? It can easily lead to a culture that gets insular, a little too cozy and clubby. And, perhaps, a little too carried away with its own sense of power. Something the university ought to take a hard look at.

Leonard Sandridge has been completely supportive of Sullivan in his public comments during this mess. Leonard, you may need to come back. Fire Strine, hire Leonard, if Strine was truly working at cross purposes to Sullivan. The statement he and Simon sent out certainly didn't sound like Simon, anyone know for sure who wrote that ?


The petition's working link.

Clearly, CLEARLY... Mr. Kiernan's daughters are hot. FOCUS PEOPLE, FOCUS!

I''m glad folks are so outraged but the news is : this isn't news.Some folks here posit a UVa dreamland- it isn't.The cronyism,inside dirty dealing, the power cabrals have been a part of UVa's admin culture for the last 40 years.The best thing to come out of this : that this is such a blatant case, we may have the best impetus for reform in 40 years -even with a rep gov and a rep statehouse.

When a book is written about this, and you know it will be (Michael Lewis, where are you?) it should be titles 'Becoming Darden's Bitch".

I've corrected the broken petition link in the comment above.--Courteney Stuart

As someone who lived through some of UVa's back-room-dealing, stab-in-the-back treatment over 20 years ago (and a non-UVa grad and woman, to boot) I am thoroughly enjoying this flap. There is no honor at the highest offices and never has been - perhaps including the Governor's mansion this time. When you think you are all that and a bag of chips, you feel you can do whatever you want. Honor, indeed.

This is a HUGE mess to be sure but I love how people are dismissive of the very culture and history that got UVa to prominence in the first place. Sullivan was dealt a dirty deal to be sure but she didn't get UVa to it's current rankings. This is a big black eye but I will wager that applications for admission will not drop. Big donors are pissed that UVa's name is being dragged threw the mud, what they will do about this remains to be seen. Their power is not to be underestimate. Peter Kiernan is not gone because of what he said or did- he's gone for the sin of being indiscreet. The 1% is not forgiving of someone who airs the dirty laundry in public.

I would however bet big money that Dragas doesn't get reappointed- whether this is news to her is the real question. There are moments when this whole thing looks like Dragas knew she had a limited time horizon. Perhaps this was the last thing she wanted to get done before she headed out the door. I truly don't know.

"This too shall come to pass"

Typical UVA/DARDEN alums....work for daddy's company after graduation = Dragas

Yer all drama queens

@The Point: Point taken.

I believe that the investigation into "scientific misconduct" that Sullivan was the target of at the University of Texas is the key to this firing. And Sullivan's response to the firing will give us more information. If she was fired for lack of fundraising - she will sue. If she was fired because it was found she engaged in scientific misconduct, she won't sue.

Perhaps this is simply a case of very bad due diligence when she was hired. A university president will not get fired for fundraising problems in the first two years.

Search on "scientific misconduct sullivan" and see what pops up. It's also interesting to see who her co-author is on the book in question.

There is no scientific misconduct. Poor research methodology, yes, but that's about it. Stop trying to go all Breitbart on the situation.

Can someone cut and paste the Chronicle article since I don't have a subscription.

@ Selfmade: Darden alums are the worst, right? I mean all of them. Such bad people. They must have a class called "how to be bad" over at that school. That's it. Oh and if someone lives in Greenwich - GOD FORBID - that would make them like really-really-bad, wouldn't it? Golly. What if they went to Darden, lived in Greenwich, AND gave millions of dollars to UVA? Straight to hell. I mean at that point they would not only be shameful Darden grads but they would also be successful AND generous. Gross. That would make you feel pretty badly about yourself for just being an average little guy with a "self made" title on the Hook forum... you poor little thing. Little self made Hook man, feeling like he's not quite as special as those important guys in Greenwich... bless your heart.

@Dawg...yes, all the other dark conspiracy theories are far more proven. The most obvious answer is the most obvious answer.

Poor vetting at the time of hire, and the strong probability of the scientific misconduct charge getting more publicity with Elizabeth Warren's senate run. The finger pointing would be very bad for uva. BOV confronted the question, likely reviewed Sullivan's pre-hire disclosures. If she omitted disclosing the investigation that she was the subject of at UT that may have been enough to say it's time to part ways.

How can an unprincipled Board of Visitors conduct a principled search for a new president? Of what value is a principled search, given that it can be so easily undermined by an unprincipled Board? Mrs. Dragas misrepresented the solidarity of the board to Gevernor McDonnell. The board has acted both dishonestly and dishonorably. ( Governor McDonnell's upcoming appointments and reappointments will speak volumes about his involvement in this fiasco.)


The first rat leaving the sinking ship.

@Rick - If you are interested in the facts listen to this . CEO of the Alumni Assoc., and friend of the board members, Tom Faulders says here there is no truth in what you are saying .


The UVa College Foundation Trustees is where the money is. Take a gander:

Locke W. Ogens
Retired CFA, Morgan Stanley

Vice President
Peter D. Brundage
Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Kathy Thornton-Bias
General Manager
Retail Division
Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Mallory Walker
Chairman, Walker and Dunlop
Former Director, Fannie Mae

John B.Morse, Jr.
Partner, Price Waterhouse
Former Senior VP Finance and CFO, Washington Post

Peter D. Kiernan III
Chairman, UVa Darden School of Business and Darden School Foundation
Former Director, Goldman Sachs

John G. Macfarlane, III
COO, Tudor Investment Corp.
Former Treasurer and Managing Director, Salomon Brothers

Virginia was among the worst performers in the country in a recently released study of government transparency and accountability that measured the risk for corruption. The Center for Public Integrity. Virginia ranked 47th out of 50 states and was among eight that received a failing grade.

CVille must be top of the list of the backwater towns as the most corrupt. Between UVa and Cville, which are really one entity, the stench is the foulest.

Why is anyone surprised by these shenanigans? I am pleasantly surprised, impressed and encouraged by UVa's faculty. The entire Administration must be fired, especially those hacks in the Dean of Students Office.

the most humourous theme keeps arising; the unproven allegations of research mis-conduct in her 20 year old co-authored book with local (boston) madcap Warren had something to do with this.Nope,it don't. Allegations without a full peer peer scholarly review means nothing.Whatever this case is about ,its about BOV(ine) arrogance, politics, & very different visions of the U.

So, the sixteen appointed business and community “leaders” who make-up UVa’s Board of Visitors, none of whom are involved in the day-to-day operation of the university, allowed the lynching of the President of an institution that is more prestigious and more important than the entire BOV, combined, without even bothering to gather in the same room to debate the issue? It sounds like the BOV needs to schedule a retreat for a refresher course on boardsmanship and stewardship. Every member of the BOV should step down in shame. UVa, its faculty, its alumni, and its students, present and future, deserve better. Regardless of whether Sullivan should stay or go, the BOV’s lack of professionalism in carrying out the process has embarrassed the institution and sullied its reputation.

The following says it all

"Those in possession of absolute power can not only prophesy and make their prophecies come true, but they can also lie and make their lies come true."

- Eric Hoffer

To those whom classify the BOV as totally Republican/McDonald appointees:
Helen Dragas-appointed by Kaine Dem.
Kington-appointed by McDonald Rep
Board total makeup- 8 Dem
9 Rep

Dragas Is not a McDonald appointee. How could this be a conspiracy with the current governor who is a Republican? Many comments are based on assumptions which are patently incorrect. This is one theory that is sadly mistaken.

When the dust has settled, it will probably be shown that those commentators who have linked this incident to the financial concept of "living wages for employees" will be closest to the mark. The connection to the Darden School of Business is inescapable. Even though the administration as such may be innocent of involvement in this debacle, the concepts and teachings of "business" are highly involved. Witness the fact that two of the three BOV members involved are "developers" in Virginia, a "right-to-work" state (read non-union). Anyone in the Charlottesville area who actually has looked for a job lately should have noticed that the prevailing wages run at or below the $10/hr mark. If the University were to raise it's wages much above that, local employers would be compelled to follow suit, thus reducing profits for the business owners. I'm sure that this possibility causes great discomfort for the plantation-model Dardenites here and across the Commonwealth. It should be noted that, based on a 2080 hour work year (8 hours x 5 days x 52 weeks), $10/hr equals $20,800/yr. $15/hr is only $31,200/yr; while most of the principal players in this conspiracy probably are millionaires.

@Nancy Drew. That interview said nothing of the sort regarding the scientific misconduct charge. He doesn't even address beyond referring vaguely to "malfeasance." He wouldn't even say the words "scientific misconduct" yet he discusses many other theories. Further, he states he knows nothing beyond what the average person knows. Specifically, the interviewee, Mr. Faulders, states:

1. He wasn't in on the decision
2. He has no special insight to what went on
3. He heads up the AA, reporting to the alumni board
4. He has the same knowledge that everyone else has
5. He stated "to the extent that I know." That means he knows as much as you and I know
6. He stated some alumni responses
7. He says he doesn't believe the Ken Cuccinelli conspiracy
8. He doesn't believe the Darden conspiracy
9. He doesn't believe the GS conspiracy
10. He doesn't believe there is a political cause between D & R.
11. He doesn't believe there is malfeasance
12. He discusses financial concerns facing all universities
13. His guess is that uva wants to hit the fundraising pedal harder
14. He reiterates he is only speaking for himself.

He wraps up by saying that all the discussion on this matter is harmful and that everyone needs to calm down and move forward and to leave this whole speculation alone because it only hurts uva to keep discussing it.

Seems like he didn't say much at all.

I suspect that this gets much more press and scrutiny in October in the days leading up to the Brown vs. Warren senate race in MA. And, at that time uva will be able to say "whew...glad that problem has already been addressed."

From London, Gov. McDonnell calls on UVa leaders to "promptly engage" community and "explain what the future of Virginia holds.”

Looks like more heat is on Dragas & BOV now-

Whether the governor orchestrated this or not by now any descent manager would use " strategic dynamism " to stop the national embarrassment that this has become. He has an out - Dragas lied to him according to the Governor's spokesperson.

I'm not a fan of the Governor McDonnell, but I honestly don't think he was in on the coup. And, the longer he allows it to continue the more damage it will do to his reputation .

Huh? When did the Rutherford Institute become Amnesty International? I always thought it was a conservative-funded legal outfit hiding behind the First Amendment in its continued efforts to back Republican causes. Remember their support for Paula Jones?

@AngryOldMan...you clearly know nothing of the Rutherford Institute and what causes it has championed. The only case you can name is Paula Jones from 20 years ago.

In response to those who point out that "honor" as a concept has suffered at UVa due to this little flap, note as an example that most businesses in the area do not accept checks at the end of the school year. It is an honor violation for Students to lie to, cheat at, or steal from a member of the "University Community"; everybody else, Watch Out!

perhaps Strine is in bed with Dragas and the BOV.....his comments below are a bit concerning - especially if he threw Sullivan under the bus. He strikes me as full of s*%t and not at all trustworthy.

"A New Leader for the University" http://www.virginia.edu/presidentsreport/financialreport/strine.html
Q. You've only had a short time to become familiar with the University. What have you been doing to get up to speed? Who have you been meeting with and have you had a chance to get to know your way around the Grounds and the Medical Center?

Strine: I have visited U.Va. throughout my life as it has grown and changed. Much is familiar and there is always something new to learn. Building strong relationships based on trust and transparency is critically important to the important work ahead of us.

Q. What are your impressions of the University so far?

Strine: I am continually impressed by the strategic focus and quality of the dialogue of the Rector and Board of Visitors on the core issues facing excellent public institutions of higher education, the strong and deep relationship that President Sullivan has quickly established in every corner of the University and greater Charlottesville community, and the quality, thoughtfulness, and warmth of my colleagues as I transition and we begin working together. But ultimately the distinct values of honor, service, and self-governance that exude from every member of the faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni make the strongest impression of this great University. That distinctiveness is priceless.

This article is total tabloid trash. All of your sources are unconfirmed and your speculations are way off. It's going to be embarrassing for you when more comes out and you realize that your lynching of Kiernan was way off. You jumped the gun on this without using any intellect to delve deeper into the matters and realize this whole resignation was just the tip of a deep iceberg. Dragas and the others who wanted Sullivan out had their reasons and weren't as tight lipped as everyone is making them out to be. There has been buzz about this for a few months now. Things are still unfolding in a major way and this is far from over.

For an award winning journalist, I'm disappointed in you. I've enjoyed reading your work since I moved to Cville in 2003 but I'm so put off by the tone and nature of this article. Sounds like something out of the national enquirer.

What shock and outrage, that a school started by Thomas Jefferson, the man who owned slaves, would be caught in a controversy regarding hypocrisy, what an outrage!

No matter how the firing took place it is done. Details of why she was fired is no one's business cut and dry. You can whine, scream, take a vote, call your mommies, or cry on the nightly news show and yet an explanation is still not owed to anyone. It makes no difference if someone lies to you as to why she was fired either. It is a business decision and not decided by public votes or public opinion.

I do think that is should have been handled more professionally. (and that doesn't matter either)

Get over yourselves already.

No, seriously. Way hot.


I think I get the point

" It is a business decision and not decided by public votes or public opinion."

Except that a nonprofit public university is not a business. I suppose you meant to post to a story about the University of Phoenix?

Michael Strine is apparently in the pocket too. As someone who received the email
that basically said, 'get over it and go back to work, you are powerless to change anything'
I am already over him and any promise he held. Seems he did us all the favor of showing
just how little his promise is. Bye Mr. Strine.....you overestimated your importance
and underestimated your subjects.

Mr. Strine forgot he is the new kid on the block. He has played his cards all wrong which this community won't forget. In the spirit of Lloyd Bentsen there are some around here who can say: Mr. Executive VP, I served with Leonard Sandridge, I know Leonard Sandridge, Leonard Sandridge is a friend of mine. You are no Leonard Sandridge.

Shorter jeezlouise: My masters are in charge and may not be questioned. Cower, poors!

To all Virginia college and university presidents (perhaps especially women): keep your friends close and your CFOs even closer.
Dr. Hample learned this the hard way in 2010 after serving only 2 of her 5 contracted years at UMW.

I don't see that this will end in any occupy Wall Streeters getting appointed to BOV . I can see Dragas not being reappointed and Katie Couric will the new sweeter face of BOV to calm down the place. Leonard Sandridge perhaps coming back for a short while for more calming, maybe even interim president.

No, no, no-better, not worse! I hope you are wrong, Sam.

I've known Heywood Fralin for more than 15 years. He is politically more conservative than I am, and he generally supports Republican candidates (his son was a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates). Despite our political differences, I consider him a man of unimpeachable character and integrity.

It is telling, in the extreme, that he was kept in the dark and presented with what Ms. Dragas and Mr. Kington hoped would be a fait accompli.

We may not know the motives of those behind this coup and that leads to speculation, some seemingly reasonable to me, some not so much. The single fact that Fralin, a former Rector himself, was ambushed by Dragas, et al. is indicative of a flawed and irregular process and the need for a thorough and open investigation.

Let the chips fall where they may.



Isn't one of the board members a McGuire Woods lawyer ?
I wonder what he thinks of the process ?

Nancy Drew: Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. is who you are thinking of. Not sure if he is still on the BOV, but has been.


"Except that a nonprofit public university is not a business. I suppose you meant to post to a story about the University of Phoenix?"

And the employment laws of this State are in effect for that position. Now if they would do away with tenure they could have a big ole firing party.

No cause needed for dismissal.

"Shorter jeezlouise: My masters are in charge and may not be questioned. Cower, poors!"

Question all you wish but none of us are owed any explanation. FACT.
If you do not like that answer maybe you and the other people that the world centers around can change the laws.

Have a nice weekend.

it would be tragic to learn that Mr Strine is tangled up in all of this. Someone suggested he has a past. Please disclose.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" ~Edmund Burke

Next week will be an interesting time in Charlottesville. Will honor and transparency prevail?

Thus far, the Governor, several Gen Assembly members, a few former BOV members, Sandridge, Howell (Medical Center), Bruner (Darden Dean), Burton (Econ), Dekosky (Med School), Geis (Spanish), O'Neill, the Chairs of the College and Architecture, the Faculty Senate, the Gen. Faculty Council, the Provost General Council--and even Simon initially--have all publicly expressed their support for Sullivan's tenure and their surprise and disappointment with last Sunday's bumbling coup d'etat. Not one member of the BOV has enough honor or sense to resign. And like Dragos, the recently arrived Strine and Simon have now declared they are in charge. Any other long-time members of the UVA community still hiding in the bushes? You know who you are, but what in the world are you waiting for? Still looking for your anemometers or a little courage?

We're turning off the comments here and moving the discussion over to our more recent story, the one where former president Bob O'Neil talks candidly about how he and the BOV arranged for him to leave the helm of UVA in a much more constructive manner: http://readthehook.com/104249/bad-form-bov-ignored-president-replaci...