Kluge Fired? Not quite says husband

Following the expiration of a one-year transition contract, the once vastly affluent socialite Patricia Kluge will no longer be employed full-time at the vineyard that once bore her name. She will however still have a hand in the winemaking.

A New York Post article published this morning under the headline “Trump: Kluge, You’re Fired,” made it seem like “the Donald” himself had axed Kluge. Kluge’s husband (and current GM at Trump Winery), Bill Moses, begs to differ.

“We both had one-year contracts,” said Moses. “The headlines are all punning on that show.” Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice often features its host shouting the phrase “you’re fired!” at would-be Trump Tower acolytes.

“The contract expired, and she didn’t want to renew it,” Moses said. “She’s got a lot of other projects she’s working on.” Moses indicated that the break was amicable.

Trump’s son Eric is in charge of the Trump Winery business, which upped production from around 30,000 cases of wine per year under Kluge to 125,000 under the Trumps. Right before the transition began a last-ditch fire sale in the spring of 2011 saw the award-winning Kluge wine going for about six dollars a bottle.

Kluge Vineyard was purchased in June of last year by real estate magnate Donald Trump for $6.2 million as it mired in bankruptcy. The business associated with the vineyard was estimated to be worth $75 million in 2008, however in the economic downturn that followed the venture soon found itself in default as it failed to renegotiate two hefty loans from the Farm Credit Bank of Virginia.

“It was always known that Patricia was going to step down,” said the younger Trump. He added that Kluge will continue to serve as a consultant to the winemaking operation. Kluge's compensation for her one-year contract was $125,000.

Whereas most people might want to put such a financial black eye out of sight and mind, Kluge stayed on when the Trumps bought the foundering vineyard from the Farm Credit Bank. She works on the development and marketing of new wines.

Moses pointed to his wife’s knack for crafting successful wines as a reason why the Trumps are retaining Kluge’s services despite the end of the full-time contract.

“The Trump organization does not have a history in winemaking,” he said. “The wines are a product of Patricia meeting with winemakers. She does the blending; they are an expression of her taste.”


Now this little fellow is getting downright silly. "She did not want to renew it" is laughable.
"The Trump family does not have a history of winemaking" is another gem. PK and BM have a history of making nothing.

As the old '60s song chimed: "Just go away, little girl."

R.I.P.: Larry "Bud" Melman

Agreed, Liberalace. Patricia Kluge does not have a job now. She also is drowning in debt up to her eyeballs.

The Hook reports: “The contract expired, and she didn’t want to renew it,” Bill Moses said. “She’s got a lot of other projects she’s working on.” Moses indicated that the break was amicable.

Why would Patricia not want to renew this contract? She was being paid $125K to work at the vineyard she started in the first place. Clearly, the parting WAS NOT AMICABLE.

Bill and Patricia are master spinsters!

I used to handle the Kluges charge account at Krogers many moons ago. She was always pleasant to deal with and showed me, a little clerk, appreciation. I have since attended Harvard and learned that money cannot buy you class or good Karma, a lesson for the Donald one would think

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@C'Ville Native, I beg to differ. Patricia Kluge was an exotic dancer many moons ago. That must count for something on her resume, right?!?!

Compare with Mrs. McYoga.

Deleted by moderator? I just requested you not report on this woman. She isn't newsworthy and no one cares, IMO and many others.

There was nothing in my posting "Language stronger than "darn," insults, ethnically or racially disparaging language, and comparisons to Hitler" or "unverified and/or potentially libelous allegations, and even off-topic digression". Wow! Believe the UVA BOV has rubbed off on the moderator(s).