Lower price prompts seven-figure sale in Ednam



Jerry D. & Carol A. Rowzie to Angel Dreamers LLC, 725 Denali Way, Unit 303, $66,000

Mark III LLC to Harvey E. Simpson & Lutrice J. Cooper, 8842 Chestnut Grove Road, $119,900

Sycamore Creek LLC to Robert C. Pianta & Ann Mcandrew, 21 Acres, TM 87-16F1, Tract 5B, South Fork Farms, $385,000

Patrick T. & Kathleen M. Long to Michael P. Klekamp, 1790 Shelbourn Lane, $550,000

Dan O. Bauer, Trustee of the Dan O. Bauer Trust to Stuart L. Spingarn, 260 Forestvue Drive, $665,000

Foxhaven Farm LLC to University of Virginia Foundation,  224 Foxhaven Farm, 275 Foxhaven Farm, 286 Foxhaven Farm, $1,575,000


Shiflett Farm LLC to NVR, Inc., 515 Jonna Street, $100,000

William R. Barwick, III to Laurence E. & Karen A. Moulis, 2.43 Acres, TM 21-34B, $106,400

Howard Byrd to Giuseppe & Vita P. & Glorya Angela Baglio, 490 Willwood Drive, $255,000

NVR, Inc. to James P. & Katherine F. Tolle, 4559 Briarwood Drive, $344,150

Donald D. & Myra Lee Sandridge to Henning W. Leidecker, Jr., 7533 Gordonsville Road, $402,500


CMH Homes, Inc. to Kenneth J, Thomas, 8175 Chestnut Grove Road, $93,000

Gaffney/MM LLC to Wendy W. Reynolds, 7035 Hampstead Drive, $260,000

Redus VA Housing LLC to James & Hawa S. K. St. Hill, 1130 Arden Drive,$290,000

BAC Home Loans Servicing to Robert D. & Barbara L. Brogan, 1820 Westerham Street, $508,000


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Acara Properties LLC, 767 Denali Way, Unit 107, $87,900

Matthew T. & Sydney B. Taylor to Federal National Mortgage Association, 7972 Chestnut Grove Road, $153,312

 Paula T. & Marshall D. Ruffin, Jr. to Leah Fried Sedwick, 300 Wellington Drive, $1,200,000


Harry Andrew Powell to Jeffrey D. Owenby, 3.38 Acres TM 144-64A1, $25,000

Verlin G. Funkhouser to Samuel M. Hale, 1301 Clinton Lane, $123,000

J. Richard Trimble to Penny S. Craun, 4195 Blue Flint Lane, $190,000

Lori Pleasants to Christopher T. & Rebecca Felten, 118 Georgetown Green, $200,000

Daniel D. Graff, successor Trustee of the Vaughne A. Graff Revocable Trust to Vanessa & Michael Elswick, 101 Shawnee Court, $269,000

Brian L Gill & Ashley J Gill, Successor Trustees of the Ann Gardner Gill Revocable Trust Agreement to John Marcus Delafayette Gulley & Kelly Ann Fredgren, 2930 Tall Tree Court, $288,000

Patricia S. & Edward L. Moore, Sr. to R. Joan Ferguson Fadden, Trustee, R. Joan Ferguson Fadden Trust, 5587 Stonegate Lane, $305,000

Ricky Eric & Janet Elaine Vrhovac to Peter M. & Jaimee R. Traub, 1110 Snowden Drive, $340,000

Barbara A. Mcgrath, Trustee, Barbara A. Mcgrath Revocable Trust to Luke C. Kohan &  Dawn M. Hrelic, 1704 Old Forge Road, $351,000

Jane E. Johansen to Ross L. & Lorraine Sargent, 1344 Dunlora Drive, $387,000

Sandy S. & Edward Toms, Jr. to National Transfer Services LLC, 2547 Montgomery Ridge Road, $560,000


William C. & Betsy R. Foster to John G. Meem, 163 Hessian Hills Way, Unit 1, $102,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Julie L. Prentiss, 284 Albert Court, $115,000

Ethel E. Biggart to Berthold F. & Donna L. Halter, 140 Green Turtle Lane, Unit 3, $125,000

Oscar & Alicia Belozerco to Mark Anthony & Grace Marie Benolirao, 4742 Amber Ridge Court, $222,000



The Ednam sale was probably also helped out by it being purchase by UVA Foundation should be noted.

uh...no. the UVA sale was FoxHaven Farm. T