The week in review

Closest call for the owner of a prominent downtown location: John Dewberry, who bought the Landmark Hotel shell at a bankruptcy auction in June, walks away from a plane that hydroplaned during landing and crashed September 18 in Macon, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports.

Most fatal crashes: Four occur on Virginia roads on September 22. Closest to home, Edward L. "Spunky" Taylor, III, 27, of Scottsville, runs off Route 635 in Greene County at 9:52am and is thrown from the motorcycle he's driving, which had been reported stolen in Augusta County the previous week, according to a release.

Most sexual abuse charges: Charlie W. Baird, Jr., 63, of Scottsville, is indicted on nine counts of rape, one count of indecent liberties with a minor, one count of crimes against nature, one count of aggravated sexual battery, and two counts of object penetration. The charges followed an investigation into allegations of two women who claimed sexual molestation over several decades.

Worst assault: A 17-year-old UVA student reports she was forced into a bathroom at a party in the 1200 block of Wertland Street around 1:45am September 23 and raped by a black male who has not been identified, according to a release.

Biggest embezzler: Former Greene animal control officer James M. Shifflett pleads guilty September 18 to stealing more than $19,000 from the evidence room of the Greene Sheriff's Office between April 2008 and December 2011, the DP reports.

Least competent: Rashad Riddick, 25, who is charged with murdering three family members in Madison in early 2011 and who punched out his lawyer in court this summer, is declared incompetent to stand trial, according to the Star-Exponent.

Sweetest plea bargain: Feda Kidd Morton, the woman who ran for Congress in 2010 and who was arrested in March for making a false statement on a voter registration form, works a deal with special prosecutor Ron Morris so that despite the Class 5 felony charge, she'll be allowed to vote in this election as long as she doesn't campaign for any candidate. And if she completes her one-year probation and 150 hours of community service, she'll be convicted of a Class 1 misdemeanor, which doesn't jeopardize voting rights. Samantha Koon has the story in the Progress.

Latest legal problem for Philip Cobbs: The man found not guilty of growing two pot plants by a jury July 18 is arrested September 23 for assault of a family member, according to Albemarle police. Cobbs' marijuana case was taken on by civil liberties org. Rutherford Institute, which contended a low-flying helicopter and warrantless SWAT-like invasion of his property was a Fourth Amendment breach. Cobbs is out on a $2,500 bond and goes to court October 1.

Worst loss of a body part by a former UVA quarterback: Houston Texan QB Matt Schaub loses his helmet and part of his ear after an illegal hit from Denver Broncos' linebacker Joe Mays September 23, according to the AP. Schaub comes back to lead the Texans to a 31-25 win.

Best resolution: UVA Student Council condemns the addition of "not gay" into the "Good Old Song," which sometimes occurs at football games. The Cav Daily has the story.

Best get: WINA's Coy Barefoot interviews President Obama September 21, and airs the exchange on his Charlottesville Right Now show September 24.

Best sign the NCAA is out-of-control: UVA men's soccer team co-captain Ari Dimas is ineligible to play the 2012 season because his first year, he played on a UVA club soccer team, and the NCAA retroactively made that against the rules, the Cav Daily reports. Dimas walked on the team his second year, and is a grad student in commerce. The popular former player will remain with the team as a volunteer coach.

Best party school: UVA takes the number 1 spot in Playboy's list of Top 10 party schools.


"bought the Landmark Hotel shell at a bankruptcy auction in June, walks away from a plane that hydroplaned during landing " This reminded me of the plane crash involving developers of another big local project in which the occupants weren't so lucky - glad this time was different.

#1 Playboy party school - wonder what strings the BOV had to pull to get this ranking ?

and the winning categories were :
sex, sports and nightlife.

UVa - 16th for sporting life, third for nightlife, and second for sex life.

UVA is the #1 party school?? I just don't see it.