The photo: Spacek-Obama meeting 'wonderfully serendipitous'

It was a photo that shot around the blogosphere as a classic Charlottesville moment: the president of the United States greets a town's favorite Oscar winner. And it wasn't even planned.

Albemarle County resident Sissy Spacek attended the August 29 Barack Obama campaign rally at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion and sat down afterward in a booth to grab a bite with friends, according to a server at Positively 4th Street restaurant.

Server Riley Dulin explains that the actress, like the other diners, probably had no idea the president would make an unannounced visit to his local campaign office, located next door.

Seeing Spacek, who had dined there previously, raised few eyebrows, says Dulin. What did raise eyebrows, she says, was when the Secret Service arrived to body-scan "pretty much everyone in here."

Shortly after 5pm the president's limo stopped on the Downtown Mall, and the restaurant patrons, including Spacek, took note.

"She just went out there because everyone else in the restaurant went out there," says Dulin, who later learned that the president, having recognized the other famous face in the crowd, called Spacek by name.

"It was a wonderfully serendipitous moment," Spacek says through her publicist.

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At least Ms. Spacek has a resume which supports her Oscar and profession.

Obama's a pretty good actor too until his teleprompter messes up the script.

Oh, Romney-trollers, lighten up. It's a fun little story.

Did all the Obama groupies get a tingle up their legs like Mathews?

It's Ron Paul-troller actually. He doesn't use teleprompters like those other two buffoons

That's a relief, I was assuming Alex Jones trollers. Ron Paul trollers are by comparison at the top of the troll pyramid and have at lest a tenuous grasp on reality.

Alex Jones is the reason why you've even heard of Ron Paul in the first place.

Actually the idiots that voted him into office in the first place are the reason I've heard of Ron Paul.

May we examine Spacek's tax returns to examine how many loopholes she enjoys to reduce her tax, reduce the amount of money she pays to keep this country helping the downtrodden?

If you polled that crowd on the mall, I bet two-thirds would not have a clue about the role of government in this country per the founders' design.

R.I.P.: Woodrow Wilson

Having the honor to have met Mrs Spacek a couple times in the Nelson area. My first time not realizing who she even was as she drilled me about how unsafe she felt my crotch rocket was over at the RT 250 fruit stand Nelson side on the Mountain.

After she drove off my friend said he was sure I just got a come to Jesus meeting from Sissy Spacek , we laughed as that point she did kinda look like her until two people standing at the stand said it was Sissy .

I am still kicking Sissy :) Now when I see you I dont pass you anymore so you dont stop and fuss at me :)

b-17 I didn't realize you've known about Ron Paul since '76. That makes 36 years of Alex-Jones free idiocy. I wasn't even born yet. You must be really old.

Somebody, clearly there is a lot you don't realize.

Likewise, apricot pit.

Liberalace- if you polled the majority of those in the crowd they would not know why they were there

If it was so serendipitous how come the picture was taken by a White House photographer? That doesn't exactly say spur of the moment as much as it says "staged photo op". Doesn't Sissy carry a cell phone that let's the NSA know where she is at all times, and what she and her associates are saying at all times, like most willing slaves in this country?

Comments quite instructive of the entities that submit them. Middle aged, of a certain educational level

Pssst... If you think you have higher education (degree or something) but it is US undergraduate not Masters or Post or Doctoral, if the same qualification is from a 2 year program or like - yeah. Unfortunately, you too are overfed and under-educated.

Your profile:
Hard working. Good work ethic. By virtue of the way you live your life, you've achieved a modicum of 'success' Now here comes this black person leading you (for once, just this once, tell yourself the truth. Ask why your perception of him is what it is [keep in mind what he ought to be doing - look at the points articulated below for what he has achieved. Would go someway to explain the random rejection of someone that;

1. Brought the kids, the real wealth of the Nation back from Iraq
2. Has saved the American image overseas and hasn't started any wars.
3. Salvaged the Car industry
4. Rescued American hostages overseas

Ask yourself. Why is it that the organisation of incredible repute populated by thinking people actually tolerate him [Like NASA, Joint Chiefs of staff ...]?

Connect the dots. With a little peace of mind perhaps your spirits shall reveal your prejudice. Be well {...and no. One cannot drive from UK to the States. The UK is what you lot know England as. It comprises - ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, IRELAND and WALES.} Sigh....

He didn't call the invasion of Libya a war so it wasn't, it was a bombs of love campaign. He didn't get congressional approval he acted unilaterally, committing high treason in the process. It was more of a massacre than a war but it was still a war, he still started it. Tens of thousands of black Libyans have been ethnically cleansed, but I'm racist because I don't like the black man who ordered it. It's hard to tell what your point is, your education seems to have failed you in the area of sentence and paragraph structure.

2. Has saved the American image overseas and hasn't started any wars.
Have you noticed our embassy's burning in 13 countries and rising? Our ambassador being raped and murdered?
3. Salvaged the Car industry
Saved the unions who put the car industry in jeopardy in the first place. Now the unions own it…compliments of the rest of us.
4. NASA? He has converted it from an agency pioneering space on the cutting edge of a Muslim out reach program. He has all but destroyed NASA. Don't believe me? Go to the space coast in Fla and talk to the 10,000 people who used to work there.
While you at it, go talk to the tens of thousands who used to work in the coal industry. That is if you can afford it after paying your power bill...
What is your opinion about the Obama regime apologizing for our right to free expression to countries that are burning our flags? They murder our diplomats, burn our embassy’s, burn our flag and chant death to America, and we apologize and write them another check?
That does not seem to be a very effective foreign policy. Maybe Obama and his gang are too young to remember the Carter years..

WhoNelly, I wouldn't exactly call a piece of CIA/Mossad propaganda designed and edited to enrage Muslims "freedom of expression". And the attacks on the Embassy in Libya were coordinated before the video even was released on youtube. The media is trying to distract you from the fact that the flag and embassy burning Muslim brotherhood are mad because the CIA/Mossad made them mad on purpose, despite loving them so much that they gave billions in military aid to them in Syria and Libya. They don't want the public to look at the obvious fact that the Muslim brotherhood that kills Americans overseas is the same Muslim Brotherhood that's getting billions of dollars in military aid along with plenty of propaganda to encitethem to use the rpg's, etc against nations that are outside of their centralized control grid. Oh, and Obama taking the American flag and butchering it into an Obama flag which is on his website is worse than burning it in my opinion.

I agree, the video was obviously not the root of the problem. The Obama gang started their spin to simply use a scapegoat rather than own up to their own failures. This is after all election year..

What if I was eating there, I keep a Steyr C40-A1 on me at all times, would they make me leave and ruin my food when they body swept everyone?