Remember six things: New DMB album makes rock history

Back in February, L.A. Weekly ranked the Dave Matthews Band #1 on a list of the "20 Worst Bands of All Time," saying "Dave Matthews croons like Kermit with a hangover, for a presumed intended audience of trustafarians and frat bros bonding via hacky sack and horseshoes."


This week, however, the DMB made the top of a different kind of list, one where they stand all alone in rock history.

For those of us who have followed the adventures a group of local musicians for the last 20 years, each milestone has been a source of pride and wonder. How do they keep doing it? Today, their longevity is perhaps even more of a story than their music. However, it is about the music, and recently the Dave Matthew's Band's new album Away From the World debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. That's the sixth studio album in a row from the DMB to debut #1, a streak that goes back to Before These Crowded Streets in 1998. 

You know how many other artists have had six consecutive studio albums debut at #1? Zero.

Not the Beatles, not Elvis Presley, not anyone. DMB had been in a five-way tie for the record until this week with Metallica, Madonna, Eminem, and U2.


"You know how many other artists have had six consecutive #1 debut studio albums?"

That's an awful sentence. I would venture to guess NO ONE has released six debut albums since it's impossible.

Sentence should have read..

"You know how many other artists have had six consecutive studio albums debut at #1?"

Thanks, Ummmm. Much better.

You could have just fixed it and played it off like the typo was never there. That would have really made Ummm mad!

Dave is a good man and remembers from whence he came. He also now owns a major portion of Albemarle County. And he gives back to the community. Appreciation of music is subjective. Although I do indeed have a coupla faves.

I think LA weekly nailed it. Although all the above comments maybe true. Rich white college kids are a huge demagraphic and they love spending daddy's money on itunes n such.

They're even considered a 'demographic' in some circles. This band has done great things for the community and have put out some really good albums. Complain all you want about them but they have shared their success with our city. Music Resource Center? Thank DMB. Skatepark? Thank DMB.

What have you done?

West coast media support west coasties first, and can be snooty towards stuff from the other coast.

Dave lives in Seattle.

smelly socks, the number 2 worst band is the Eagles, so I don't think it's west coast snobbery.

Let's agree that the DMB is a starter band for kids and adults whose musical appreciation never reached full maturity. That's not completely a knock on The Dave and there's no doubt that he's a great, humble guy. A number of their songs are great, but the vast majority are mediocre at best.

However, having never released a #1 album, let alone 6 in a row, my commentary should be viewed with a grain of salt.

Regardless, appreciation of their success need not mean appreciation of their music. The two, while related, can be viewed exclusively.

There seems to be a special hatred for the music of the Eagles. Don't know why.

Me neither they're one of the best rock bands ever

Maybe ticket prices.

That's awesome. Glad I got a chance to see them while they were local. The music is not my cup of tea but they're great talented and enthusiastic musicians.

I will--in the spirit of our world class city that is so enamored with all things Francais--attempt a recall of my French lessons: "Un question de gout." Now, realize of course, that the French also eat steer's noses, and you will understand many's affinity for DMB's music. And yes, they have done some good here; and never let you forget it.

So how long is this town going to try to ride the coattails of this band? It's like a one-trick musical pony in this town. Even Athens spawned the B-52s in addition to its biggest band.

As for the Eagles, the disdain for them runs rampant. Sure, you might sell 10 million copies of Hotel California (or more?), but that leaves well over 300 million people to hate you. There is no doubt that each is a superb musician. But it's the synergy that sucks.

LAWeekly was spot on. Capshaw marketed perfectly: college kids do indeed take dad's and mom's money and dispose of it. Just go to the overpriced Harris Teeter and watch them buying staple goods at 50 percent higher than Food Lion.

BTW, what is the price of a DMB ticket these days? How much for the CD? Just curious. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to empty my camper's septic on a bunch of unsuspecting tourists.

R.I.P.: Brian Cowsill

Yeah, but Athens spawned Widespread Panic too, which should cancel out both REM and the B-52's.

LA Weekly = useless rag ... pretentiousness in print ... the untalented and noncomprehending trying to seem cool and sophisticated ... West Coast wanking it ....

ummmm: u a dmb-ass

Many failures are jealous of success

He's only successful because he's so damn lucky