Barefoot's big scoop: WINA host snags POTUS interview

As host of the WINA drive-time radio talk show Charlottesville Right Now, Coy Barefoot's talked to his share of high power guests from Virginia governors to corporate captains, but it'll be hard to top this afternoon's "guest": United States President Barack Obama.

"I put in the request for an interview months ago," says Barefoot, who notes that a continued campaign by his Charlottesville Radio Group colleagues to win the interview succeeded when he was contacted by the Obama re-election committee a couple of weeks ago.

On Friday afternoon, Barefoot, who first interviewed Obama prior to his 2008 victory and attended his August 29 rally at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion, took a call from the Oval Office, and he says the brief interview– "they gave me five minutes, but I took more,"– focused on "clarification" rather than specific topics like the use of drones on American soil or the New York Times "kill list."

Barefoot says he put to the president questions about statements he's made and statements made by Romney about him.

"In the midst of a campaign, that's my job," Barefoot notes, "to help people who vote understand their options."

One thing he didn't have to ask the president: how he feels about this city.

"The moment he was on the phone, he said how much he and Michelle love Charlottesville," says Barefoot, who describes Obama as "very cordial, laid back, and substantive."

The recorded interview is scheduled to air on AM1070 at 5:10pm Monday, September 24 and will be rebroadcast Tuesday morning.

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This seems pretty radical for WINA, whose politics are generally way to the right of Genghis Kahn.

It is going to be a powder puff interview guaranteed. The Obama administration only schedules interviews on local radio stations if they know that he is not going to get grilled. Although, I hold out hope that Coy will press him on the false claim that Romney is going to increase taxes on the middle class.

Cream puff time. Who cares? In my opinion, there is no more boring radio personality in Charlottesville than Coy Barefoot.

I'd rather hear Rob Schilling interview President Obama. At least Rob would challenge him rather than fawn over him.

At least Genghis led the charge

Maybe we can now find out what Coy Barefoot's real name is cause it sure ain't Coy Barefoot...Best of luck with the interview whatever your name is son. PLEASE ASK BARACK WHY WE STILL HAVE TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN!

WLNA listener...there is absolutely nothing wrong with using whatever connections you were born with in the world to do your job better....also, Mac has moved to Miami and is no longer on the radio here.

Rob Schilling is a fundamentalist Christian. Not listening to anything he has to say.....not worth my time...

Even Genghis listened to fundamentalist Christians. And now he's famous!

@Peter, Romney will not raise taxes on the 1% and very wealthy, where else will he make cuts? To what many middle class rely on - real estate tax credits, tuition tax credits etc.

And he believes in "legitimate rape" and that airplanes need windows you can open!

@? Why are we still in Afghanistan? We have a date to pull out which is not something you can do overnight with all the troops, equipment and other there. Only people who have no clue about the military would ask that. We are out of Iraq.

GM is alive and Bin Ladin is dead - that is all I got to say to those of you above and your comments...

Bin Laden's been dead since 2001. Everyone who can spell his name right knows this by now.

@ c'ville native...are you serious? Dont believe everything you see on msnbc....

The "Michelle and I love Charlottesville" line is great. He wouldn't know this town more than he would know, say, Honolulu. On that line alone Barefoot should have asked him some follow up questions

As for Barefoot seeking to inform the public, please understand that anyone who has not decided by now for whom they are voting should be forbidden from voting. Coy is only informing the 1%ers...those in the bottom one percent of intelligence.

@Cville Native, GM is running on fumes, and "Bin Laden is dead" is classic Obama. Research his history in the Illinois State Senate and look at the many bills for which he did no work, yet his name appeared on them. The other sens hated him for this. Same modus operandi as today: blame others for the problems but take credit for work done mostly by others.
And do you really think raising taxes on rich people will generate much revenue? Even if the wealthy did not adapt their financial behavior in response to tax hikes (which they would certainly do), revenue generated by hiking the "1%ers" taxes would be a drop in the bucket. It is a smokescreen.
You need to be careful using that "alive and dead" quote. Joe Biden might sue you for plagiarism.

R.I.P.: Uncle Eddie Savitz

I don't watch msnbc Whoa Nelly, obviously you watch Faux News.

Liberalace, GM is operating and perhaps it is best they do operate on fumes at this time and be conservative? Fact is they are operating, they paid the Government back.

Somebody - your a troll and and idiot. Your comment regarding George just shows that. Typo - apologies there but Bin Laden was killed by orders from the POTUS by Seal Team 6, where were you? Had that been Clinton, Bush I or Bush II, it would have been send in the Air Force and bomb. As it unfolded, the evidence gathered has aided the world in the combat of Terrorism. There also was little "collateral damage" as the mission concluded.

What would you call 10,000 tea party trolls on the bottom of the ocean? A great start!

How long until the insult will be deleted? Side issue. Too bad the Seal Team that killed Bin Laden's stunt double all piled onto the same helicopter (that broke standard procedure in having that many on board) with a bomb on it and then got blown up. They might have come forward with the information that it was all staged. Oh well. Jesse Ventura feels the same way I do, for what that's worth.

"Bin Laden was killed by orders from the POTUS by Seal Team 6"

There's no evidence of this except for the word of known and proven liars in DC. Why do Americans keep believing in the words of known and proven liars like 7-year olds and abused spouses do?

Obviously none of you heard the interview because you are too busy spewing your Tea Party "conspiracy theories", good luck with that. BTW - I have some swamp land in Florida, interested?