Cville Oriental: Asian supermarket opens on U.S. 29

For about 15 years, the Charlottesville Oriental Food Market, a little place located on Carlton Road next to the Cville Market, offered an assortment of Asian foods, produce, and specialty items. Then they moved to a bigger space in the Seminole Square Shopping Center, offering even more Asian stuff, including an expanded meat and fish department. Well, about a month ago the now re-named Cville Oriental moved into the old Brown's Auto dealership space at 1195 Seminole Trail, right next to the Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet, making that stretch of the highway ground zero for all things Asian.

We counted six long aisles of groceries, a seafood and meat deli, a large frozen food section and a large bank of refrigerated items. So, if you're looking for seaweed, tamari sauce, egg roll wrappers, live crabs, pho noodles, five-pound bags of rice, spices, or kitchenware, this new huge Asian marketplace may be the place to go.


This is great news! The store on Carlton has been a great source for Asian food ingredients for many years. This expanded version sounds even better.

And the old oriental market space in Seminole Square is now occupied by The End Game Center which is a nice upgraded space for them, too, compared to their old space on Rio. I just visited them last night and it is a great place to go and enjoy any number of games.

Loved this place when it was in Seminole Square and looking forward to the new space

It is good to see diversity grow in Charlottesville!

Their dried papaya has Red # 40 in it.

Tear down the building. There's artificial color in something.

Tear down the building? What do you have against artificial colors? I was just trying to promote their business by telling people how lustrously orange their dried papaya is. Get down there and try some!

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