Should there be any prerequisite for joining the Board of Visitors?

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The first prerequisite should be, That all members of the Board of Visitors be required to abide by and be subjected to the University's Honor Code. Anything less is an invitation to mediocrity ....

Maybe they should have some distinguishing characteristics other than being rich...

If Dragas wants the UVA ranking compared to Stanford, Yale, Berkeley, UCLA, then she needs to compare apples to apples.

Stanford has 7 schools with 35 board of TRUSTEE members - 5 year terms. UVA has 11 schools with 17 BoV member with voting privileges and 1 non-voting student - 4 year terms. No BoV representing the faculty.

Further, Stanford has an approval process far superior to the Virginia, Governor appointed BoV. Stanford has some rationale behind their BoT nominations and votes. No wonder UVA is so far behind the times. No wonder unqualified individuals are on the BoV.

The BoV must be equal to that of these other top institutions or please quit trying to make comparisons. Dragas is so far out of her league. This is so embarrassing to the UVA. Dragas has no credibility left to run such a prestigious institution. None.

Complete failure by the Governor; compounded by lack of BoV governance.

Prerequisites for the governing board of visitors would be a good start. I would start with the General Assembly removing the process from the Governor's office. Nominate upstanding UVA community members and have the UVA community vote.