The week in review

Worst fire: Eleven-year-old boy Dustyn R. Fitzgerald dies in his second-floor bedroom in an 8am Sunday blaze September 30 in Dooms, according to a release. His parents and five-year-old brother escaped, and investigators believe the fire is accidental.

Worst brawl: Four men are arrested early September 28 for public drunkenness after police receive a call about a "physical disorder" in the 3400 block of Seminole Trail. Nicolas Morris, 27, allegedly charges a Taser-wielding officer, allegedly slams his own head into the officer's car, leaving a dent, and allegedly is subdued only after getting wrestled to the ground by two officers and Tased twice. Morris also is charged with assault of a police officer and destruction of property. 

Worst staph infection: NBC29 reporter Henry Graff is hospitalized September 22 with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus– a.k.a. MRSA, a flesh-eating bacteria. After surgery and antibiotics, Graff is on the mend.

Worst motorcycle crash: A woman is thrown from the back of a bike around 9pm September 29 on Milton Road in Shadwell, NBC29 reports. Seriously injured, she's airlifted to UVA Medical Center. The driver is not hurt, and police are still investigating.

Worst combination of thuggery and theft: A Good Samaritan stops in the 800 block of First Street to help a man lying in the road early September 28, and three other men appear and mug him. NBC29 has the story.

Lamest armed robbery: A video game is stolen early October 2 after a pre-release party for Resident Evil 6 at Game Stop on Seminole Trail. The victim was getting into his car when two black males approached, and one said he had a gun. The hoodie-wearing suspects, described as 6 feet tall and between 160 and 180 pounds, were last seen fleeing south on foot. 

Grimmest statistic: Since 1979, 73 women, children, and men have been murdered as the result of domestic violence in the areas served by 33-year-old Shelter for Help in Emergency, which includes Charlottesville, Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Louisa, and Nelson counties, Aaron Richardson reports in the Progress.

Highest profile school teacher: Monticello High chemistry teacher Michael Farabaugh heads to California for Jeopardy's Teacher Tournament, NBC29 reports. The episode airs in November.

Best sound test: Three city councilors and city staff head to Black Market Moto Saloon September 26 to check its noise levels after the city shut it down this summer for having live music without a permit. Owner Matteus Frankovich plays the Beatles, Jay-Z, and Ministry, and the noise levels are well under the legal limits, Graham Moomaw reports in the Progress.

Worst test results: City Council overturns its Planning Commission recommendation and denies Frankovich's special-use, live-music permit 4-1 October 2.

Most mail fraud counts: A federal grand jury indicts Graham Hutson Messer, 32, on 13 counts for purporting to sell insurance and pocketing the premiums from half-way house Piedmont House and two freight haulers– Lanneau Hauling in Sandston and C.A. Booker Hauling in Palmyra. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each charge.

Most unusual dinner companion: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with whom local peace activist David Swanson supped last week in New York when Ahmadinejad appeared at the UN.

Most dramatic layoffs: The Theater at Lime Kiln in Lexington lays off its entire staff September 28 and begs donors not to ask for contributions back from the Help Stoke the Kiln fund, the News Leader reports.

Best chance to see Dave Matthews Band: At JPJ Arena December 14 and 15. Tickets go on sale October 26.

Sweetest home Alabama: UVA spokeswoman and assistant VP Carol Wood announces her impending departure for Birmingham to be closer to her grandchildren. Former DP managing editor McGregor McCance will be interim UVA spokesperson.

Newest historic sites: Former railroad stop Crozet has been named a historic district for its fruit and orchard industry and its early 20th century buildings. And tiny Gothic-revival style St. James Church on Garth Road joins the Virginia Landmarks Register.

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