What do you think of Donald Trump buying Albemarle House?

The story.


David Sanford with that good old southern hospitality...

The Old Martha Jefferson Hospital Complex on Locust Ave sold for the same price (6.5 million) also. I think the buyers of the hospital Complex will get more value out of their 6.5.

Donald is a deep thinker, a cultural force with an exquisite grasp of the subtle hues and tones that form the fabric of the vibrant cloak of...

Wait a minute. Donald Trump? I thought it said Donald Duck.

True fact: Donald Trump in Albemarle is a sign of the Apocalypse.

Mr. Trump will bring more value and money to this county than all of his detractors combined in their lifetimes. Detractors make us look like small-town, narrow-minded schlumps.

Flossie, Trump brings value to his own miserable skin and cares nothing for the wellbeing of those around him. He's a poster child for the narcissistic, corrupt culture that is 21st century America.

Being happy about Trump being in Cville is like being happy about catching the clap.

Instantly bringing down the other wineries' quirky caché. Not funny. A ruining event, one gauche character replacing the previous.

Sure glad somebody had the money to buy it!!! Much better than seeing all the empty store fronts in Cville, while other sites are building. When is enough...enough. One new store puts two established businesses under...

Soon he'll buy Monticello and place a Hollywood-style sign on the SW Mountains that spells out his name... just like on his helicopter and everything else he owns.

how many people are happy to have jobs at T. winery ? his pilot, his bankers, his butcher, his builder, his winemakers, the field workers, his cleaning staff, the county tax collector, ? good for him, good for them. not bothering me a bit - so why complain ?

Y'all hushup now. Trump, as wealthy robber barons generally do, brings wealth and a vision of better things for the community:


Well, I for one have been predicting that Patty's vanity crib would eventually sell for $5-8M after exhausting all the other attempts to recoup costs. So I feel smug...

Actually, I hope Mr. Trump will help build up Scottsville. You know, change the name of Victory Hall to Trump's Horseshoe Bend Theater. Actually, it boils down to one bad tonsorial example replacing another.

R.I.P.: Frank Reynolds

Trump brings nothing but hot air to the already over-filled balloon that is Charlottesville. A great town that is quickly becoming far too full of itself. The idea that a wealthy guy buying a big house might somehow lend us some validity, is nuts. You want respect, Donald? Get a haircut.

Well, can the Donald table dance? Can he star in a soft-porn movie? Can he give a few dollars to UVa? If so he can join the BOV as its next member. Then we can continue the trashing of UVa with maybe naming the Rotunda the "Trump Rotunda" and the Lawn the "Donald Lawn". Lots of opportunities.

I wish he'd buy my property! Nobody else in this bogus-rich,snotty, self-centered, no-job, pseudo-educated, thieving, corrupt, plantation mentality area seems to have the interest or the bucks! Or else they're waiting for it to hit the auction block so they can buy it for 10% of assessed value...

There is plenty of wealth around here, Trump is just a loud wealthy person.

I have the queasy feeling that the only real wealth around town resides in the four-billion dollar UVa endowment, which is why Dragas and Co. are after it like starved jackals after a meat-wagon.

The serial-bankrupt Trumpster is not an exception, he should fit right in, except he may have better manners than the BOV has demonstrated to date.

Just think of what more good deeds he could do if he gets Romneys tax cut! Holy Smokes!!

This bankruptcy is supposed to be how redistribution of wealth should occur. Kluge screwed up and turned 100 million dollars into about 300k cash.... along the way people were able to buy al kinds of things at a fraction of thier original cost.....

If Sissy or Dave or howie or John had bought this people would be celebrating in the street...

If The Donald wishes to abode and abide amongst the beautiful peoples of Albemarle, he may first have to have that orangutan surgically removed from his forehead. He could take a cue from the haircut of his new neighbor, Dave Matthews.

I have an idea! Dragas surrenders the reigns to Donald Trump as rector of the BOV. I'm sure he knows as much about higher ed as she does, and she can save her reputation. After all, he toyed with the idea of becoming a candidate for President of the USA. And maybe, just maybe, Trump can buy UVA for 4 billion and make it a profitable business venture, recruiting the talented alumni of the Darden School to teach online classes in oenology, wedding event planning, and the art of creating jobs for illegal immigrant grape pickers.

'Soon he'll buy Monticello and place a Hollywood-style sign on the...'
We can only dream.

What is the old saying?

Don't hate the playa hate the game.

the idea that you think Kluge was a liberal is a sign of the times