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All that's Glitter's
Few songs get a crowd hyped faster than "Rock and Roll Part 2," often called "The 'Hey' Song," but the crimes committed by the song's co-author have at least one UVA fan suggesting the school should ditch the tune at sporting events to avoid paying a pedophile.

Country charm
A slight hike out winding Route 20, this modest country charmer sitting on two gardenable acres on Secretary's Road in southern Albemarle is a green dream– at a price that's down to earth.

Gere'd up
Richard Gere is at the top of his acting game in the new film Arbitrage, a thriller that Roger Ebert marvels captures the audience and makes a guilty man a compelling protagonist.

Gut feeling
Maybe you use hand sanitizer, and you most definitely take regular showers, but as essayist Janis Jaquith discovered, there's no ridding yourself of billions of bugs that inhabit your body– and you won't believe what they do.

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Gary Glitter images by flickr/sinksanctity (the Scott Stadium crowd), by flickr/terren in Virginia (cheerleaders), by flickr/super-structure (the Scott Stadium architecture).