Bargain on Bargamin?

Foothills Crossing, Inc. to Craig Enterprises, Inc., 5340, 5358 Raven Stone Road, $300,000
Deborah Rachael Bishop to Tommy J. Hatmaker, Jr., 705 Acorn Lane, $320,000
Gwendolyn B. & Russell L. Bowles, Jr. to Diana Dofflemeyer, 2519 Brandermill Place, $321,700
Jong-Jin Shin to Robert J. & Kathleen R. Davis, 175 Pleasant Ridge Road, $325,000
Aleksander E. Kupcis to Martin David Or Catherine Ann Hudtloff, 208 Pleasant Ridge Court, $440,000
Elizabeth Anne Wachtmeister to Lindsay C. & John R. Snoddy, IV, 46 James River Road, $500,000
Roger R. Katcham to Gregory L. & Deborah D. Hogue, 6258 Bargamin Branch Road, $515,000
Craig Enterprises, Inc. to Ben B. Ross, 5339 Raven Stone Road, $603,172
George F. Robinson to Timothy M. Sigmon, 3400 Watts Passage, $652,100
Michael D. & Sarah H. Erickson to Soren M. & Christina S. R. Burkhart, 3150 Rocks Farm Court, $905,000
John Wood & Nancy Jane Bolton to Timbercreek Family Farm LLC, 2375 Garth Road, $1,550,000
Media General Operations, Inc. to World Media Enterprises, Inc., 685 Rio Road W., $3,718,700
Evening Properties LC to Neighborhood Investments TC LLC, 113 Turtle Creek Road, Unit 11, $107,500
Proffit Station LLC to Timothy B. & Amy L. Alther, 5.06 acres, TM 46-37L, Lot 13, Proffit Ridge, $176,000
Richard E. & Tracy Brown McGlothlin to Joyce Moon Yancey, 1429 Birchwood Drive, $200,000
Bruce C. & Kimberly L. Cook to Candra Gerrick,  3321 Turnberry Circle, $231,500
William L. & Glenda M. Howard to Simon J. & Catherine L. Stapleton, 1411 Sachem Place, Unit 2. $235,000
Charles E. Keith, Trustee  to Ian T. & Sarah T. Davidson, 1405 Auburn Drive, $244,000
David S. & Ellen L. Stackpoke to Luke W. & Melissa K. Hunt, 1657 Shady Grove Court, $249,000
Shaele N. Wood to Elizabeth M. Gaughan, 2142 Saranac Court, $285,000
NVR, Inc. to John M. & Marla Read Capper, 1539 Wickham Pond Drive, $351,994
Pal N. & Leslie B. Farrington to Scott L. Schnee & Carissa B. Meyer, 838 Swan Ridge Road, $352,000
Meadow Creek Ridge LLC to Charlottesville Waldorf School, Inc., 722 Rio Road E, $405,000
Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to Patrick D. & Sarah R. Bradshaw, 819 Belvedere Boulevard, $436,178
Betty Knight & James B. Ward to Paul R. & Michele Campolieto, 5039 Ward Lane, $450,000
Rexita M. Chamer to Kathryn Hickson, 1010 Holmes Avenue, $195,000
Paul Hahn & Amy Ballenger to Gerald Soriano & Guinevere Higgins, 1109 Elliott Avenue, $172,500
John Clark to Seth A. Kelley, 810 Anderson Street, $165,000
Powder Cat LLC to Edward Gorcenski & C Bryant-Ryback, 319 5th Street SW, $290,000
Peter M. Pollack & Amy M. West to Edward P. & Noel P. Hannon, 2304 Crestmont Avenue, $266,250
William M. Speidel, Trustee, JPC Land Trust to City of Charlottesville, 1.787 acres, Parcels 190032000, 190032100 & 190033000,  Jefferson Park Circle, $30,000 (3 entries)
Van der Linde Housing, Inc. to 2101 Jefferson Park Avenue, LLC, 2101 Jefferson Park Avenue, $1,200,000
Belvedere Station Land Trust to SHR9 LLC, 1092 Farrow Drive, $150,000
Evan C. & Erin Pike to Anish R. Damodaran & Rosalind Krupavathy, 1336 Wimbledon Way, $229,000
Sophia L. Yu to John A. Thacker & Connie W. Le, 70 Lynnwood Lane, $410,000
Ryan Thomas & Dawn-Dianne Scruggs to Shaele Wood & Jonathan C. Culbreath, 1275 Redfields Road, $425,000
Michel & Ana Maria Kahaleh, Trustees to  Lindsley Matthews Royster, 1651 Gatewick Place, $535,000
Brian J. Banks to Robert F. Carter, Jr., ETAL, 926 King Street, $202,000
Grayson Gillespie to Peter J. & Clare W. Waite, 509 13TH Street NE, $169,900
Mark S. Hahn & Amy Kolbrener to Tucker J. & Lori D. Rollins, 809 Moore Avenue, $345,000
Stella B. Creaney to Dennis P. O’Leary, Trustee, Francis M. O'Leary & Mary Jane O'Leary Irrevocable Family Trust, 1243 Cedars Court B-8, $72,000
Walter Hauser, Trustee under Walter Hauser Declaration of Trust & Walter Hauser Trustee under Rosemary Hauser Family Trust to Eben S. & Janet Y. Morrow, 213 E Jefferson Street 7\8, $718,160
John & Emily Morrison to Paige B. Hackler, 412 Altamont Street, $362,000

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They've cropped that photo of the Bain house in Crozet to minimize its new surroundings and it looks wonderful. Sadly, developers have turned its once-majestic acreage into tract house hell. Its like a signed first-edition squeezed into a shelf full of comic books. Sad.

Great analogy. Everytime I drive by that house, I cringe, trying to imagine its former glory.