What's the worst natural disaster?

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The Tsunami that hit Japan wasn't necessarily a natural disaster. Tectonic weapons do exist, Nicola Tesla developed them and used them, he almost cracked the Earth in two with them, luckily he turned his doodad off in time.

The Utica Shale fraud.

The meteor that killed off the dinosaurs

"Somebody" might as well just post under his real name or at least stick with the same pseudo-name. He's clearly the same tin-foil hat boy who's enlightened us on so many other subjects. How about that controlled demolition of the twin towers?

Lindsay Lohan

Tesla did indeed produce many incredible inventions/discoveries during his lifetime. It is almost entirely due to Thomas Edison that most people have never heard of his genius (Angel Eyes) as Edison spent a small fortune trying (and apparently succeeding) to discredit Tesla. Tesla actually demonstrated the wireless transmission of electrical energy (electrodynamic induction) at the end of the 19th century. Tesla also invented an electro-mechanical oscillator that reportedly "shook his lab to pieces" which he claimed could be used to "split the earth in two " He also claimed to have invented directed energy weapons at the beginning of the 20th century; a claim somewhat vindicated by the FBI's seizure of his estate upon his death in 1943.

Yea, well, Alternating current was the end of Edison.

It does not get the respect it should because talk of it during a worldwide economic slowdown is like a dead fish in the room but my vote goes to global warming.

I heard recently that his lab is up for sale and will most likely be demolished.

Tesla indeed invented many things, some being very cool lab experiments that would have been rather unlikely to be be scale-able to "splitting the Earth" levels. Thinking so involves the sort of naivete such as saying California could abruptly fall into the Ocean based on hearing that the area west of the San Andreas Fault is moving north into the Ocean. It is, but at a rate of a few feet per century. Giving credit where it is due, Tesla essentially invented the poly-phase system for generating and transmitting electric power that is the backbone of all modern power grids. And he invented the poly-phase induction motor, in universal use.
Back to natural disasters though, I nominate Charlottesville City Council .

Barack Hussien Obama

It may be more of a "un-natural disaster", but I nominate Donald Trump's comb over.

What metrics are we to use to determine the severity of the natural disaster and during what time periods are we to consider the disaster. Considering it occurred in the 21st century and based upon the death toll the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami gets my vote. Of course, considering that the potential effects of global warming/climate change have yet to be fully realized this could ultimately be the "big one" in terms of greatest disaster; however, it can't be considered natural as anthropogenic activities are certainly hastening the effects.