UVA BOV-watchers should learn about Kochs

You did an outstanding job on the September 27 issue in your article entitled “Big Pie: Two key Sullivan foes make Forbes billionaire list” for calling out the Koch Bros. and of course, the very informative articles “Prospective presidents” and “McDonnell’s BOV.” I found both articles to be outstanding reporting. I would also like to thank Peter Gunter for his wonderful essay “UVA June: Dragas just a tool in right-wing ‘reform.’“

I recently saw an outstanding documentary on the Current TV cable station entitled Koch Brothers Exposed that I found excellent, but very chilling. Every American needs to see this 2012 film which was directed by Robert Greenwald, who received many awards for his documentary titled Walmart: High Cost/Low Price in 2006. He also directed an earlier documentary called Iraq for Sale: War Profiteering, made in 2004. It would sure benefit all Americans to be able to view all these films, especially the one about the Koch brothers, especially at this time. These films run periodically on the Current TV cable station.

Thanks to you and the Staff at the Hook for honest journalism.

Barbara Kraft

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