The week in review

Coldest case: Joseph Harris, 22, is on trial for the 2005 murder of Anthony Lorenzo "Bunny" Johnson in Darden Towe Park. Harris was arrested in 2010, and prosecutors say they will use jailhouse snitches to try to convict Harris in what is expected to be a week-long trial, NBC29 reports.

Most chilling anniversary: October 17 marks the third since the disappearance of Morgan Harrington from a Metallica concert in 2009. Her murderer still has not been arrested, but Virginia State Police got six tips after the case aired on America's Most Wanted October 12.

Most chilling political speech: Romney signs are defaced with what appears to be human excrement, according to the Schilling Show. Rob Schilling's WINA report is picked up by the Washington Times and the Drudge Report.

Most perplexing question: Who determined that it was human excrement?

Most bizarre accident: A bicyclist and an ATV-riding inmate on a trash-picking-up detail collide on the Rivanna Trail October 10, the Newsplex reports. The bicyclist suffers a broken leg from the head-on smash-up. Police say no charges will be filed.

Most likely to have lightning strike twice: The Barrell family's home on Broad Axe Road burns for the second time October 14. The family house caught fire in 2002, as well, Ted Strong reports in the Progress. Two pet Guinea pigs didn't make it out of the most recent fire.

Biggest demand for cellphone service: Scottsville resident Lydia Wilson hands the Board of Supervisors a petition with 400 signatures calling for wireless providers and Albemarle to work together. According to Wilson, there's a 10- to 15-mile gap on Route 20 with no service, Charlottesville Tomorrow has the story.

Biggest UVA job opening: Med School dean Steven T. DeKosky says he'll step down July 31 at the end of his five-year term. The world-renowned authority on Alzheimer’s disease will remain on the faculty in the Department of Neurology, according to a release.

Biggest whistleblower suit: Federal judge Norman Moon awards $850,000 to UVA researcher Weihua Huang, who claims he was fired after reporting that his lab supervisor changed numbers on a National Institute of Health grant.

Biggest blow to local agriculture: William Randy Shifflett Jr., 57, is arrested October 12 after police say they found 615 marijuana plants at his Greene County residence, the Greene County Record reports. Shifflett is charged with felony manufacturing pot with intent to distribute what would be, based on the Greene Sheriff's Office estimate of $3,500 per mature plant, a more than $2 million crop.

Highest profile GOPer: Mitt Romney's eldest-son Tagg hits Charlottesville October 11 and watches the VP debate with UVA students.

Most prescient? UVA announces the Richard Lyman Bushman Chair of Mormon Studies, which has a $3-million endowment funded by anonymous donors, according to a press release.

Largest department of religious studies at a public university: UVA, according to the same Brevy Cannon-penned release.

Latest chapter for Patricia Kluge: The bankrupt founder of Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard and husband Bill Moses relocate to New York City and will temporarily reside in the University Club at West 54th Street and Fifth Avenue, the Progress reports. Donald Trump bought the winery in April 2011, and renamed it Trump Winery.

Worst drive-by shooting: A 24-year-old man on the back of a moped is hit in the arm October 14 on the 600 block of Prospect Avenue. Police blame an ongoing feud, NBC29 reports.

Biggest mystery meat: An uncooked piece of chicken falls from the sky and plunks a teen horseback rider on the head October 10 in the Tidewater area, the AP reports. Authorities seek the source of the plummeting poultry and eye seagulls as likely culprits.

Worst designated-driver plan: Waynesboro resident Ellis Carson Via, 62, rides his horse to the Moose Lodge October 12 and does not properly secure it, say police. The horse gets loose and is struck by an SUV. Via, spotted trying to walk the injured equine home, gets charged with public intoxication. More charges are pending.


there is no review of the week; tonight was about the debate! What planet is Hook operating from?

Clearly, the President took off his gloves; however, I would like validation on all accounts...

Clearly, the President won. Enough said.

My vote: President Obama.

It stretches all creditability to hear that people who are over 65 or in the middle class would even consider voting for Mittens. The man will eviscerate Social Security and Medicare! He will tax the middle class and allow his friends in the top 1% to pay, as he does, absurdly low taxes. I am willing to bet (not the $10,000 that Romney tried to bet) that the reason for the non release of his tax paperwork is that he took unfair advantage of the tax laws. When you make the kind of money that Mittens makes, you can well afford to hire questionably ethical accountants and lawyers to shape the existing laws and regulations to suit the needs of the client. There is no honor among thieves!


Rob Schilling could and would make something up like feces on the Romney signs...

Did you people ever find the murderer of all the girls in your area? oh no, you didn't ...
Do you all really believe there is a difference between Obama and Romney?
Between the Republican and Democratic Party?
Really? After all this time you believe they are different and that there isn't a singular agenda?
And you consider yourselves educated and progress for the greater good?
Please don't worry about politics ... your vote doesn't count.
And please don't pretend you are interested in the future of majority citizens and taxpayers in the United States ... your entire state needs a reboot starting with your education system. Good luck and God Bless Everyone! United we stand and divided we stand (as long as we have just a two party system that isn't determined by voting).