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Jefferson's greed
In his new book, local author Henry Wiencek portrays Thomas Jefferson as a hypocrite who encouraged the use of whips on slave children and turned down opportunities to free them while his friends freed theirs. The controversial tome has received plentiful national media accolades, so why are fellow Jefferson scholars so cool to Wiencek's conclusions?

Movie mayhem
Regal's new 14-screen stadium seating theater at Stonefield is great news for moviegoers, but it could spell doom for its biggest competitor, says the owner of Vinegar Hill Theater, who has plans of his own.

Food explosion
From fried chicken to subs, Tex-Mex to new brews, restaurants are opening lately faster than you can eat. Dish rounds up the new-comers, and takes a peek at an older establishment that's changing things up radically. Qu'est-ce que c'est, X-Lounge?

Bad news bypass
Here, at last, is an idea both fiscal conservatives and tree-huggers agree on: the Western Bypass is a disastrous project that needs to be stopped. Randy Salzman lays out the path to fiscal doom the road takes us down.

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