Two former guvs: Kaine and Warner push for Senate

Former governors Tim Kaine and Mark Warner stopped by Democratic headquarters on the Downtown Mall November 1 in a home-stretch push to elect Kaine to the U.S. Senate. "In five days now, he'll be the great new junior senator," said Senator Warner.

"Even if I have to hear junior all the time, we'll be a great team," said Kaine.

Kaine urged the party faithful crammed into and spilling out of the campaign headquarters to convert undecideds to the Democratic ticket. "It's going to be really close," he said.

"We feel a real surge in Virginia," said Fifth District congressional candidate John Douglass, who does not have the same promising poll numbers that President Obama and Kaine do in Virginia. But, says Douglass, "They tend to make up their minds on congressmen last."


Mark Warner is all talk. As Senator, he's voted time after time for irresponsible spending. Does he really think voters won't notice that our debt has increased by $6 trillion since we sent him to Washington to "represent" us?

As for Tim Kaine, he left our state in a financial shambles when he went off to head the Democratic National Committee. His loyalty is and always will be to the Democratic Party, not to Virginia.

It has been two years since tim kaine did his dirty midnight deal for the people that owned bisquit run costing Albemarle county with a net loss of over 600 THOUSAND DOLLARS in lost tax revenue because the state now owns the land. I wonder how much he has received in campaign donations from these cronies?

THAT would be something the Hook should look into.

I agree with Charlottesville Voter and Ponce de Leon- Kaine was a terrible governor. We don't need more of his tax and spend policies in DC. He is just looking for another way to move up in the party, not concerned about the citizens of our state.

The reality is that the state of Virginia is almost evenly divided Democrat/Republican. We already have one senator who is a Democrat, we don't need another one who only represents the interests of the same half of Virginians. If for no other reason, vote for Republican George Allen so that the rest of the state has representation.

And Douglass, well, I won't be too hard on anyone who served in the military, but that is just an empty suit with no fresh ideas about solving problems and a nasty attitude to boot. His entire campaign has been one of attack with no real substance. Hurt has made a concerted effort ALL through his term to get out and listen to the real people of the 5th district. I may not agree with all of his decisions, but I do think he is trying to represent his constituents.

Is this the same Kaine who appointed DRAGAS? Dragas is a complete failure and must resign.

Dragas has created a huge problem among the faculty. The "vultures are circling". Every tenured faculty member has received 3 - 10 solicitations from other research universities. Wait until next year. Many will resign to get out of this mess.

Shame on Kaine for appointing Dragas!

2008 - "Helen Dragas of Virginia Beach, chief executive officer of the Dragas Group, and Robert D. Hardie of Charlottesville, managing director of Level One Partners, LLC, have been appointed today to the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors by Gov. Tim Kaine."

We need more leaders who understand the art of COMPROMISE!

We sure have a group of losers to vote for here in Virginia!

I want to see SOME semblance of compromise on both parties. I want the days of Newt G. ABOLISHED. He believed in NO compromise ("go home and do not discuss issues with the d party").

...and that is not what the grande old USA is about. WE must come together as a nation and compromise - or China and Japan will get it all! They understand the USA better than we do ourselves...

Interesting thought. I agree that far right wingers should not be running America. And, we do need more compromise in all aspects of government. Sheesh, it's nearly a 50/50 USA.

So, how do you suggest we conquer the uncompromising?

Seriously, you are full of ideas with no suggested strategy or outcome.

I agree with West Coast Alum. Even though the sorry choice is between returning Allen, the dumbest man in Congress (which Virginia seems to like to do -- remember Chuck "nude massage" Robb?) on one hand, and the governor who made the worst appointment -- ever -- in Helen Dragas, on the other, I think I would be inclined to return the dumbest legislator in Washington to his old job.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Warren! Texas was wrong in their attempt to discredit Elizabeth Warren and Dr. Sullivan. Nothing was ever proven. Never.

Texan lobbying groups made up the entire controversy after they found Warren would win in Mass. Texans knew WARREN would be running for Senate in Massachusettes in 2012 and they wanted to discredit her up front... and Warren WON! Touche!

Texas is being governed by C students at best. And they think they can run the nation? Wrong!