What will you do if your candidate loses?


At least I can drink a toast to the end of the robo calls and polls.

My greatest fear is the Romney will get us into another war if elected. I see too many similarities to George Bush and the people surrounding him Karl Rove, Cheney ect.

As far as other issues go I don't think there will be much change, unless a supreme court nomination becomes available. Then if Romney is elected there is a good chance abortion rights will be taken from women and that will be a huge set back for women's health care and rights as individuals.

If RONALD REAGAN couldn't get Roe v. Wade overturned in the course of TWO terms, what makes you think Romney can? This "fear" is silliness, in my humble opinion, and nothing more than a desparate fear tactic.

Romney and Ryan will have too much on their hands to even bother which abortion rights.

Our country teeters on a financial cliff. Romney is a turnaround-artist in business and Obama never ran as much as a newspaper route before becoming President.

The economy, spending, taxation, jobs, and the debt should be the driving issues upon which you cast your vote tomorrow.

@ Amanda - fear tactic? Do you listen to what Romney, Ryan, and others on that side of the fence say? I believe most women find their health as much of a driving issue as the economy, taxation, etc.

Of course their campaign rhetoric leads you to believe there is the vast gap between the fiscal policies of Obama and Romney (what are his policies? hard to know since he hasn't answered a media question in over 3 weeks), but I just don't see that much day to day difference in my life regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat is in office. With that in mind, vote your conscience, whatever that may be.

I can't believe so many people are harping on the Roe vs. Wade thing, making that an anti-Romney issue. As somebody who once had an abortion many years ago, my current stance is that they should be illegal unless under extreme/special circumstances, such as severe birth defects, rape, and especially incestuous rape. But trivial abortions because it's not "convenient" for you to be a mother at the moment? No. That's what birth control is for, of which I did not use and why my accident happened, or what adoption is for. Females who passionately argue for abortion, using the incorrect argument that it's about "women's health!! women's health!" don't know what the eff they're talking about. Once you go through it, then you know. Before that though you can't comprehend what it's going to be like. It's all intellectual argument until the moment they forcibly shove that metal rod through your unprepared cervix, making your eyes pop out of your skull in shock, and then basically blend up your fetus while it's still alive, so it later falls out of your body in chunks in the clinic toilet that the nurse(s) have to help lead you to because you're almost unable to walk on your own. Does that offend some readers to read? Good. Because that's the *reality* of trivial "it's not convenient for me...." abortions. That's how it actually is, and they don't tell you that. And the other reality about abortions is that probably most of them are not done within the first couple of weeks, when the fetus is just a mass of cells. They're often done at 2 months, maybe at the borderline 3-4 month mark, like mine was, just before it becomes illegal to do so. When the fetus has discernible body parts.

Any female that advocates abortion is saying to me that either A) They've obviously never actually experienced one for themselves, or B) If they have, they're completely heartless. One can excuse a naive kid for not understanding the full gravity of what they're doing when they have that first one, but if you have had one and you STILL advocate them afterwards.....then I don't even know what to say. That's shocking.

"turn-around artist in Business"?
Laying off employees and gutting businesses in leveraged buyouts is not something to be proud of or a demonstration of great business prowess, you may want to actually dig a little deeper into Bain Capital to see what it really did to make Romney a multi-millionaire.

Here is a dose of reality: Successful businessmen have made some of our worst Presidents (Washington Post Oct. 21, 2012, page B5 by Historian Robert S. McElvaine)

@ Think on it...So, because you were allowed to exercise your right to choose and regret it, you advocate that other women should be denied their right to choose because they may make a decision that you don't agree with? I have no reason why you chose the way you did because you didn't offer that up, but I think your logic is flawed. The fact is the choice isn't yours to make for other women, neither should it fall to a bunch of scared, old white men.

Being a male,I have no horse in this race, neither do I have the right to force my personal moral opinion on others. I think that's a fact lost on many people, men and women alike.

Pardon me as I step off my soapbox.

...As far as the candidates go, they don't lose, we do. Does it really matter who we lose to if we lose?

@ Amanda... The economy, spending, taxation, jobs, and the debt ARE the driving issues upon which I will cast my vote tomorrow. My vote for President Obama.

There's plenty of people saying they will kill Romney if Obama loses, the Secret Service is aware of this but have made no arrests. They're deliberately allowing the people who make these threats to make them, perhaps even making the initial threats and hoping others will join in. If these threats were made towards Obama if Romney loses these people would all go to jail and it would be all over the news too.

Maybe the police only arrest people stupid enough to write threats on the free speech monument downtown?

Feelings of sorrow and disappointment will shadow me for the next 4 years. I long for the screeeeeeching tirades, fake tears and empty threats made by the libs (sore losers) from the 2000/2004 smack down elections.

Romney 52% Obama 46%

And I have no worries now - Larry says Obama will win .


@Amanda: Romney's "strap them to the roof" businesss prowess is *exactly* what I fear. This is the expertise of the corporate raider who knows how to extract the equity of a struggling company leaving the human capital behind to flap in the breeze. His business record is about the only one that really doesn't change according to the audience, isn't it?

All those poor, frightened white crackers that think they're voting the old America back...I hope they don't get the chance to see how wrong they are.

More confirmation. Obama will win so everyone can go to bed early .
The hype and money during this election have been disgusting and we should all ban together to make sure this never happens again. That's the best legacy we could leave to our kids .


If Virgil Goode doesn't win, I'm moving to Australia ASAP.

Did the police actually arrest somebody for making threats on the free speech wall?

Or are you just stupid enough to believe what you read in the local news?

Are you stupid enough to tell us who made threats on the free speech wall, posting under your actual name? I sure hope so I could use some money

Yeah, somebody was once dumb enough to write death threats on the Free Speech Monument. remember that well. I think some looney liberal lawyer got the guy off on some sort of insanity defense though so no jail time as i recall. http://readthehook.com/85300/news-speech-or-threat-free-expression-w...

Funny, no mention of any charges in that article. Care to try again?

No mention of any charges here either: http://www.infowars.com/obama-supporters-continue-threats-to-riot-assass...

"Somebody" is John Giuliano....
It just may be a lunatic you're looking for...

That's a weird "clarification" in article linked to at 10:04. Plenty of crimes don't get prosecuted for ay number of reasons.

Angels Eyes- you sure? Why do you think so? I thought it was someone new to town who didn't know that old story. It caused lots of talk downtown at teh time.

Work to reform the voting process in America. Watching pictures of voters waiting 6-8 hours in line and the campaign to suppress the vote looked more like a third world country than the USA. Something is rotten in Camelot and I am motivated to be part of a movement for change in the next election cycle.

We are the only country with partisan election officials. And we wonder why there are problems. This practice must end !

Must see documentary:


I will work to try to end these practices. Americans deserve better


I will probably wake up the next morning grab some coffee and go to work. Do the best job I can there and come home to my family and spend quality time with them which won't include: looking for jobs in Canada; trying to find out every last potential for voter fraud, suppression, or intimidation and then harping on that every day until the next election. If people are really concerned about politics and about changing the country they will show grace in winning or losing and try to make a change at a level where they have influence: home and neighborhood.

I asked to vote on a paper ballot because it is quicker, long lines for those awful, ridiculously badly designed machines. Scroll wheels? Can't we vote on iPads please? So I scribble my votes, and take the paper ballot over to the table by the exit--and the paper ballot it turns out, is SCANNED, to record the vote electronically. So if they diddle the software like in Ohio, there is no safe way to vote, at all.

I am going back to torches and pitchforks as a way to register the popular will.

I will turn my attention to Congress and hope they turn their attention to the affairs of the nation. Add to that a smidgen of statesmanship and a decrease in the interests of personal gain and advancement over duty and honor.

I wish I had a dime for every time "helping the middle class" was spoken by both mainstream candidates.
(third party candidates don't pander that way)

And a penny for every time after the election that we schmucks in the middle class are ignored.

For those of you whining about voter suppression, this alleged practice is just the inverse of what goes on in cities like Philly, DC, Chicago, etc. to gin up votes by probable Dem voters. Why do you think so many jokes go around those cities about "dead people voting?" It has happened for decades. Also, try looking at the "New Black Panther" party and what they did in Philly a few years back.

Now, for those of you bedwetting about a ruthless corporate raider as president, what makes you think a community organizer has done/will do better? If you want to look at Romney's record as a businessman, let's also look at Obama's record in Chicago. That city is a homicide mecca, it is the Ground Zero of political corruption. And he did nothing on either front to improve those situations. But I know, it's not his fault. One man can only do so much.

And the abortion thing? That issue and the harangues of so-called "politically active women" are a classic example of divide-and-conquer. Let's see....we can get the chicks' vote if we paint someone as an invader of their bodies...we can get the Latino vote if we paint him as sending illegals back to their countries...we can get the black vote by pandering to the urban areas (again, look at most big cities...how has that Dem vote worked for the black community??).

As government schools no longer teach real critical thinking and civics, kids are truly growing up as useful idiots. It is by design.

R.I.P.: Stanley Myron Handelman

Somebody was illegally detained for excercising their right to remain silent and their freedom of movement. This somebody was legally free to go wherever he chose after being told (upon respectfully asking a police officer following him down the stree if he was under arrest for something) by the police officer that he was NOT under arrest .The police officer, after telling this person he was NOT under arrest for anything, then proceeded to detain this person without charges after demanding this person "talk to them" and recieving no answers. The Hook was later contacted to inform them of the police misconduct of illegally detaining a man without charges for the non-crime of not talking to police, and instead of exposing this misconduct they chose to defend the misconduct by lying about the reasons why this person was detained without charges completely omitting the fact that the man was also tortured and robbed. Later they admitted they lied in print after mention of a pending libel lawsuit was made to them, yet people still continue to slander and libel the man because what they of what read in the Hook about what happened (and because they're the real lunatics, you'd have to be looney to still be libeling and slandering a man with no criminal record, seven years later every single time he posts something they don't like)

just witnessed voter intimidation towards a young female outside of Scottsville Elementary's voting location. Upon reporting the incident to the people working the polls, she was told that this gentleman had been a nuisance all morning and that the sheriff had been called to remove him from the premises. Can you guess which candidate this gentleman was volunteering for?

I will say some strong words if Obama doesn't win. Wait I mean Romney. And good words.

Despite Obama doing a reasonable job managing economy (no really), that this election isn't a GOP landslide just shows how incompetent the Republicans are (well, the primary system sure doesn't help them).

If VA goes Democratic, you can thank Cuccinelli and the ultrasounders for getting all up in someone's business.

The best part is that whoever wins will take credit for the inevitable growth of the economy.

feel badly for about an hour. go for a long hike and get over it. maybe donate my time for my party in 4 years. I believe politics is corrupt so I just vote and have no real expectations. further, I believe our country's parties should compromise more often than not. and that is not happening. I am reading the "spirit of compromise" by Dr. Gutmann from University of Penn. and she believes that Gingrich forcing his party home instead of conversing with democrats was the right way. Wrong. Compromise is what our nation is founded upon.

President Obama 4 more Years

Tea Party Hate built that !

President Obama 4 more Years

Tea Party Hate...built that !

A black man, is the man

I had no confidence in either so I put most of my IRA in cash last week getting ready I don't have to worry about today's drop in the stock market and the fiscal cliff in 8 weeks.

After last night's debacle, I'm unsure of what we (Republicans) will do. My good friend Horst Wessel reminded me that many of the Tea Party leaders are somewhat accident prone. A tragic fall off a Hoveround, choking on a bag of pork rinds, even slipping on a banana peel leaving a rent boys apartment could alter future GOP strategy.
Attempts to locate Mr Rove today were unsuccessful. It seems my Crossroads GPS is defective...

Bill: It's decades late, but the Republican Party needs to get out of the business of pandering to the religious right and the tea party. Bob Dole was a slamming candidate 4-8 years before he got the nomination; ditto John McCain. Y'all weren't paying attention when the Bush family machine shifted from Jeb to George because of timing issues & you thought all was well. Republicans lost Arlen Specter & Olympia Snow & gained Joe Lieberman: not a good trade.

Republicans need to get out of the bedroom and away from the Chambers of Commerce and be actually conservative rather than ostensibly so. To conserve: to do the most with the least ---- not juist the least for the well-heeled and not just the least in today's cash.. Get a grip. Paul Ryan pretending that he is the same as I am, at a decade beyond him, vis a vis retirement is insane. Privatize, privatize, privatize is a mantra of little sense. Some things (TVA) ARE the role of government. Health insurance has (decades ago) gotten to that point. My parents had catastrophic health insurance & paid for doctor's visits. I can't do that: doctor's visits regularly involve tests of insane out-of-pocket expenses.

The Republican Party has determined that it can slide by, by pandering to older, white, male voters. We have just learned that that is an incorrect determination. Cut loose the fringes. Go back to a just right of center stance. Include people who aren't white, male, & old in your thinking. Big picture, not this quarter's Wall Street returns.. I am not my 401K returns.

It's really simple. Be actually conservative rather than reactionary. I am, frankly, pissed that I can't be a Republican. But I can't. There's no room for me. Cut loose the fringes: they're not your base: I could be, if you had any sense at all. For decades now. Really.

the horse has been out of the barn for years know and the only way to correct it is to let the barn burn down lets get the fire started. awsome job last night by the women of this country

Cut loose the fringes? Ron Paul would have trounced Obama if the just-right-of-centers hadn't went along with stealing Iowa and Maine from him in the primaries and the media's deliberate fringization of him. He and only he had the massive crossover appeal necessary to defeat Obama. But he was too fringe for a slight majority of Republicans, and that's why they're going extinct.

Hey Somebody, Anybody notice except me that there were no third party candidates invited to the substanceless debates??????????????????????
That my fellow americans says it all about the state of our country