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Land baron
With the purchase of a 200-acre farm, UVA now owns a western "wall" around Charlottesville. Neighbors want to know what the school has planned. Could more massive development be in the future?

Jeffersonian battle
After Jefferson historians lashed out at his newest book, Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and his Slaves, local author Henry Wiencek is fighting back, defending his research, and pointing to flaws in the work of highly acclaimed Jeffersonian scholars. It's a raging debate bordering on a feud, and Charlottesville is ground zero.

Entertaining Wreck
Set inside an arcade video game, Disney's latest animated film, Wreck-It Ralph, is a colorful, fast-paced and sweet story that tells the tale of Ralph, a one-man wrecking ball, who seeks greater meaning in life by leaving the game for which he was created, finding adventure and, perhaps even love, on the way.

Need for speed
Are speed limits pass̩? With speed-related traffic fatalities dwindling each year, Texas has boosted the legal speed limit on one highway to 85mph. If the experiment is a success, other roads in multiple states may get similar treatment. Essayist Greg Beato says advances in technologyРand an understanding of psychologyРsuggest some big changes on our roads are now overdue.

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