Dumler back in action

Supervisor Christopher Dumler attended his first Albemarle Board of Supervisors meeting since his October 18 arrest for forcible sodomy. The accused 27-year-old attorney sipped coffee November 7 as citizens spoke out on the Keene shooting range, the western 29 Bypass, and the leash law that had ensnared hunting dogs during hunting season.

Much later in the meeting, the Supes voted 5-0 to approve the approximately $1.3-million police facility at the site of a former landfill in Keene. Dumler, who lives about nine miles away, abstained from the vote– though it wasn't immediately clear whether he viewed his potential conflict as one stemming from jurisdiction or from the fact that Albemarle police have charged him with forcible sodomy.

A special prosecutor has been named to pursue the charge levied under an investigation headed by Albemarle officer T.L. Walls. Arrested October 18 for an incident that allegedly occurred on October 4, Dumler is free on $50,000 bail.

Perhaps the biggest news of the day was a financial report that the county showed a larger-than-budgeted bottom line for the 2012 fiscal year: $7,793,026, which was 3.6 percent of the whole budget. Although she didn't use the word "profit" (perhaps because the money will get directed to capital expenditures like the aforementioned shooting range), county spokesperson Lee Catlin noted in a release that this "excess" is the result of "aggressive" delinquent tax collections that increased county revenue beyond budget expectations, coupled with savings stemming largely from unfilled positions.

–story updated with budget surplus at 4:03pm


One wonders why Dumler has a YNZ sticker on his laptop. Has he allowed tagged his things for an upcoming trip to the Yancheng Airport in China?

Or is it a Pittsburgh Steeler sticker and he's just showing the world that he's a big fan of Ben Roethlisberger- hmm no that would be unfortunate

let's go with China on this one

Nope it is for Pittsburg - not just the Steelers or as they call them the Stillers and you can like the team but not like a player...I'm just sayin'...

"YNZ window sticker. Show the world your love for Pittsburgh and Pittsburghese!"

Is he on match.com in that photo?

Would it occur to the County to cut our tax rate next year with that extra money? It appears they fixed our property tax rates based on the idea that they would collect a surplus and then spend it as they see fit. I hate that. I really hate that.

Hawes, Dumler back in action is my all-time favorite headline...

Dumler is in BIG trouble. He's supposed to be a democrat. democrats are for same-sex marriage. Yet here he is accused of dirt-roadin' some FEMALE. I think the boy's all mixed up.

His girlfriend is from Pittsburgh. Makes you wonder if her friends and family back in PeeYay know about Dumler's troubles. I know what I'd say if I were her mother.

I have gotten what i would call several good sources who say Dumler did it. He won't see any prison time and won't see the court room. Those lawyers, including high up members of the Albemarle Dems, are gonna fund a harassment campaign against this woman. The scottsville rumor mill and all Dumlers drinking buddies are gonna kick it up. the plan is to humiliate an already humiliated victim into dropping charges. The information I got was extreamly violent and the prosecution is building strong evidence. You don't need to believe me, wait and make your own decision. I have made post supporting dumler. No more. Besides, what elected official goes out in public drinking from bar to bar in the gossipy town of scottsville. He needs to resign as do members of the Albemarle Dems including the party chair and once politician Neff. Remember, I defended Dumler with a neutral stance.

Well thanks Albemarle Resident, no need for trials with folks like you around to tell us what the "good sources" say.

Albemarle Resident seems to be correct as Dumler has concocted a line of defense that says that 'two' former girlfriends have made up this story to ruin him. Hmmm...IMHO, the Commonwealth's Attorney would not have pressed charges against him if the information they had about the crime was "dicey". If that were the case, she would have bound the case over to the grand jury. But she and the police went ahead with the charges. This usually means there is enough evidence to go to trial.