The week in review

Most disruptive: Occupiers interrupt City Council November 18 following the public comment portion of the meeting, and police escort two of them out, the first time anyone's been ejected in at least two years, the Newsplex reports. The Occupiers object to proposals to handle disorderly conduct on the Downtown Mall.

Most intriguing: A courthouse filing from arrested Albemarle Supervisor Christopher Dumler says that the sex for which he's been hit with a forcible sodomy charge was consensual and suggests that "other motivations" from a woman now known only as "P1" were what led the accuser to approach police 12 days after the alleged offense.

Most impulsive: A man indicted for arson at McCormick Observatory pleads guilty to felony property damage November 15, Henry Graff reports for NBC29. Joseph Duva, 21, receives a five-year-suspended sentence, must pay UVA $418.52, is banned from UVA property, and must seek treatment for his impulse control disorder. Duva also has been convicted of shooting out car windows with a BB gun in the Fry's Spring area.

Worst crash: Seventy-five-year-old Dolores Kostelni of Lexington, a restaurant reviewer for the Roanoke Times,  dies after being struck by a Ford Cargo Van while she was crossing Putt-Putt Place at the intersection of East Rio around 3pm November 13. Wayne David Craft of Keene is charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian. Kostelni is the 13th traffic fatality in Albemarle in 2012.

Saddest loss for civility in politics: UVA's Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership founding director Bill Wood dies November 16 at age 69. He previously worked at the Virginian-Pilot and was married for 30 years to recently retired UVA spokesperson Carol Wood.

Rarest Honor Code activity: UVA's Honor Committee conducts its third open trial in a decade, and expels two students November 18 for cheating, according to the Cavalier Daily. A jury found that third-years Alexander Stamey and Kevin Nguyen collaborated during a biology exam in March. The two argued that they had the statistically improbable 49 out of 50 identical answers because they'd studied together.

Latest hate crime: A November 15 assault near Brooks Hall includes sexual-orientation slurs before the attack, according to UVA police. The homo-hating suspect is described as a white male with light, dirty blond hair and facial hair, possibly a goatee. He is approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs between 150 and 160 pounds, and was wearing a t-shirt with a UVA logo and possibly a hoodie.

Rowdiest: Scottsvillian Kevin Sullivan, 25, is jailed after slugging a UVA police officer in the face November 17 in the middle of what the Newsplex describes as a "disorder" on the corner of Elliewood and University avenues.

Biggest numbnut? Charlottesville resident Hunter Brown, 22, is arrested November 12 and charged with distribution of two ounces of marijuana. According to a Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force release, Brown allegedly advertised pot for sale on Craigslist.

Biggest upheaval in the ACC/headline in the Progress: A front-page, near-banner-sized "Torn Asunder" hed details not World War III, but the move of the University of Maryland to the Big Ten Conference.

Best time to go to Monticello: December 7-11, when it celebrates its 25th anniversary of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site with $5 tickets– the cost of admission in 1987.

Best news for Little Debbie: In the wake of Hostess Brands ending production, McKee Foods in Stuarts Draft is telling employees to expect to work more during the holidays to fill the glut of empty shelves formerly occupied by Twinkies and Ding Dongs with Little Debbie products, the News Leader reports.

Latest I-meant-to-hit-the-brakes screw-up: A woman driving a white Honda Accord plows into the Burger King at Barracks Road November 18, NBC29 reports. Her mother and sister are taken to UVA Medical Center, and police say charges are pending– unlike in the case of the 69-year-old woman who, despite taking out a wall at the Garage concert hall in September, went uncharged.