Twinkies crisis hits locally

Shortly after Twinkies-provider Hostess Brands announced it was ceasing production Friday, November 16, the iconic cream-filled cakes were being sold on eBay. By Saturday, in three stores on Pantops, nary a Twinkie was to be found, and in two, in the Hostess section, empty shelves– except for doughnuts– greeted Ding Dong seekers. The last snack-cakes standing: Ho Hos, Sno Balls, and CupCakes.

Correction 11/21/12: The spelling of Sno Balls was wrong in the original version.

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But wait, maybe this isn't the end - " Twinkies maker Hostess lives at least another day "

"Hostess, which had been contributing $100 million a year in pension costs for workers, offered workers a new contract that would've slashed that to $25 million a year, in addition to wage cuts and a 17 percent reduction in health benefits."

Indeed. F%*k hostess. Make your own Twinkies.

@casual reader, by running Hostess out of business, now they are getting nothing and looking for a job. Yea, unions are great.