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Lovin' it
The holidays are here, and with them comes plenty of good cheer. We checked in with a slew of folks who know this town well to find out what they love about the holidays in Charlottesville. Read on for some inspiration on getting festive while keeping it local.

Lincoln's legacy
Steven Spielberg's latest epic is a rare gem, a political film of painstaking detail that remains compelling thanks to an Oscar-worthy performance by Daniel Day-Lewis.

Bucolic bargain
Hold on a sec... more than 3,000 square feet on an acre-and-a-half, with a sauna to boot, built-in bookshelves galore, and a ton of storage for well under $300K? Anyone else think moving to Louisa County sounds pretty good?

Buck up!
How much money would it take to make you happy? Some research suggests it might be less than you think– or that the secret is simply earning more money than other people. Do you have enough already, or would a few bucks more boost your mood?

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Matt Milligan, Max Greenhood, Casey Davenport, Lindsay Dorrier III, and Allie Belgiovine.
–photo by Tom Daly at South Street Brewary

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