Renovations continue in Sherwood Farms foreclosure



Albemarle Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to Bonita C. Toms, 8062 Blenheim Road, $149,750

Bank of New York Mellon to Edward M. & Brandi J. McLaughlin, 2975 White Oak Lane, $230,000

Richard A. & Connie H. Sylvester to Brendan S. & Carolyn S. Graves, 116 Vincennes Road, $334,800

Michael B. Alexander to John Davis Rogers & Kyle Elizabeth Koehler, 705 Ingleside Lane, $1,043,000


Julia Martin to David E. Martin, 218 Lankford Avenue, $25,000

Nick W. & Christine M. Dubroff to David W. & Katherine H. Plunkett, 934 Monticello Avenue, $290,000

Phyllis H. Barbour to Christian Swenson & Krista Aschenbach, 1209 St. George Avenue, $171,300



Belvedere Station Land Trust to SHR9 LLC, 1443 Butler Street, $115,000

Roger F. & Susan K. Liddle to Neal & Katherine K. Friedman, 2441 North Berkshire Road, $193,500

UB Properties, Inc. to BS Holdings LLC, 4.35 Acres, TM 73-32A3 & 6.28 Acres, TM 73-32A8, Lots 3 & 8 Ivy View, $254,900

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Elizabeth A. Jandl, 109 Mountain View Drive, $269,000

Lee G. & Janice S. Gurley to Melissa B. Shore, 2458 Rock Branch Lane, $290,000

Easter Brown Estate to Grey Preservation Society LLC, 875 Dry Bridge Road, $325,000

Charles T. & Kimberly R. Crenshaw to Michael K. & Beth L. Cheuk, 1638 Brightfield Place, $346,000

Evan & Sandra F. Stern to Joseph J. & Anna C. Shields, 756 Club Drive, $1,100,000


Omar R. Arnold to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 935 Charlton Avenue, $108,133

Octopus Property LLC to Charles Hartley, 710 Walker Sq 3A, $142,000

William J. & Christine M. Kennedy, Etal to Magen, LLC, 409 Paton Street, $96,000

Edith E. Weber to Patricia R. Carrington, 968 Rock Creek Road, $100,000

Marvin Leroy Simms, Jr. to Arenda Management, LLC, 735 Walker Square Unit 3B, $149,000



Susan S. Thornton & Irma S. Page to Whitney J. Stevens, 2132 Owensville Road, $100,000

Meadow Wood, Inc. to Jadranko Sikman, 1274 Villa Lane, Unit D, $117,500

Sean M. & Michelle L. Condron to Michael S. &  Dona C. Geremia, 2661 Fernleaf Road, $414,900

Susan D. Moss to Joseph B. Hoeing, Jr. & Jacquelyn Nasca, 4550 Shagbark Lane, $545,000

North River Partners LLC to RP Keswick III LLC, 2.02 Acres, TM 80-8B, Lot 6, Keswick, $566,000


Octopus Property LLC to Eddie P. Chan, Trustee, 715 Walker Square 2A, $142,000

Octopus Property LLC to Millie Shah, 720 Walker Square 3B, $142,000

Samuel O’Gorek & Jessica Weinstock to Bank of America, 617 Bolling Avenue, $213,672


The Miller School of Albemarle to Jefferson Area Board For Aging, Inc., TM 56A1-1-64, $20,000

Kelly Lynn Garrison to Michael W. Welch, 5550 Jamestown Road, $184,000

Muriel G. Sullivan to Nicholee S. Elder & Katherine E.  West, 703 Acorn Lane, $325,000

Robert S. & Maria Porter to Paul & Diane Parisien, 3201 Burnley Station Road, $850,000


Connie W. Lee to Erin & David Hailey, 427 Fairway Avenue, $229,000

The Southland Corporation to Nickbay, LLC, 1128 Rose Hill Drive, $400,000

Minor Family Hotels, LLC to Deerfield Square Associates II, LLC, 201 E Water Street, $6,250,000



Grey Preservation Society LLC to Dennis A. & Marla McGaugh, Trustees; Dennis A. & Marla McGaugh Living Trust, $33,096

Patrick G. & Krista S. Farrell to Bruce Alan Poling II, 1064 Towne Lane, $180,000

Lee E. & Patricia R. Early to Joshua & Elizabeth Hatcher, 20 Mountain Laurel Road, $350,000

Brandy S. & Wyatte James Copeland III to Brian J. & Kelly G. Donato, 5057 Old Fox Trail Court, $375,000

SHR9 LLC to Joseph L. & Mary J. Page, 2530 Leafton  Xing, $590,000

Ragged Mountain Partners LLC to Ragged Mountain Farm LLC, 92.28 Acres, TM 74-5B9, $940,000

Ann M. Hurt to Robin Huntington & Max Olivas, 5820 Plank Road, $1,106,000