Glenmore manor home sells after nearly two and a half years



Gerald G. Fahnestock to John, Kathryn & Rachel Gendreau, 1174 Rose Hill Drive, $170,000

Stanley W. & Lisa G. Butler to Adam Smith  & Jennifer Freeman, 2313 Tarleton Drive, $225,000

Gaffney Homes, LLC to Piedmont Realty & Construction, LLC, 110 Morgan Court, $63,000

Gaffney Homes, LLC to Piedmont Realty & Construction, LLC, 114, 116, 118, 121 & 123 Morgan Court, $390,000



Shiflett Farm, LLC to NVR, Inc., 505 Jonna Street, $100,000

Vanderlinde Housing, Inc. to Southern Property, LLC, 4045 Copperfield Ridge, $155,000

Henry E. Sullivan to Creighton Hoover, 102 Northwest Lane, $227,000

Jonathan R. & Michelle S. Mason to Jon D. & Cherral W. Mason, 1264 Chatham Ridge, $231,000

Scott L. & Hanna K. Sanoff to Joseph R. & Melissa J. Sacco, 944 Grayson Lane, $461,000

Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to Joseph E. Krenn & Sarah Ogle, 839 Belvedere Boulevard, $479,932

Peggy B. Kessler, Trustee to Mary Virginia B. & Richard S. Kelly, Jr., 1000 Glenmore Way, $1,525,000

Jane A. Scatena, Trustee to F. Egolf & M. Jane Rider, Trustees, 2250 Buck Mountain Road, $7,091,700



Woodlands of Charlottesville, LLC to Roya Edelstein, 1915 Beechcrest Court, Unit 101, $176,300

Louis B. Brill II to Caleb H. & Lisa A. Springsteen, 1430 Willow Lake Drive, $225,000

William C. & Barbara A. Hall to Raymond W. & Joyce M. Snyder, 1463 Bremerton Lane, $320,000

Southern Property LLC to R. Todd Parker & Anya L. Shepelavey, 5441 Park Road, $328,000

Archibald D. & Margaret G. Owen, Co-Trustee of the Owen Family Trust to Gerritt J. & Tessa R. Goss, 45 Canterbury Road, $565,000

 Bradley W. & Sonnia J. Kesser to Joseph D. Hostler & Laura A. Jansen, 105 Apple Lane, $600,000


Eliseo Venavidez & Marta Martinez to Argent Development, LLC, 519 Rougemont AveNue, $88,000



Octopus Property LLC to Klaine & Jessica Hansen, 270 Riverbend Drive, Unit 3A, $113,000

Xing Jian Wang to Route 240 Holdings, LLC, 5466 Three Notch'd Road, $150,000

Thomas M. Hancher to James H. White, 3237 Gateway Circle, $178,000

David J. & Jayne P. Ashworth to Andrew S. & Anna M. Fast, 425 Hickory Drive, $283,500

Piedmont Realty & Construction, LLC to Timothy J. & Lauren D. Gearheart, 294 Claremont Lane, $355,000

Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to David A. & Jonna L. Garono, 1739 Old Trail Drive, $549,534

William H. Espinosa to Beverly G., Sidders, Trustee; Beverly G. Sidders Trust, 23 Canterbury Road, $845,000


Ealorise Debra Holmes to VATN, LLC,  939 Charlton Avenue, $94,100

Octopus Property LLC to Matt Zollinhofer, 705 Walker Square 3B, $142,000

Octopus Property LLC to Alissa Goldman, 705 Walker Square 3A, $190,000

Argent Development, LLC to David & Judith T. Harrison 704 Shamrock Road,  $232,000



Teresa D. Caddell to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co, Trustee, 1973 Echo Hill Drive, $97,750

Matthew S. Honaker to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, 1245 Clay Court, $168,592

Virginia L. Austin, Trustee to Abdul Latif & Zarguna Ahad Nazar, 57 Court Place, $185,000

Henry R. & Michael N. Luniewski to Carl & Diana Van Fossen, 945 Dorchester Place, Unit 203, $201,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jarrett T. Catlett & Vickie Lynn Walker, 855 James River Road, $209,900

Ronald E. & Leslie W. Riggs to Graham R. Nesbitt, 3164 Browns Gap Turnpike,$210,000

Grace Jean Ross to Paul J. & Muriel Grim, 1305 Branchlands Drive, $213,000

Gardner-Dalton, Inc. to Abby Schoeb & Frederick Carl Binter III, 3353 Turnberry Circle, $289,000

John David & Heather D’arcy to Robert C. & Eugenie C. Atherton, 2222 Camargo Drive, $803,750

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Obama said if he REALLY didn't the economy turned around this 4 years he definitively will NOT run for a third term.

By the time the 2016 election rolls around, a president will not be limited to two terms.

This makes me wonder is the housing market really? that bad or is everyone still trying to pretend that everything is worth twice what they paid five years ago? Hhhmmmmm. Sat on the market for 2.5 years until the price dropped by a mill. Not too many fools left to be taken round here sounds like. Real estate agents have no soul.

Hey, the BO has his 40 christmas trees in the white house. But...guessing he did not pay for them...

But like most liberals it is someone else's job to pay for what he wants....

Glenmore is a country club that aint really country