Have you ever been towed?

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Once in my life. During a false arrest. But we really don't need to go through all of this again. A police lieutenant friend of mine who was watching this three ring circus of a false arrest closely came by the Magistrate's Office to make sure I made bond easily, and gave me a ride to retrieve my car from the towing service. Since I was a sworn deputy sheriff and friend of the tow shop owner, there was no tow bill.

Silly rookies costs departments a fortune in legal fees.

You know what we love about Gasbag? He doesn't timidly hedge or pussyfoot around and say stuff like "during a questionable situation." He says, "during a false arrest." Rock and roll, Gasbag!--hawes spencer

I am well known in community circles for saying exactly what is on my mind.


Tony LaBua is great. Most people blame others for the consequences of their own action. Tony owns up to it. Plus, Chaps has AWESOME ICE CREAM!

Yeah, 3 times. All 3 of those times it was from a friend's apartment complex who failed to warn me that I would be towed.

Tony LaBua knows how to make a sandwich!

yep gas Twinkie, you are certainly a legend in your own mind. nice fake cop car you got too..

Hey Dave T, don't you think after the first tow you might get a clue? Why would you get towed three times?Sometimes you have to actually put the bong down and go outside....