Made to order: Eat out by eating in

Relay Foods, the local online grocery, has partnered with three local restaurants to offer their customers, well, essentially "dinner kits" that will allow them to cook meals served at the C&O, The Local, and Brookville Restaurant.

Basically, each restaurant will offer up to three entrees that will be ordered and delivered with simple instructions on how to prepare them. Relay Foods is already working with restaurants in Richmond, and the idea is catching on so fast, that they have plans to do the same thing with Washington D.C.-area restaurants.

"It's pretty awesome," says Brookville Restaurant chef/owner Harrison Keevil. "People place their order with Relay by midnight, and in the morning I personally prep their meal."

Keevil says the meals are designed to be super simple when preparing and don't take more than thirty minutes to make.

"We thought it would be a great partnership for three reasons," says Keevil. "First is to get people sitting around with family and friends to enjoy a great meal without all the hassle of prep. Second, it is an opportunity to get more people eating locally sourced fresh food. When I get an order, I go out and shop for the ingredients needed for the meal.

"Finally," he concedes, "it is a way to bring more attention to the Brookville brand in a good way."

Adam Fraizer, owner of The Local, is cautiously optimistic.

"It's not a profit center but does provide hours to our employees and again gives The Local a marketing reach and name recognition outside of the Charlottesville marketplace," he says. "It has yet to be seen if this will benefit the restaurant financially, but we are hoping that it will create some buzz. "

"I think more people should try it," says Keevil, "they won't be disappointed."

Holiday fun...and eating!
'Tis the season for holiday open houses and events, all of which include fun, and many of which include food!

On December 1, The Michie Tavern's shops will feature wine, hard cider, and beer tasting, along with food samples. That same day, over at Prince Michel Vineyard & Winery, they'll be handing out free samples from their line of gourmet foods, plus wine tastings, of course. And here in town, Cat Thrasher photography and Sweethaus on West Main are teaming up to offer cupcakes and photos for the kids. Just bring your child in to sit with Santa for a photo, then stay to watch them decorate their own cupcakes.

On December 2, however, there's a Christmas event not far away in the little town of Little Washington that you might want to check out. That Sunday, the quaint little village will hold its annual Christmas in "Little" Washington Festival & Holiday Parade.

First, there's an artisans market featuring 30 artists and craft folks from the area, along with local food and wine vendors. Later, a George Washington impersonator will return to town, along with a few other famous historic characters, to head the holiday parade along Main and Gay Streets. You'll see antique cars, elaborate floats, various animals, marching bands, and old Saint Nick himself.

Over at the Stonyman Town Square, there will be a bonfire and the Gold Top County Ramblers will be playing country hits while Santa hands out gifts to the kids.

And get this: there will even be a re-enactment of scenes from Valley Forge.

At the end of the day, illusionist Steve Kish will perform at the Theater at Little Washington. The whole thing is free and will happen come rain, shine, snow, drizzle or sleet.

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God the food up here in northwest wisconsin sucks!!!

I just bought an italian beef sandwich at what the hillbillies in this area would consider a good restaurant, barf !!!!!

It will be a long time before I go to any of these half ass eateries around here again.