Attempted abduction: Security firm defends actions

The community has been aghast at an alleged attempted abduction of a two-year-old girl November 24 at Charlottesville Fashion Square that was not reported to police until six hours later by the child's family. On November 28, four days after the incident, AlliedBarton, the security firm that escorted the alleged abductor from the mall, broke its silence to say the family initially was okay with its handling of the situation.

"AlliedBarton security officers patrolling the mall responded to an incident surrounding a family having an exchange with another patron, and escorted the patron from the property," reads the statement. "Our security officers then followed up with the family and they were satisfied with our response and the action taken."

The company says it is reviewing what occurred and the conduct of its officers "to ensure that our team is following proper procedures."

According to police, a light-skinned, 6'3" black male weighing between 220 and 235 pounds and wearing glasses came up behind the toddler and grabbed her. When the father intervened, the child was released unharmed.


The family was okay with the way they handled this ? Something does not make sense - why did they call the police ?

Lisa, get on this...... there is more to this than they are exposing.

As a father, husband, man and one in possession of BASIC COMMON SENSE, I find myself wondering: (1) The abductor was not automatically detained, why? (2) Why did this not occur with or without the consultation of the parents? (3) How could the parents in any conceivable fashion, be satisfied with the result, and even if AlliedBarton did not make the call, why didn't they? (4) There is an Albemarle County Police substation located inside the mall, would it not have made sense to escort him there?
Far too many operational and common sense violations in this scenario. If this is representative of the best that Simon and AlliedBarton are capable of rendering, then obviously, Fashion Square is no place for small children.,

A young, slender, cross-dressing black male, aged 19 has been reported missing downtown. Has anybody thought to ask the whereabouts on the day in question of this "light-skinned, 6'3" black male weighing between 220 and 235 pounds" who apparently is interested in abducting children?

CBS 19's Facebook page is reporting they caught the guy.

This is why I have a concealed weapons permit and multiple marksman courses under my belt.

How is an attempted abduction getting more news coverage on this site then an actual missing persons case that is actual going on right here in charlottesville. If this person was white im 100% sure it would be the main topic here. racism is still alive. UGH

@Educated Persons

I will just say that if who you speak of is Black and a member of the LGBT community I would check back at The Hook when they have found a body.

I don't feel it's racism at all HERE at the Hook ..... But I am feeling you that the system is broke and the Hook can get caught up in it.

Educated Persons, same reason Morgan Harrison got so much coverage while another missing person case at the same time didn't.