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Scary place?
A report issued by the North Downtown Neighborhood Association suggests that homeless panhandlers are scaring away consumers. Is the Downtown Mall really dangerous, or are we just a community that doesn't like to look homelessness in the face?

Price of a scandal
Keira Knightley is cast as Anna Karenina in the latest film adaptation of the Tolstoy classic. Roger Ebert praises the strong casting and sumptuous scenery, but does director Joe Wright go too far?

Historic home
If you've got a spare million lying around and are in the market for a home, you might consider this historic gem on University Circle, just a stone's throw from the Rotunda. A McMansion, it ain't.

Let there be....
Shorter days can be a mood buster for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Could standing under a special lamp really work wonders? A sleepy, sluggish, and sad Janis Jaquith investigates.

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A man and his dog on the Downtown Mall.
–photo by Dave McNair

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