Stonefield foodery: Burtons Grill serves up American contempo

With the new Regal megaplex drawing crowds to the Shops at Stonefield, moviegoers need a place to debrief over a glass of wine or a bite to eat after seeing, say, Life of Pi.

Now an option: Massachusetts-based Burtons Grill, which officially opened December 3.

Maybe its the warm glow of the bar lighting or the open kitchen, but something makes Burtons seem cozy, despite the two large dining rooms and a smaller one that can seat more than 200 people.

The chain specializes in contemporary American cuisine in an upscale, casual setting, according to marketing director Courtney Fisher.

"We have a very strong commitment to allergy awareness," she says. "And we have a separate, gluten-free menu."

She also touts the $6 children's menu called "{B} Choosy," which encourages kids to make healthier choices when dining out. "It's not just french fries or pizza," says Fisher.

The Charlottesville restaurant is the 10th Burtons, which is migrating south, and the second one in Virginia– Virginia Beach already has a location.

Burtons was enticed to Charlottesville by Stonefield's Maryland-based developer Edens.

"We have a location with them in Burlington, Massachusetts," explains Fisher, noting that the chain favors lifestyle centers like Stonefield where retail and leisure activities are geared toward upscale consumers.

The menu includes apps around $10, entrees from $20 to $29, and sandwiches like the $12 shrimp po' boy, with an emphasis on seafood and daily market catches.

Diners at a preview over the weekend recommended the marinated Mediterranean salad ($8.95) and raved about the Land & Sea combo ($28.95) with filet mignon and pan-seared scallops.

"The fish tacos," says Fisher, "are phenomenal."

Correction 12/5/12: This is the 10th Burtons location, not the ninth.

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Daily market catches? What waters do these come from -- and on which day were they caught?

Sounds fishy.

"...the chain favors lifestyle centers like Stonefield where retail and leisure activities are geared toward upscale consumers."

"Lifestyle centers"? Seriously? Almost shot coffee out of my nose with that bit of hoity-toity jargon.

Question: Did the Hook actually interview marketing director Courtney Fisher or just cut-and-paste what she told them to print?

Yes, but is the noodle place open yet?

I ain't eating nothing that comes form the Mechums or Moormans! :)

Some reliable advice on ordering seafood anywhere...if you can't see the water, forget about anything seafood related even if labled "fresh" or "catch of the day".

@justsaying Terrible advice. Thanks for sharing!

I see the usual h8rs circle jerk is in full swing. Carry on.

@Mall Walker...Who's the pivot man?'re so right. Like the term "gastropub." Pathetic, some of these people.

Another gem from the company: "We have a strong commitment to allergy awareness." One of the truly sickest quotes I have heard in a long time.

I did not know Stonefield was a "leisure center." I thought that term had naughty connotations. Next time my daughter's boyfriend comes over to take her on a date, I think I will look at him with a scowl and growl: "Be home by 11. And you, young man, stay away from her leisure center."

R.I.P.: Dave Brubeck

Yes Noodles & Co. opened on Monday!

I think it's great that the small town is getting a bit of the big city. I've been waiting 6 1/2 years for Trader Joe's. May they all thrive.

Menu prices are lower in Virginia Beach and Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Are you going to pay $12.95 for a cheeseburger?

For that money, Duner's or Bonefish are better deals with great food!

i paid 12 bucks for a burger at a certain burger bar downtown, and it tasted like five guys.

Five guys has a far better burger than anywhere on the mall imho.

Hurray for gluten free! But where will anyone park?