Rose Hill foreclosure not representative of city values



Stephen L. & Barbara J. Wheeler to Karen M. Wheeler, 111 Hartford Court, $138,500

Teresa D. Caddell to Bank of America, 1451 Avon Street, $99,875

Francis Carcuccio & Julie Innes to H. Robert & Cynthia W. Brashear, 302 12th Street NE, $225,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Cava Capital, LLC, 1231 Agnese Street, $110,100



Bank of New York Mellon to Lee T.,  Jessica T., Joyce Ann Moore, 108 Woodlake Drive, $80,000

Lynn M. & Rober L. Green, Jr. to David J. & Kirstie E. Treccariche & Bradford Lee Sensabaugh, 111 Hessian Hills Ridge, Unit 3, $104,000

David Lee & Cynthia Hash to April M. Hash, 1354 Villa Way, Unit A. $118,000

Argent Development LLC to Brandy Gentry, 1677 Coles Rolling Road, $122,000

Mary Carter Lee to Federal National Mortgage Association, 255 Samuels Road, $182,124

Craig Enterprises, Inc. to Samuel D. Craig III, 1232 Old Trail Drive, $270,000

Peter L. & Michelle M. Lewis to Jennifer & Donald M. Sims, Jr. , 3483 Preddy Creek Road, $315,000

Gary L. Hagar to Anthony & Barbara Spellman Joint Revocable Trust, 600 Brighton Drive, $315,000

NVR, Inc. to Dennis & Tara R. Hohenshelt, 1557 Wickham Pond Drive, $371,930

Marjorie Pennington to Norman E. & Carolyn J. Mcgough, 1874 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, $437,500

John A. Keaton to Stephan Hawranke, 180 W. Main Street, $550,000


US Bank National Association to Donald E. Soechting & Julie M. Harlan, 707 Forest Street, $17,700

John S. Beard to Matthew J. Hodyno, 428 5th Street SW, $190,000

Bart C. Neumann to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 2306 Fontaine Avenue, $155,836 (foreclosure)



US Bank National Association to Maggie Magdeline Morris, 576 Maxfield Road, $57,500

Denise R. Cade & John W. Perry, Jr. to William E. & Jennifer J. Doar, 2908 Catlett Road, $150,000

Virginia Dianne Ainsley & Cornelia M. Wood to Kenneth & Monica Van Zandt, 881 Zion Hill Road, $150,000

Christopher W. Morris to Zhamshid A. Aliyev, 123 Woodstock Drive, $235,000

NVR, Inc. to Donald S. & Catherine H. Matthews, 1487 Wickham Pond Drive, $237,375

Stephen M. & Amy E. Barbour to Ralph E. & Annelle A. Disimone, 4357 Chris Greene Lake Road, $247,000

Sherrill L. & Robert A. Stramara to Steven & Linda Bock,1433 Ballard Drive, $279,500

Andrew P. & Amy E. Ritchie to Andrew M. & Sara J. Kovanen, 2049 Brownstone Lane,  $409,000


Ellen C. Dietrick to Kyle C. & Elizabeth M. Savage, 439 Fairway Avenue, $215,000



Sarah C. & Douglas F. Gibson, Jr. to Ronald E. & Christine M. Erskine, 5.10 Acres, TM 64-22D, $20,000

Octopus Property, LLC to William B. & Jane E. Craddock, 310 Riverbend Drive, Unit 4D, $112,500

Octopus Property, LLC to Michael & Margery Stalch, 280 Riverbend Drive, Unit 2D, $120,000

Steven Belcher & Monique Moshier to Joshua F. & Amanda C. Smith, 159 Buttercup Lane, $223,000

Craig Enterprises, Inc. to John F. & Carolyn R. Brauner, 4634 Mechums River Road, $359,199

Avon Properties, LLC to Craig Enterprises, Inc., TM 91A, Parcels 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, Avinity, $455,784


Octopus Properties, LLC to Nadeem & Anjum Malik, 715 Walker Square, Unit 3B, $190,000

Anna Parker to Andrew J. & Julie L. Rotherham, 1102 Forest Hills Avenue, $185,000

Jimmy A. Dorman to Baron Ten, LLC, 602 Montrose Avenue, $60,000


Wickham Two Holdings, Ltd. to NVR, Inc., 1470 Wickham Pond Drive, $77,500

Marti Spry to Monacan 777, LLC, 777 Monacan Trail Road, $148,000

Stephanie Kim Isaacs To Karen E. Zvarych, 1511 Buck Road, $151,000

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Timothy M. & Shirley A. Lehigh, 1245 Pounding Creek Road, $158,000

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Checking the records, that Forrest St. place that went for $17+K originally went to foreclosure several years ago with the borrower owing some $165K. Now there's some deleveraging for you. I looked at it several years ago when the bank briefly listed it with a realtor, but it had been so trashed by its former occupant and had suffered the ravages of transients camping in it that it was already a teardown property even then.