Bald eagle in Greenwood

Afton resident Ruby Hutchinson was making her usual morning commute to Charlottesville on U.S. 250 recently when she spotted an example of our national bird perched on a tree near the recently-sold Ramsay farm.

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We live in Dyke and had a bald eagle perched on our barn about 2 weeks ago. The Roach River borders our property so I'm guessing he/she was fishing! I have a photo my hubby took, if I can figure out how to post it, I will. They're beautiful to see!

See them on a fairly regular basis where I live. When I was growing up there were none around-that was when they were on verge of extinction.
The recovery of the Bald Eagle is a wonderful conservation success story. We also should give much thanks to Ed Clark and the Wildlife Center for all the work they do rehabilitating injuries eagles and other birds and returning them to the wild.

I saw one last year out near Polo Grounds Road near the Rivanna. There are also MANY more hawk sightings than just a decade ago in my neighborhood.

Saw one here in Louisa a few months ago, the crows were having a fit over it.

A year or two ago saw one flying down the Rivanna north of Free Bridge.

There is one that has been seen regularly in the Afton/Nellysford area along the Rockfish River. It's been around for at least 6 years. I wonder if some of the other sitings might be offspring, or vice versa!


I belive I have seen the one you speak of roosted in a tree ,Twice in 2008 , both times across from the OLD OLD route 6 turn-off east side of Afton Mountain ( where the tombstones sit beside the road) . He/She was up in that tree right beside that building, I thought it was fake the first time and turned back to much surprise to get a chance to see one as I never have before.

This a gorgeous photo !

Ruby Hutchinson

oh and I forgot to say , GREAT PICTURE !

I was surprised to see one this week too! Near the Barboursville Winery.

A male adult was also seen last Saturday by bird club members at Ivy Creek on the monthly first Saturday walk.

Saw four bald eagles in Williamsburg next to two wolves next to a griffin. Majestic