Who is the local person of the year?


Mr. Micciche nailed it. No one else comes close.

Works for me too (David Toscano). We're lucky to have someone of his acuity, energy, and integrity working on our behalf.

Not disagreeing, but what exactly has he done for us?

The debate for person of the year begins and ends with Ty Cooper. First off, his diversity shows are the number one thing bring diversity to Charlottesville. In doing these comedy shows he bought Funny Man Skiba to Charlottesville FOUR TIMES! Comics almost never come to the same city in back to back years, but the funny man did four shows here this year.

Ty brought diversity to the Paramount theater THIS MONTH with a comedy show that featured five headlining comics, some of whom were even funny. The 570 people in attendance have never had a more diverse time in there lives.

Whenever the Cville or Hook needs to do a story about what is going on in Charlottesville Ty Cooper is always at the ready to point out how full of racial hatred the white locals of Charlottesville act, be they comics, club owners or people who get their clothes cleaned at other dry cleaning establishments.

He is also a tireless advocate for the homeless. When attending shows on the downtown mall one of the highlights is being accosted by the homeless people out in front of the venue handing out flyers for Ty's next show. One told me that he hopes to get paid for the work in the near future.

Ty's neverending devotion to the environment comes through in his Eco Dry cleaners, a shining light from Charlottesville that leads the rest of the country down the path of a green future. This modern day George Jefferson is a black Al Gore in leading the country to a more ecologically healthy future.

Nothing against David Toscano but clearly Ty Cooper has done more for Charlottesville than any other human ever could possibly hope to do.

I think the "homeless" should be the person of the year, in similar vein to Time's Person of the Year in 2011. The women/children/men who grapple with this issue either as individuals or families have pushed to the forefront conversations about this City and this County as it pertains to poverty, disparity, opportunity, equality, encroachment, constitutional liberties, economic viability vs. human viability,etc.etc. For these reasons, I would like to see the homeless as person of the year.

I agree with Sue. But, who is more "of the year", the homeless or the people helping the homeless, like Ty Cooper?

"UVa Faculty/Community" Terry Sullivan was GONE. Not going, but GONE. Resignation signed. BOV moving on.

I think if you asked President Sullivan who the person of year should be her nomination would be those that stood by her, demanded more transparency, contacted delegates, called the governor's office, and rattled the cages of the BOV. It was the UVa community: faculty, staff, students, and alumni who very vocally said "Hell NO"

Sorry cant go with Terry Sullivan. Even tho faculty will see a raise, the rank and file staff have not had a raise in years. Yes they will get a one-time bonus (less taxes) so dont think she has as much goodwill among them as she thinks.

Gotta be Helen Dragas. No other person's single action in the area this year had the impact that hers did. Because of Helen's poor tactics, UVa is stuck for several more years with Sullivan and that drama queen Simon (the man who the FOIA'd emails showed first thought he might be appointed the new prez, then pretended to be morally offended by the ouster after it became clear he wasn't the BOV's preferred guy, then penned the excuse response to the accreditation commission claiming that all required procedures were appropriately followed, and now in response to the commission's warning signed the UVa statement refusing toi admit UVa did anything wrong and trumpeting the minor tinkering changes that the commission has obviously not found to be adequate). Thanks a lot, Helen, thanks a whole lot.

Chip Harding!

Diversity Fan...I second that. Additional people of the year could be:
Tai Babalonia
Ty Cobb
Ty Webb
Tyra Banks
Tye River
Thai Food
Ty Wunon
Kevin Tighe

What a diverse group we have. Now the world is perfect!

R.I.P.: Dag Hammerskjold

Richard Lloyd ... for constantly sticking to facts, science, and good government principles while trying to fight The Nature Conservancy's theft of Charlottesville's water resources.

Just listen to the podcasts of The Schilling Show ... and compare his reasoned analysis with the hysterics of provably false 'heavy metals in the reservoir,' etc.

We need more people like Mr. Lloyd in our government ... not just in our newspapers.

Helen Dragas?

Bill Crutchfield for his innovation and committment to boosting local jobs.

Matthew Franko, or Matteus Frankovitch if you prefer his more pretentious pseudonym, for his spectacular flame out.