Vigil for Sage: Dozens turn out for missing Charlottesville teen

Approximately 50 people came out on Saturday night, December 8, for a vigil to call attention to the case of missing Charlottesville teen Dashad "Sage" Smith. The 19-year-old vanished on November 20, two days before Thanksgiving, after reportedly making plans to meet with a Charlottesville man, Erik McFadden, whom police are also now seeking.

Attendees, accompanied by a police escort, walked from Smith's grandmother's house on Orangedale Avenue to the Amtrak Station lot on West Main Street, where the group, which included Charlottesville City Councilor Dave Norris and local NAACP head Rick Turner, gathered and generated ideas for how to keep Smith's name in the news and keep pressure on investigators to find the teen and bring to justice anyone responsible for his disappearance.

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Please stop misgendering Sage.

Midgendering? He does not have a guys equipment? DNA?

I wish we had the resources BACK from the HUGE WASTE the VSP spent chasing down people because of from the VILE, EVIL slime at FM and blinkoncrime. and the Morgan Harrington case.

Shannon the queen of TRASH should be PROUD, I cannot help but wonder what we could do for this missing boy/girl and or just Sage works for me ,if we had the FUNDS so many were led to WASTE .

Sage will NEVER see the attention Morgan did. EVER,.... say what you will but it's true. I used to get upset about it , now its part of my next project to try and help correct this.

I hope Sage is found safe and sound !

Another project I will do in about three years when the HOOK COMMENTS boards are then VINTAGE.

I may sing and dance for quarters in front go the HOOK cam to pay for a new comment system .

MY GOD...The Hook is like a little piece of Americana.........but man VINTAGE commnets

Shannon's up to something by rebranding herself Christina. Not sure what it's all about. Maybe she'll get a series of first names to go with her many aka last names. Maybe she's ashamed of the havoc she's wreaked in this case or the way she jeopardized the investigation by trying to scoop everyone with the sketch.

As Dakota points out, I can't imagine the resource drain she caused. If nothing else, she caused the tip lines to be flooded with her crackpot theories, which meant some poor cops had to spend time sorting through the bogus tips to find any possible real ones. She recently bragged that she sent a 40 (forty!) page 'report' to the police about one bit player in the saga. OMG. Can you imagine how much they must still laughing about that? If you've seen what passes for logic over there, you can imagine how convoluted and cockamamie it must have been.

Thank goodness she is not 'covering' poor Sage's disappearance. She probably would do more harm than good.

Gender=/= Sex.

Sex is genetic/anatomical. Gender is performative. Read you some Judit Butler. Stop misgendering Sage.

Yes ......speaking of vile garbage that was part of the clan that forced me to move what little family I had left 60 miles north back with their Mother while I slept here with ol grandma and her 5 00 buck sisters in bed with sidearm as the reverse cowboy wanna be pi's were turned loose tramping through yards , going through cars, trash and scaring your family ,sending the cops running to your door the news calling .... It was time for a COME TO JESUS MEETING for a couple idiots. . They can troll online all they want...enjoy their freedom of speech and call me a murderer....BUT You step near my family ...always remember as some learned.... I DO NOT CALL THE POLICE , I will be judged by 12 not carried by 6 , and never will a judge ever say or be record of I ever denied a thing i had to stand before him that i did wrong...If I GOT caught and I did it I took my meds... you come near my family you can bet I have planned the event before you get here for me to have the upper hand and a good chance i wont be in front of the judge as some may have learned. I will see to it its in your best interst not to call the cops or your headed to the pen as you may find yourself staring at me as i may have just walked you into commiting a felony (the one with sidearm) and i dont lose billion dolla EMPIRES :) ..or was i dreaming vividly again ...I still get confused maybe this never happened . Sure has been quiet around here since.
Its simple, if you can help from a distance, fine, DONT go to peoples homes because a pack of idiots on a website that have no common care for ANYBODY tells you too. If you do prepare to face the music, I know I have spent years having to get places maybe I shouldnt have , to get an answer...about 50K in medical bils and surguries and pictures to prove what some people will do to protect something they want to protect, for me its family, some people it can be anything they will kill you over . I got what I was after and i payed the price for it.... make sure you are ready to pay the price when you threaten a mans family, better yet I always ask myself if what I am doing is worth dying for because most people in the dark are not as calm as me or go through the trouble of being reasonable when you are sneaking around in the dark , even less reasonable when you are armed.

I beta shut up ..... when you been chasing a monster for 40 years you tend to need your constituional lawyer buddy from the C-ville empire proof reading as sweat rolls from his brow or be real sure the statute of limitations have run out before you public :)

I am doing a little heart work now ( I learned that from that Jane or jillian vace lady). a few years ago I would have thought that lady to be a kook ( i have grown) ...I ran accross her video and listened to her several times...That lady has a soul of gold..... I took a break from chasing monsters and doing some happy work , kinda hard and pays nothing , but its important to me so I like the term HEART WORK she used, I had never heard it .

Besides we dont want to say to much and have LE back to the chasing blinkoncrime BS TIPS as LE should have EVERY resource they can spare on the SAGE case as NOBODY can hurt Morgan ever again and another person is missing. I think the Harringtons will understand as I also think asking them to get into the Sage case this soon may be too much.

The truth always comes out and we can hope for the best, I wish I knew something that could help, the last time I am going to say it... LE knows what I KNOW ..if I did lol..I would still never call the cops :) but I will call the lady that helped me focus and gave me the courage to type about 5000 more words that I took back because I thought I was ready to vent ..and have her tell Lt Rader,..... NO THANKS lol I dont want to see those suckers for least until I go back to chasing monsters maybe say june or july and i am sure we will run into each other lol... we have my whole life .

one funny thing I held back...just a snark. Imagine a 5 yo boy from crimora ends up in a fine mansion in Nelson County .40 years later I HAVE moving video of that boy running through huge boxwood mazes in front of said fine mansion . no sound but a color freaking movie. WHAT SAY YOU JPJA ? I wouldnt know where to start to tell just a couple events I went through to get that movie over 35 years ....Ol Dakota will never tell a story i dont have the hard facts to prove on seriouse subjects . Incluing 8 mm film that CANNOT be denied by the finest of estableshments. I went to tell a few tid bits and it scared me ...sweet jesus..thank GOD i have hard facts for most of it.....what a ride its been .. more to come


Unfortunately, the police are faced with the same challenge as they were with Morgan: an adult is allowed to disappear if they want to, and it's hard to know whether something bad has happened to them or if they've left of their own free will. I hope in this case, it's the latter, but it must be horrible not knowing where this beloved person is.

I hope the family doesn't end up hiring a PR firm to whitewash Sage's reputation, because I like her the way she is. If she doesn't return, I would hope she can be remembered as the wonderful, colorful, complicated person that she was. Messy life and all.

This should be about Sage, not about taking pot shots at those involved in the Harrington case. This family has to be suffering terribly; don’t make it worse by turning this page into a circus. The family will do whatever they have to do to bring Sage home and whatever that is I hope they aren’t judged harshly for it. May Sage be reunited with her family soon.

Yes, let's hope Sage comes home safely.

Billions spent on education and most of the remarks here are linguistically and conceptually incoherent. China number 1!

Anja , trust me I hear ya , I almost scare myself the way i look and hear things today.

One of the things I left out was the girl I lost would be looking at that big 40 yesterday :) .

Birthdays help you type :) , you know EVENTS , dates , people heal but the scars are their to remind us the past is real ( somehwere in a song) .

I guess I was hinting about the comment sysytem here over and over like an idiot because of how I felt. I have always liked the "guirky liberal rag" as a friend calls it from C-ville and when I had emotional attached Morgans monster to mine.... they were ON Morgans case and did a great job and the first place i headed. hoping for good news.


if I had one of those DAYS where I wanted to vent and I could only have the courage to do so would be with my mask on and I was in the situation of The predator who took Morgan and had to be real careful and not say the wrong thing = NEVER IN A MIILION years would I post the first word at the HOOK EVER. See , I can ramble like a lunatic and maybe say something stupid hit enter and I may get in trouble for something stupid i done.... but if I hit enter as a guy that that has killed a girl and I CANNOT BACK UP and change what I said . FORGET even seeing the guy who preyed on Morgan after he sees that blinkonslime and FM crowd chasing ever out of context word or something he CANNOT change.

Then there is the powertool the HOOK could have become , because anything I do here as I type and backup and start over or making sure or whatever can be watch me ramble and change the name or date so I feel like I tell just enough to stay out of trouble.

but one mistake doesnt lead me back to dead PEOPLE or a crime I hurt anybody.

with that said I kept thinking if a 5 yo boy can keep a secret 43 years before they ever tell ANYBODY because something that was near and dear to them had been threatened. I would feel a violent predator that was smart enough to abduct Morgan from that venue and everything that would have went right could NOT be an accident.... he is smart enough to be sure to cover his tracks and never go ANYWHERE he cant back up , he CANT control.

The venue was hunting grounds , it had what he was looking for .... the long cooling period tells me he will need to say something to somebody...somehow....THE HOOK WAS HOT at the time and it was a good venue.. to do everything I think a sick demented monster like him would do ...... fit in act concerned just something just cruel enough he felt her parents felt it ... prod the police but just caring enough to get by with it . .anything to pass the time because he cannot shop for prey, he cannot control the situation but he needs to ( kinda tell) half truths show he is smarter than police but he is desperate to vent but he cant just back up if he cant control the situation and he is near and dear to getting his hands on the next girl , i feel he is only protecting himself its the only thing important to himand he is an adult... if he doesnt feel comfortable HE WILL NOT TELL, he cant..he never will if hwat is most important is threatened.

In my lunacy i keep thinking if that 5 yo kid 40 years ago had a PC/mask he would had prodded and pushed and shoped somehwere he felt comfortable...he may have to be very careful need to control the situation and quyielty look for help or a way to find it.

The predator has a mask he will seek his needs and if he pulled of this case he is online often and cant help but feel since no recent dna hits anywhere that he has struck.

keep in mind I dont feel Morgan ever was hitchhicking nor moved from the spot she dropped her stuff ( thants my theory = feelings) and that sans battery has knawded at me since i heard it the evil..basterd told me a story there...... he was prodding and i dont think he can resist. AND here is where my angel from the EVIL EMPIRE who seen me with MY MASK ON , who to this day scares me LOL, NO WAY no how could I ever had any fun with that woman. MY God she read me to the core of my soul with a MASK on and she taught me to to ramble away someday and tell somebody what i was really screaming and why :) and it was ok to scream it when I felt like it tell them you felt like sybal trying to think for Morgan and the police and the mosnter , tell them you were screaming for Morgan to stay calm , try not to cry and think think think , try to be quiet , i know its scary but you can do this..pray to jesus Morgan like mom said , I know its dark , feel feel everywhere, but go slow he may hear you, I wish I had time to explain EVERYTHING morgan and how it gets better but right now you just have to think , WE just have to think , can you smell anything...oh yea see now you got it Morgan , see how you can now feel vibration you can feel them like never before...HE WALKING try to stay quiet i know its hard .. STOP before I switch over to Paula and stop saying Morgan= lunatic train because I was saying these things but that gut feeling i get sometimes that had saved me...and many times guided me . I DONT FOR A SECOND FEEL MORGAN EVER KNEW WHAT HAPPENED to the core of my soul I keep thinking through it and the tools she had , how much bigger smarter she how loud she could yell , kick scream fight ...even a man ... I KNOW IN MY SOUL SHE WOULD HAVE made some kind of sound and SOMETHING would have stood out , she would have gained a special gift , a burt of energy...superhuman..or think think think...HE NEVER GAVE HER A CHANCE...SHE NEVER HAD A CHANCE , I think Morgan was not ready to play his game , she would not pretend , he was NOT GOING TO MAKE HER FEEL FILTHY ... and she had some fire in her.... but I also feel the monster was ready for her , he set the trap he wanted something and he planed it out to the teeeee, to him it was perfect he will control everything when the right ONE comes along that is close enough I will grab her and she will come with me and HE MET MORGAN ( warning to the SHE WAS DRUNK, SHE WAS STUPID, SHE ASK FOR IT ) go away= you still trigger me !!!!!!!!!! LOL (just kidding primadonna from the EVIL EMPIRE ( does that sound crazy enough. and read my stories..keep cause I will find you HAHAHAHHAHA GO AWAY. DONT PROD ME ( wow does that look trolling , its not just cut me some slack ) but I wont go into much more than I think MORGAN just never even seen it comming the GUY FAILED it was over he dumped her and he is stewing BECAUSE SHE BEAT HIM she may have never even thrown a bunch but forcing his failer she SLAYED HIM and I CAN FEEL IT . , he had all the tools and SHE WON.... HE KNOWS I can smell it , I know he has been around but but he is smart....I looked at his mugshot and laughed when i seen it...I swear I didnt mean really wasnt funny I cannot explain it... because i had heard this guy people think hurt morgan was SHARP and online... rumors here in there seperated his face from what he had done and just LAUGHED. Its true when you cant judge a boy by his cover. He looks like he still using a VCR.. I am like for real this guy is outsmarting the VSP and and EVERYBODY.

and i didnt even get to the part where i would have mixed LISTEN morgan/paula the VSP are messing up hang in their girl big brother is on the way like i always am ... but I got to play stupid, stay quiet we dont want the police to know , like always they wont understand. ... WHAT DO YOU mean you cannot triangulate a location on a cell phone its my sister FOR GOD SAKE so what if i have 50000 online comments screaming stick to the constitution this is MY SISTER , grumble grumble stomp stomp. BINGO, I knew it got an EXTRA TOOL look at all these sherrifs and VSP standing around ( understanding ever word I was saying....AND WHAT I HAD SCREAMED ON line and seen my anguishe and their HANDS were tied....( BUT I STILL DONT LIKE you because I OUTSMARTED YOU ... this would have been in a MORGAN ( in the box ramble) ... I have a friend who was jerked out of a local school for hacking into the pentagon by the FBI or SECRET SERVICE I cant remember ...think DAKOTA think . Paula is missing and AUSTIN is the tool the VSP dont have and he thinks the world of you Paula. think Dakota you cant call him , you dont have time to email ....think think think...oh ok...get your act together DAKOTA ..pull it together, wisper in his ear , its your last result your hands are get caught this is BIG.tell him to just keep quiet and let you handle this....BUT YOU MUST TELL HIM IN A WAY he feels you to your core, you cant mess up because he wants to help you and HOLD YOU back........and look it looks like he is begging just think fast ok ..BOOM wisper wisper = I thought you would never ASK. GO GO GO GO anyway...boy gets in record = pentagon or dell or roses or I cant remeber hires him ring ring BOOM here is where she should be drive fast fast fast look look look .. look look lok ( lol trying to act a little crazier here looks funny even to me ) but you get the picture GIRL VSP calling me if they can talk to her LOL = UM NO sorry I found her finders keepers.... DAKOTA bring her = NOPE SORRY put such and such on phone =( hello hi ok ...YEA YEA YEA thanks for looking for me . I know the secret :) here no more from VSP HAPPY ENDING.....then the next , then the next time, the looking on the mall ugggg this gets tiring .. wonder why I will never stop = scratch head.

ENOUGH because its also ok to go with my gut and why i feel

I keep thinking what the prey would do then I keep thinking the the evil one ...I dont know almost the same thing to me and he has more tools a 10 20 years of skills ??? on a 5 yo and better tools = PC . ok rambled enough i need to spill it . HE BEAT me too ,.......MAN I got away , had a rescue of my little sis = life life life and then the PC literate predator outsmarts me so i have to admit I missed one. I will give you your victory . looks like you outsmarted everybody including me . I can be a man and admit me some time..but I admit I got tired , fristrated and beat down. besides you would never play with me anyway- I know it and you know it , you dont want to play cat and gotta have all the tools.... LOL I will never understand that you KNOW MORGAN beat you and you FAILED and you run and hide like a little girl ..... I was so scared to prod you too much thinking you would hurt somebody I just couldnt take a chance you had the extra tool , you didnt care who you hurt... I didnt want to give you all my secrets because i knew it would make you stronger, I had secrets to hide...well i swore i would talk directly to you because freaks would think I knew you :) and did not understand my lunacy here :) YOU WON this one , I cant prove Morgan won but I know it...I can feel it , but to finish my ramble to you whoever you are. I think I might get a second chance after i rest up.....I have no reason other than my gut feeling.....their is a freghttrain headed your way boy and i can feel the vibration...You got me down.... you wore me out you will never come back here i know it . But I feel like you are so close to being snached up and thrown in a cage i can tase it... I hope it today...but prolly next year , year after ? I dont know, but i think they have you in a trap , you are cornered but doing ok, they gonna get ya.... and then i get another shot, I am going to crush your last tool before you get to use it . You know what your type will do when they get you on that stand....when you are caged up raging you got caught ...but i think you wont be mad you just got caught..YOU MAD CAUSE Morgan beat you and you never gave her a chance and i am going to beat you to your game.... before you try to make up the story to drive a knife into the family and friends of Morgan as you cook up some superhero story of WHAT YOU DID. some vile evil story so you can lash out because you aint never getting out of that BOX BOY...NEVER and I am going to take your voice away... and its never happened yet so i can just ramble and ramble on what you will try to say....and do as you try to cover up your story and think you won.

he he he , I just may get ya :) . because I get a fair shot...... I may be able to get em to tape yourmouth shut and see if my senses are right or i can shame you to shut up :). You better think up a good story quick that last tool aint gonna work on the harringtons I am sure of it they will have their armor on and I will try my best to stay strong and tell them what i feel you will do.. I may have to ramble and they cant look at my vile words but I can feel your next move because I can feel a good vibe.. I wish I could get that gut feeling it was real soon but I CANT..ugggg but I DO have a STRONG feeling they go you cornered. AS STRONG as I know Morgan wipped you boy....

catch you on the flip flop....

wow..look at that lunacy... feels good knowing stinkonslime will never drive me back in a box.... AGAIN .


no real check for errors :) giggles and one last thing I wish the hook could control who interacts and keeps the trolls out when they see then.... oh wait giggles

I think thats what the Vance lady meant by having to leave the raw in ? .I just had to run right into it .

LOL god help who has to approve it and go throught that mess :)

but it felt good.

blame it on my ADD

to the people looking for SAGE . GET LOUD....REAL LOUD , catch a warmer day and get right down their where he was last seen. Come on people, if us white folk try to get anybody together I will show up with three old people in lawn chairs....pssst sage is black dont tell anybody thnigs work different . NOT just the police...the people.

But you black folk, you know how to get loud have fun and make it worth while. MAKES SOME NOISE. FILL THOSE STREETS

WOW you got 50 people or more this time , next , i bet you throw a block party on a warmer sat eveining and make enough white folk nervouse they may send some MORE help your way . They wont wanna be doing all that pearl clutching to get by for long .

I widsh you all the luck.....

"I widsh you all the luck"????? What language are you speaking? What is your point? Do you have one?

@Dakota...brevity is the soul of wit.

@ those playing the race have a perfect ally in Rick Turner, Cville's answer to Al Sharpton (so much credibility there!).

This kid is missing, what kind of "complicated life" does he/she have? Does that complicate the search for him/her? Those crying about Sage's skin color or economic class seem to forget how little news coverage missing folks from other counties get. I read some stories when a man from Fluvanna went missing years back; he was never found. Then another man from Fluvanna went missing over a year ago; some stories immediately after, but not as many as this story. Both men were white.

Stop being racists. Do you think a person with Chief Longo's experience, having been nurtured up the ladder in the Baltimore PD and then having spend a decade here, would be so ignorant of public perception that he would drag his feet on a search because of some race or sexual devaluation of the person's worth? If anything, he'd be more vigilant to keep race-baiters like Rick Turner and Dave Norris at bay.

R.I.P.: Morton Solomom

Hey, it's Sage's birthday. There will be a rainbow balloon release in Lee Park at 5:30 today, according to the facebook page. Near the downtown main library. Bring a balloon and show your support.

I'm all for supporting Sage's family and finding her, but everyone should be aware the releasing 50+ normal balloons within an hour is actually illegal in Virginia.

§ 29.1-556.1. Release of certain balloons prohibited; civil penalty.

A. It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly release or cause to be released into the atmosphere within a one-hour period fifty or more balloons which are (i) made of a nonbiodegradable or nonphotodegradable material or any material which requires more than five minutes' contact with air or water to degrade and (ii) inflated with a substance which is lighter than air. Any person who violates this section shall be liable for a civil penalty not to exceed five dollars per balloon released above the allowable limit, which shall be paid into the Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Endowment Fund established pursuant to § 29.1-101.1.

B. The provisions of this section shall not apply to (i) balloons released by or on behalf of any agency of the Commonwealth, or the United States or pursuant to a contract with the Commonwealth, the United States, or any other state, territory or government for scientific or meteorological purposes or (ii) hot air balloons that are recovered after launch.

@laenir: killjoy.

By the way, I hope you're married if you're messing around:

§ 18.2-344. Fornication.

Any person, not being married, who voluntarily shall have sexual intercourse with any other person, shall be guilty of fornication, punishable as a Class 4 misdemeanor.

(Code 1950, §§ 18.1-188, 18.1-190; 1960, c. 358; 1975, cc. 14, 15.)

Is dakota the guilty party? Returning to the scene?

Dakota's already been investigated. I think that's part of the rant, and part of the vitriol against the blogger (who by the way has been proven wrong yet again now that an arrest has been made in Vanessa Pham's murder. Bloggy thought it was the same bad guy who killed Morgan. bwa ha ha, silly blogger!)

I hope there was a good turnout for Sage's balloon release.

For the love of God, please refer to Sage with the proper pronouns.

I doubt very much that anyone means any disrespect by the use of pronouns, the rules for which are probably poorly understood among people outside of the LGBT community (which would be MOST people). I think most people just hope that Sage is safe somewhere, and will make contact with friends or loved ones. That's really the bigger concern here.

Actually, forget the pronouns. Did this guy actually change his name legally in court? If not, please stop referring to him as "Sage." His name is Dashad. I love all types...LGBT and sometimes Y.

R.I.P.: Divine

Regarding the title, "Vigil for Sage" and trying to keep respect for this missing person and family, I am wondering if Mr. Dakota feels that there is a connection between this case and the Harrington case( since a great deal of his comment involves that). Would Sage's personna as a woman have been a factor in the disappearance? In any case, I so hope Sage's family will keep the faith and persevere. I can tell there is alot of love and anguish here. Have the friends been located yet to shed some light on all this or perhaps have they disappeared having seen or known something that places them in danger as well? Could there possibly be any connection with Samantha Clarke's case? So much heartache....

Call her Sage because that's her name. Her status as a transperson may have something to do with why she went missing (violence against transpeople is super common), and referring to her the right way is a sign of respect.

I'd think that the prime suspects in Samantha Clarke's disappearance would be the girlfriend of the guy she had just started liking, and the guy himself. Those triangles can end badly. I guess they need to find the poor girl in order to build a case. The Hook did a great story on it, and the older guy who figues into the mix.

Who on earth allows Dakota to use a computer? Is this person from Earth? I don't live for reading the Hook and had forgotten some of D's DT filibustering, but who lets this person post?
Dakota is a great argument for censorship--or for keeping up with your meds if you are deeply, resoundingly psycotic.

To NOFX: Best wishes to Sage's family and good luck with the search. Sounds like Charlottesville still has a lurking opportunistic "taker" of slight young attractive females. If the people who know the Morgan "taker" had come forward, perhaps this would not have happened. My prayers to the family

To Cat who said, "If the people who know the Morgan "taker" had come forward, perhaps this would not have happened" thoughts exactly but praying that this is not the case. May Sage return healthy and safe...

Well..that's Dakota.. a message within a message within a message..fwiw..its at least good to see what most of us saw..only for some of us a little too late. All my prayers and blessings to Sage's family.. I'm close to some of his friends though I've never gotten to meet him before. I truly and most sincerely hope he returns safe and unharmed. Sage seems and from those that have given have been a very beautiful soul. And I truly believe that!
Since other cases I've vowed myself not to mingle or meddle amongst others..there is too much
Detriment caused to those that innocently want too..try too..or reach out to help. I cannot speak for others..however, I will always be supportive to this family missing their dearest Sage right now and I'd be happy to keep ears and eyes open and report to friends if it presents itself.

News outlets are reporting that police are searching a Richmond landfill hoping to find evidence.

Anja, just saw your post. Please keep us posted, as I am sure Courteney will do. In the meantime, prayers for all involved.

One story said the police were there for several hours today, and set up a tent and lights and might be there up to 2 more days. Looking at a specific section of the landfill.

Hoping for the best of all possible outcomes.

I too, hope for the best...

Have they found him yet??? If not i hope hes ok...