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Person of the year
When the UVA Board of Visitors axed the school's first female president in June, the school was thrown into tumult and the future of higher education in general was called into question not only in Charlottesville, but around the country. Months after her reinstatement, it's clear that in Charlottesville in 2012, no one had a greater impact than Teresa Sullivan.

UVA rebuke
Talk about an unwanted present... two weeks before Christmas, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools puts UVA on warning status for its handling of Teresa Sullivan's firing. What does it mean for the school?

Tow trouble
Weeks after he allegedly drew his weapon during a dispute over towing, Lee Hoff, owner of the Fry's Spring Exxon station property, is arrested. Did he break the law?

El Salvador to Keswick
Juan Hernandez has come a long way from an El Salvadorian orphanage. These days, the husband and father of three is cooking up meals for families, weddings, and institutions through his Keswick-based catering biz, but he hasn't forgotten his roots.

On the cover (of this 40-page issue):
That's the president of the local university as photographed by UVA's Jane Haley and then pixellated by the Hook's graphic art staff.

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