Architecture helps speed sale on Carlton



Amparo G. LaRue to Tara L. Beuscher, 5496 Hill Top Street, $210,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jonathan W. & Emily L. Rutledge, 1220 Amber Ridge Road, $242,000

Meghann Keely & William I. Morrill to William R. & Marjorie N. Pennington, 505 Pebble Hill Court, $267,500


Monkey Land, LLC to Curtis-Alexander, LLC, 1102 Carlton Avenue, $248,000

Carolyn G. Thompson to Gabriel & Elizabeth T. Rodriguez, 2231 Banbury Street, $218,500

Oscar A. & Elena F. Echevarria to Charles D. & Cynthia W. Smith, 1827 Brandywine Drive, $490,000



Redus VA Housing LLC to Southern Property LLC, TM 56H-1-2, .12 Acres, Lot 2 Phase 1, Westhall, $52,000

Chadwick A. & Amanda K. Rose to Virginia Ballengee, 2313 Rose Hill Church Lane, $215,000

Thomas J. & Julie C. Lanahan to Erin Leblanc & Christopher Wilson, 395 Wildwood Court, $250,000

Roger L. Adams, Trustee to Anthony Bernard John Willett & Durga Pokhrel, 104 Whetstone Place, $607,000


Octopus Property LLC to Sean & Amy Swindell, 755 Walker Square, Unit 2D, $185,000

Ellen Woodlawn to Preston Avenue Land Trust, 1007 Preston Avenue, $100,000



Daisy E. Wallace to Jennifer Goodwin, 1620 Pughs Store Road, $77,000

Octopus Property LLC to Michael Fitzgeorge & Ellen Hughes, 280 Riverbend Drive, Unit 4B, $115,000

William C. & Jane S. Jagger to Carolyn G. Thompson, 1160 Rose Arbor Court, $149,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Edward L. & Renee L. Shifflett, 1789 Thurston Drive, $155,000

Brian J. Murphy to Andrew Kaufman, 138 Bear Run, $240,000

Dawn L. & Robert G. Hudgins, Jr. to Robert M. & Catherine J. Czekner, 4996 Fairwinds Court, $255,500



250 West Holdings LLC to Steven A. & Jane B. Caine, .98 Acres, TM 56G-18, Lot 18 Foxchase, $170,000

Southern Property LLC to Bryan J. Fetzer, 2289 Whittington Drive, $302,183

Craig Enterprises, Inc. to John W. Walker, III, 1088 Old Trail Drive, $308,976


Laura Lee to Dorothy Bailey Nagle, 765 Walker Square, Unit 2C, $185,000

Sunrise Park LLC to Charounda Christina Cook, 1412 Carlton Avenue, Unit 101, $136,316



Wickham Two Holdings, Ltd. to NVR, Inc., 1814 Wickham Place, $85,000

Joshua J. & Anne Scott to Schakat, Hanna Schakat, 1049 Highlands Drive, $179, 000

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Christine P. Hughes, 3501 Buck Island Road, $200,000

Ajit Ghorpade to Charles A. & Meghan D. Wymer, 2214 Lonicera Way, $229,000

Anna I. Seidel to Joseph W. Bernheim, Trustee & Ruth Gaare Bernheim, Trustee, 500 Crestwood Drive, Unit 1310, $255,000

NVR, Inc. to Christopher & Laura Johnson, 5524 Summerdean Road, $349,850

Sean B. & Sara McCoy to David A. & Diane M. Burns, 325 Cedar Bluff Road, $380,000

Christine P. & Larry M. Chadwick, II to Gregory W. Cooper & Teresa Green, 1251 Still Meadow Avenue, $500,000

Alexander G. & Frances F. McAlister to Three Springs LLC, 1622 Beckoning Ridge Road, $2,190,000


Dickerson Homes & Development, LLC to Casey J. & Margaret B. Kilmartin, 609 Malcolm Crescent, $481,640

Unit 409, 200 Garrett Street, LLC to Salvatore N. Moschella, 200 Garrett Street, Unit 409, $258,000

CB&D, LLC to Timothy, Vera &Katherine Ross Howland, 508 Paton Street, $187,000

Eagle Crest Homes & Development LLC to Victorian Properties LLC, 540 Cleveland Avenue, Unit A, $65,000

Eagle Crest Homes & Development LLC to Victorian Properties LLC, 540 Cleveland Avenue, Unitl B, $70,000

Nancy E. Kechner & Julie A. Comer to Rebecca Carter Quinn, 113 Raymond Avenue, $235,000

Ann C. Jones & David M. Donahue to Jamie & Alexandra Grant, 928 Marhsall Street, $456,000

Robert M. Neumeiser, Trustee to Amanda K. Natterer, 1659 Brandywine Drive, $285,000


So much for location, location, location. Very cool building the old vanilla extract lab factory was across the street back in the day. It's all the hood now doe. Word.

Ever actually spend any time there, really?? I've lived there for almost four years, and it's definitely not the hood. Try again.

Couldn't agree more about that building though. It's one of my favorite in town.

This is one of my favorite buildings in town.

There was a really cool store and a great old house just a few feet away. In a boneheaded move a couple of years ago, Habitat for Humanity bulldozed them to make room for yuppie houses. No hood there. It's really a shame that such a cool building lost its equally cool neighbors.

I think it would make for a great article to go back and look at the vision that was sold for that area with the international competition etc. and what Habitat finally did once the hoopla over its Sunrise project helped get it approved. It seems to be mostly yuppie boxes with a few low income apartments thrown in for cover. It is nothing like any of the early plans and didn't have anything to do with what the competition winner came up with. There is quite a lesson there. At least the Young Buiilding survived.

Bloodhound, they actually bulldozed two very historic homes in that block - the oldest in that end of Charlottesville. I lost all respect for what they are about as a result and will no longer visit their store. They definitely do not practice what they preach.

You're right Realist, I forgot about the half-timbered house right next door the the building that just sold. It was the factory owner's house if I recall correctly.I was referring to a wonderful little brick house in my last post.

Habitat did some tremendous damage to that area's history. Glad to see this one escaped them. Definitely an organization to be wary of at least in it's local form.

Ohh I have definitely spent some time there worked on that building for years. It is definitely in the Hood fo sho you must be one of the blind residents in the area.

Wrong and insulting! And how does working in a building in a different era qualify you to evaluate its neighborhood now?

Semi-related, how bad are your HOA fees in Glenmore?

@Jim..."Wrong and insulting?" Why would stating to you--correctly or incorrectly--that you live "in 'da hood" be insulting? Aren't we for diversity in this world class city? That should be a compliment.

BTW, how does Habitat For Humanity bulldoze a site to create "yuppie housing." Is it really that bad in the stock market that yuppies now qualify for HFH?

R.I.P.: Big Pun


I pointed out that he's incorrect about my neighborhood. He accused me of being blind, which is also incorrect, since I clearly was able to read his retort! haha!

Liberalace, Habitat has an "innovative partnership" with a local developer. In the Sunrise project that meant building low budget apartments in an ugly building at the edge of a much larger development of 30 "market rate" homes. In reality, they displaced numerous residents, knocked down several historic structures which all housed numerous people and got away with it all due to a location which is actually quite a good one but has a reputation as being in "the hood" as you can see from other comments.

The cover they created for themselves with their do-gooder reputation and the international competition which promised to bring a real creative vision made everyone look the other way while they proceeded. It was a creative scheme and it worked and probably made a nice profit for someone, but it's absolutely nothing like one might reasonably have imagined from the early hype. I doubt it was ever intended to be anything like that though.

ok so The Hogwaller may not be "the hood" but there's definitely some unsavory crap going on down there. You have Rednecks drag racing, hence the new speed bumps on Nassau... There was an incident in May or June where a young woman was sexually assaulted and thrown from a vehicle. Theres been numerous graffiti defacing from the BP all the way up to the Relay Foods Building....

And I think every 2nd house has a dog owner who leaves their dog out all day and night to bark and bark.

What habitat is putting in is at least not as much of an eyesore as the trailer parks on the corner of Nassau/Carlton where the tattoo-faced guy used to watch out for cops.

Welcome to the Hood!