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Year in Review
From a hunger strike to a Presidential ouster and reinstatement, UVA made headlines all year, but there were plenty of other dramatic moments in 2012 from lawsuits to an exoneration to that crazy storm called a derecho. Take a trip down memory lane as the year winds to a close.

Unlikely pals
A story about the relationship that develops between a young woman who works in the porn industry and the elderly woman from whom she buys a vase stuffed with cash, Starlet is a triumph, says Roger Ebert, thanks to unforgettable performances by the two leads.

End of the world?
The Mayans supposedly predicted we're all doomed in 2012, but a perusal of events around Charlottesville suggest if this is the end, at least we'll go out having fun. From a latte art competition to Live Arts' presentation of A Chorus Line to a solstice celebration that'll get your heart rate up, it's a good week to be alive in Charlottesville.

Moving on
Moving is hard for a variety of reasons– leaving behind family and friends top among them. But there are the less expected challenges– like what to do with the stuff you can't just throw away. Essayist Lucy Sankey Russell offers tips that'll help those packing their belongings to start a new life or those just trying to clean house.

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That's His Holiness the Dalai Lama greeting the crowd at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion on October 11.
–photo by Bill Emory

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